Cave temple and dangerous Kra Sae bridge in Kanchanaburi

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Пещерный храм и опасный мост Kra Sae, Канчанабури

Cave and Kra Sae bridge, also called Tham Kra Sae Bridge & Cave Krasae Cave or Dangerous Curve. The place is unique and unusual, and definitely worth a visit if you pass by in the direction of the railway station in Nam Tok, waterfalls and hot springs national Park, Sai Yok, or in the Museum of the Hellfire Pass Museum. This place is a historic railroad laid on steep, sometimes even vertical rock along the river. Like all the way, this place was built by prisoners of war prisoners of the Japanese army during the Second World war. Then, as the road is built and anchored to the rock, was terrifying: it rests on wooden piles and timbers, fastened with rusty bolts. But the most surprising that on it six times a day the train passes by passengers. Among them, incidentally, can be you, if you decide to ride from Kanchanaburi to the last station of the Thailand-Burma road Nam Tok.

In the intervals between trains on foot to walk over the bridge straight sleepers, to make beautiful pictures on the river from a cliff (have observation deck), and visit the temple in the cave, Tham Kra Sae. This cave is also unique – the entrance is located in the rock, and you can only get there on the bridge. The cave is small, and tourists usually limited to inspection of the great hall, where the temple is located. But you can go further behind the temple through a narrow passage for a few tens of meters, until you hit a very narrow passage, where the wafting odor of sulfur and ammonia. Be careful there don't stay long.

🕐 Time of work: round the clock, the train passes through the bridge in 6:00, 7:33, 11:46, 13:40, 16:13, 17:46

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🚶 How to get there: the bridge and the cave is located 50 kilometers from the city of Kanchanaburi (bridge on the map) on the way in the direction of the railway station in Nam Tok, to the national Park Sai Yok, and Fellfire Museum Pass Museum. It can only be reached by hired transport or by train. Rented transport to the bridge can be reached from either side, but easier to do it on the North side, because this way is shorter, and there are shopping arcade and Parking.

By train you need to go to the station Lumsum. From Kanchanaburi to go a little more than an hour, trains depart at 6:07, 10:35, 16:26. Back train go in 06:00, 13:40, 16:13. The fare is 100 baht. You can combine a visit to the bridge with the trip from Kanchanaburi town to Nam Tok station or other attractions on this route. Schedule movements of trains can be checked here -

Узнать, как купить тур в кредит

Panorama of the bridge

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admin 14 April, 2018
Compiled guide to Kanchanaburi province in Central Thailand, where this famous river Kwai and the bridge over it.
Here are the main sections:
A General description of the province and city of Kanchanaburi
How to get to Kanchanaburi
Hotels in Kanchanaburi where to stay
Attractions Kanchanaburi
Attractions Kanchanaburi province
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Sections will be supplemented and refined as the journey. In this topic, ask questions and discuss. ...
Sybarite 14 November, 2018
not quite accurate information. From Pattaya to Kanchanaburi there is a direct bus. About 6 hours on the road 300-400 baht one way per person ...
admin 15 November, 2018

Assume that we are talking about some tourist or corporate bus, because the bus station in Kanchanaburi such a flight schedule does not exist. But thanks for the complement ...
Frau 11 January, 2019
Bought tickets direct to Pattaya, cost 240 baht. Bus to Rayong three times a day ...
admin 11 January, 2019

Yes you are right, the bus. I contacted a friend from Kanchanaburi, here is the schedule - 09:00, 13:00, 17:30, true on the photo, it how much it on a simple piece of paper is written, and in General the display schedule, it is not. How many of Pattaya goes, I don't know. ...

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