Koh Chang island: tourist information, weather, seasons, etc.

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General information about Koh Chang

Пляж на Ко Чанге

The island of Ko Chang (also Koh Chang, Chang island, Ko Chang, Elephant island) – an island in the South-East of Thailand, a popular tourist destination for a beach holiday (Ko Chang on the map of Thailand). Koh Chang is the third largest island of Thailand after Phuket and Samui. It is also the largest island of the archipelago of Koh Chang and is part of the marine national Park Mu Koh Chang. The island is a separate province, and is part of the Eastern province of Trat. The island's shores are washed by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Near Koh Chang is still a large number of exotic and famous Islands for vacation, most popular of which are Koh Kood and Koh Mak.

In contrast to the noisy like Pattaya or varied their entertainment of Phuket, the island of Koh Chang is a complete opposite of them. The fact that for a long time the infrastructure is not developed. The island is now national Park, so the construction of hotels, bars here is not as massively as in the above resorts.

Most of the territory of Koh Chang is a jungle. Surrounded by greenery, quiet and peaceful island – what we need is for those who appreciate a secluded getaway. Who are tired of the bustling night life in non-stop mode.

About 4 hours by bus from Bangkok or 3-3. 5 hours from Pattaya and you are in Paradise. This Association arises from the first glance at this island. That is not surprising: a huge white sandy beaches, the sand is fine as flour, palm trees, the impression that inclined to bow in front of the tourists. Colorful pictures, which can be done on the background of pristine nature – all this he, Ko Chang.

On the way to this island, tourists passing the Chanthaburi province and, as a rule, make a stop at a small waterfall, and Namtok Pliu. It is allowed with a refreshing swim in the clear water. However, the highlight of the waterfall is that here in large numbers swim large black carp. The fish are absolutely safe for people. On the contrary, it is very nice when casting in the water near you for fish food (green beans, which sell at the place the locals) its flock then going next and tickled his feet.

Остров Ко Чанг

Once on Koh Chang visitors can find a small but cozy and comfortable bungalows and hotels. Restaurants where you can enjoy seafood. But to say that all this is not in abundance. After all, not to destroy the ecology of the national Park, the construction of hotels should be moderate.

Nightlife here, as mentioned above, no. They come here for. And to bask in the sun on the beaches on the South China sea, washing the coast of the island. Like most Islands in Thailand, on Koh Chang there are also the tides. They usually occur during the so-called "green season" from may to September. The rest of the time the tide is not so noticeable.

Entertainment on Koh Chang, not a lot. Special it makes this, and the nature, numerous waterfalls which offer excursions. One of the famous waterfalls of Koh Chang is Klong PLU. Access to it can be the path through the jungle. Very comfortable for swimming. Depth in one of his bowls reaches seven meters.

Beautiful waterfall tan Mayom. And the other waterfalls of the island will not leave anyone indifferent, so if you tire of the holiday by the sea, walk through the jungle to the crystal-clear cool water, that is necessary.

In addition to the many waterfalls the island has various beaches. To get from one to another can be a scooter or a boat. One of the beaches in the vernacular is called "Black stones". The name speaks for itself: on the background of turquoise water contrasting look of black stones, out of nowhere emerged from the water – an awesome sight!

For lovers of the underwater world have the opportunity to snorkel or dive in the national Park at the southern Islands of Koh Chang.

Local guides offer to take a walk on elephants in the jungle. And in the evening is everyone taking in a fire show on the shore of the beaches. Everyone placed on mats right on the sand. You can order a hookah or alcohol.

Weather, tourist seasons on Koh Chang

Koh Chang is a year-round resort. It is always warm, and, theoretically, you can relax all year round. But nevertheless there is a time at which the visit to the island is not very desirable.

High season and perfect time in Koh Chang is from November to February. This period falls in the dry season when little precipitation. Also, the temperature at this time is more cool.

The low season lasts from March to October. At this time is the season of rain. And if in March-may you can still visit the island in the period from June to October to not do this. The amount of precipitation at this time the maximum, and given the nature of the rest of the island, there is simply nothing to do. Besides, at this time, even stop many of the hotels.

Seasons on Koh Chang island by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Weather on Koh Chang and forecast

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