How to get to Koh Chang

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On the plane

On Koh Chang, fortunately, still no airport. To get closer to Koh Chang by plane, you can use located on the mainland in Trat (Trat) airport and Trat airport (IATA code TDX). It's a small airport consisting of one runway, and even without buildings (terminal under the open sky), and owned by Bangkok airways. Accordingly, only the airline operates flights here from Bangkok. Prices by Thai standards are very high, for example, a flight from Bangkok costs from 4,000 baht one way.

Find and book tickets to Bangkok, you can through the search form. Search is very flexible, and allows you to search for flights on different dates, with or without transfers, in both directions or one, etc.:

Minimum prices on flights from Russia to Bangkok:

TO FIND 22973 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 16.03.2020 01.10.2020
TO FIND 20584 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 14.04.2020 19.05.2020
TO FIND 20584 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 05.05.2020 19.05.2020
TO FIND 23852 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 21.06.2020 08.07.2020
FIND FROM 26578 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 06.07.2020 12.07.2020
TO FIND 23852 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 30.08.2020 14.09.2020
TO FIND 23742 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 01.09.2020 13.09.2020
TO FIND 23852 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 07.10.2020 20.10.2020
TO FIND 23852 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 01.11.2020 21.11.2020
FIND FROM 27623 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 09.12.2020 17.12.2020
TO FIND 30701 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 22.01.2021 05.03.2021
TO FIND 25286 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 14.02.2021 02.03.2021

Minimum prices on flights from Russia to Bangkok:

Moscow ⇄ Bangkok Direct TO FIND 22058 ₽
Saint Petersburg ⇄ Bangkok 1 TO FIND 22348 ₽
Irkutsk ⇄ Bangkok Direct TO FIND 20935 ₽
Ekaterinburg ⇄ Bangkok 1 TO FIND 22341 ₽
Krasnoyarsk ⇄ Bangkok Direct TO FIND 22540 ₽
Novosibirsk ⇄ Bangkok Direct TO FIND 22649 ₽
Vladivostok ⇄ Bangkok Direct TO FIND 24740 ₽
Tyumen ⇄ Bangkok 1 TO FIND 25909 ₽
Khabarovsk ⇄ Bangkok 1 TO FIND 26964 ₽
Kemerovo ⇄ Bangkok 1 TO FIND 27434 ₽
Novokuznetsk ⇄ Bangkok 1 FIND FROM 28464 ₽
Yakutsk ⇄ Bangkok 1 TO FIND 28479 ₽

To from Bangkok airport to get to the island, will have a brother taxi to the pier Trat, and from there to the island by ferry. There is also a comprehensive airport Shuttle van directly to Koh Chang (include ferry), the value of 457 baht one-way / 800 baht round trip.

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By bus

The bus ride from other tourist destinations in Thailand is the best option for the money. To get here by bus from Bangkok international airport Suvarnabhumi of Bangkok, Pattaya and other cities. Some buses go to the bus station or the pier where the ferry to get to be himself, and the part of buses will take you directly to the island on the ferry (so-called Joined ticket).

To Trat bus can arrive at the city bus station or to the piers in Laem Ngop. It is best to choose a bus that goes directly to the piers.

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  • From Bangkok to Koh Chang

    Buses from Bangkok depart from the Eastern bus terminal, Ekamai, and also with Northern Mor chit. Buses from Ekamai leave a lot more often, almost every hour. The journey time is more than five hours. The cost is 300 baht.

    There are a few flights from these bus stations. It is better to choose those flights that go to Laem Ngop pier or directly to the island (includes ferry), and not to the bus station to Trat.

    In addition, from BTS Victory Monement in Bangkok to Ao Thammachat pier minivans depart every two hours, cost 300 baht.

    From Bangkok Khao San road travel by tourist buses (vans) directly into the island (including ferry).

  • From Bangkok airport to Koh Chang

    From Suvarnabhumi airport buses how to Trat (to the piers) and directly to the island of Koh Chang. But some of these buses only runs in high season.

    From the first floor of the airport from exit No. 8 minivans depart at 11:00, 14:00 and 23:00.

    A special bus No. 392VIP cost 600 baht departs from the airport to Koh Chang during high season at 07:50 (back To Koh Chang 13:00). Journey time - 6 hours. Read more

    Buses arriving here from the bus station of Bangkok for the abstraction of passengers depart from the airport bus terminal, reachable by free Shuttle-bass. Read more about Suvarnabhumi Bangkok airport here.

  • From Pattaya to Koh Chang

    From Pattaya is easy to get to Koh Chang on tour buses, tickets for which are sold everywhere in travel agencies. But this is sometimes not the best and most reliable option.

    In high season from Pattaya to Koh Chang sent a special bus at a cost of 500 baht. Read more here

Read more about travel by bus in Thailand here.

On the ferry

All the previous ways to get to Koh Chang in one way or another over the ferry. Ferry service to Koh Chang is quite developed, and allows you to get to the island with several marinas on the mainland and neighbouring Islands.

On the mainland from the Laem Ngop district of Trat province, ferries leave from three piers and arrive on Koh Chang at different piers.

The most popular and convenient pier - Centerpoint (Tha Centre Point on the map). It is close to another pier Laem Ngop (on the map), but according to available information, the ferries to Koh Chang from there, now not go.

Another pier Ao Thammachart (on the map), is located about 8 kilometers to the West from the previous two piers. It focuses mainly on freight transport.

All these piers have other names, so to get confused quite easily. But, by and large "bother" with a pier and when to go to Koh Chang, not worth it. Almost any time of the day you can come to any of them, and sits down on the nearest ferry. And even if the ferry will not be soon, easily reached by tuk-tuk to the other pier. However, if you need to get to Koh Chang in a specific place, then you should know that the ferries from Ao Thammachart swim to the pier Ao Sapparod on Koh Chang (on the map), with a Pointy Center at the Dan Kao Pier (on the map).

The ferries on the way 30-45 minutes.

Transportation on Koh Chang

The main method of transportation on Koh Chang are taxis. They can move between the beaches, from the docks to the hotel and back. They ply their routes, but you can easily take them anywhere you want to, of course, for an additional fee by taxi. The fare varies by distance and time of day, and from 50 to 200 baht. In the evening a bus stop a taxi and drive passengers only as a taxi. In this case, the price rises significantly, but be sure to bargain.

Another popular way to get around is to rent a motorbike (scooter) or Bicycle. Rent a scooter will cost from 200 baht, bike 50.

If you want you can rent a car, but keep in mind that for the local roads you can ride on the SUV.

The schedule of buses to Koh Chang

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