How to choose a resort in Thailand: automatic helper

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Туры в Таиланд

How to use "helper"?

To get a list of resorts that you recommend our automatic "helper", just choose from the list is most important to you on vacation.

Beach vacation:
Sightseeing and excursions:
Entertainment and nightlife:
Shopping (Souvenirs and stuff):
Comfortable stay with children:
You will approach the resorts:

With our automated "assistant" you can select the options of resorts in Thailandby answering simple questions. Keep in mind that the results obtained do not claim absolute accuracy, but we tried to make them as objective as possible. To fully verify that the proposed our "helper" options resorts of Thailand is right for you, and not to be disappointed in the result, read further information on the proposed resorts, look for reviews online. Important tip: do not rely on one source or opinion on the Internet, if you want to get an objective view of the resort.

We have also prepared for you a list with a brief description of the most popular resorts of Thailand and the tourist season upon them. Read this info here – the Resorts of Thailand, the tourist seasons.

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Glebs 23 August, 2016
Please tell me , I want next year to celebrate our honeymoon . What better resort to go the beach that would be less, prices priemlivye. something for young people ...
admin on 23 August, 2016

If you look at the resort on the mainland, I would prefer Hua hin. Prices there are normal, because in any case it is cheaper than on the island. It is not so dirty and noisy like Pattaya, and at the same time everything is there, including the area with bars and restaurants. There are several night markets, so if the bars get tired of walking, it is possible to the night markets at least every evening to walk. Of course the beach in Hua hin with Pattison in my opinion even close to put it is impossible. However Hua hin last half of the year several times flashed reports of incidents, including the recently bombs exploded, but it's like in life you're lucky/unlucky.... Because this today can happen anywhere in Thailand or even anywhere.
If the island is to watch, that it was cheap, you need to choose promoted and developed. So look in the direction of Phuket and Koh Samui. There is, in principle, everything is there, and beaches and entertainment, you only need the right place to choose for the soul.
Well, so is difficult you more specific advise something, too little input data. ...
Timoffei 21 January, 2017
I prefer Krabi, although it is an expensive resort in Thailand. Nature in Krabi the most beautiful. Time visit Krabi is from November to March, the hottest month of April. Then the rainy season begins, I do not advise to go from may to October. The sea in Krabi is pretty clean and almost no waves. In Krabi a wide variety of animals: monkeys, lizards, lemurs, insects, and many more who. Minus Krabi lack of interest, expensive public transport. In Krabi I recommend to go to someone who needs nature and the sea. ...
February 20, 2017

if you go in June to August and rarely do the waves ...
Alexpower 29 June, 2017
Hello! Going to make the journey to Thailand. Decided to make a very interesting trip with great company, excursions, getting around the Islands. This trip is perfect for those who are first-time flyer in Thai, and for those who were already there, but wants to see much more!
Date: from 21 October to 4 November 2017 - 15 days
Phuket; Khao SOK; Koh Phi Phi; Koh Samui; Bangkok.
If you wish to join, we will be glad to see) ...
maria81nef September 5, 2017

I thought there in the summer is not the season ...
larisk 8 August, 2019
To go to Thailand in the summer is definitely! Samui is a popular choice for summer holidays! We went with a friend last year in July. In 12 days it rained twice and that briefly and was very handy - just such an incredible freshness! The beaches are empty, prices on trips low (Park Paradise is a must visit - great views, infinity pool well, and animal and poultry ,of course, which you can feed), in cafes too, all cheap. On a private experience was convinced that Thailand in the summer - a great option to get acquainted with this amazing country, enjoy a vacation, get a lot of positive emotions and beautiful photos. ...
alenkisss 6 September 2019
For me, Siberian resident, Thailand in the summer - it's just a salvation! At that time few tourists, accordingly, I feel free, different kinds of fruit access, and most importantly - the prices are adequate. The coolest weather, warm sea... and if we go to Thailand in August, you can extend summer for another month, and it's always a good idea! As for the hotel, I always try to choose the most comfortable as the 9 days have to pass so that you didn't care poor service and poor hotel, especially if you're going on vacation with the family. The last time I stayed at the Centara Blue Marine Resort & SPA felt like home, only home was with our coolest Spa, delicious breakfasts, comfortable beds (very cool there pillow)) If You face the question "when to go to Thailand" is by far summer! ...
admin September 7, 2019

This question should not even stand. Go there at any time. ...
parll12 September 7, 2019
He certainly has not been to Thailand, but friends too visited several times on business trips and just relax. The stories are so diverse country that each will be something new. And even if not the first time to go there, every time a find everything fresh and new, so I think in a short time too visit and leave their impression) ...