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Ferry from Pattaya to Hua hin

Паром из Паттайи

From 1 January 2017 there is a new way to get from Pattaya to Hua hin and back again resumed ferry service between the two popular resorts, interrupted for many years. Now the path between the two resorts of 320 km instead of 6 hours by bus and can be reached by ferry in only 2 hours. However, and the cost of such a route almost three times...Read more...

How to get to Hua hin from Bangkok

Фото Бангкока Taxi Bangkok

Bangkok is the main gateway through which tourists and travelers come to Thailand and Hua hin in particular. Despite the presence near Hua hin its own airport, yet there are no international flights (and are unlikely, despite repeated statements by the authorities), so almost all tourists and travelers in Hua hin come directly from Bangkok airport, and from other cities and resorts in the country with a stopover in Bangkok. Below about all the ways how to get there from Bangkok and Hua hin airports in...Read more...

How to get to Hua hin from Pattaya

Ж/д станция Хуахина Railway station Hua hin

Hua hin and Pattaya are the most popular mainland resorts of Thailand, and no wonder that travelers often wonder about how to get from Pattaya to Hua hin or cha-am and back faster and cheaper.

The distance between the cities is only 320 kilometers, but the road goes through Bangkok, so the route takes at least 4 hours, even by taxi. The cost of the trip will be at least 3000 baht (see currency exchange rate Thailand). Transfer by car from Pattaya to Hua hin or Vice versa is possible using the search (price per car up to 4 passengers)...Read more...

Taxis Songthaews (Sonthaew) in Hua hin and their routes

Маршрутное такси в Хуахине Taxi in Hua hin

Songthaew taxis (also known as Baht Bus) is the most affordable way to travel around Hua hin. Cheaper to move only on foot.

If you still don't know what a Thai Songthaew (pronounced roughly as "songthaews"), it is something like our taxis, only they are made in the form of small trucks with a body converted for the carriage of passengers. Which includes two parallel benches. Songthaew is translated from Thai for "two benches". They ply on certain routes and carry passengers on them.

Generally Songteo it's an amazing transport. It can be stopped look! One has only to look at them, they stop, and the driver with a smile and invites you to ride. It's a joke, of course :-). This does not always happen, sometimes you have to stop them and hand. In order to sit in Songteo can't stop. They do stay in any non-prohibited place, one has only to raise his hand or wave to them. Similarly, they are anywhere ready to drop off passengers, which you need to press the call inside the body. After that, exit the body, and pay the driver the fare through the cockpit window in front...Read more...

Shopping in Hua hin, shopping

ТЦ в Хуахине TTS Hua Hin Market Village in Hua hin

Shopping in Hua hin is not very strongly developed, if you compare it with Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya. Full big shopping centre there is only one, the rest to buy something in small shops, on markets or in specialty stores. Here are the most interesting places to shop that are worthy of note:

Hua Hin Market Village is the most important, the largest and essentially the only full-fledged shopping center and entertainment complex in Hua hin. There are a lot of glittering boutiques, budget departments, there is a cinema and a food court, supermarket Tesco Lotus. It is well air conditioned and nice here, even just to go and cool off from the relentless heat on the street. Open from 10:00 to 22:00. Is a 10-minute walk from the centre of Hua hin on the main Phetkasem road... Read more...

Railway station Hua hin

Ж/д станция Хуахина Railway station Hua hin

Train station Hua hin is positioned as one of the main attractions of Hua hin and the most beautiful station in Thailand. For locals, this place is very important and almost sacred. The fact is that due to the construction in 1911, the station Hua hin began to develop and turned into a resort. But the most important is that in 1920, near the main building there is an additional Royal waiting room in which to spend time while waiting for the train members of the Royal family. Currently the Royal hall is not in use, but they're a start.

Architectural station is really interesting, especially the Royal hall. It is designed in traditional Asian style, entirely of wood. It is possible to come close and look inside, but nothing special there, will be able to see is that the air conditioning system. In the same traditional style and completely made of wood and the main station building. In front of the station is a pointer to the name of the city. He is a symbol and is sold in souvenir magnets and key chains, be sure to take a picture next to him... Read more...

Wat Ampharam

Храм Хуахина The Hua hin temple in 3D View photos in 3D

Wat Ampharam (main Hua hin temple), also called Wat Hua Hin, is a major temple and monastery in town and one of the main attractions in the centre of Hua hin. Architecturally, it is nothing remarkable stands out, you can even say it is one of the most ordinary temples in Thailand, but on the practical use of the temple is very important. He is at once a temple, a monastery, a crematorium and cemetery. Of course, the cemetery is not in this sense as you can expect. Thailand agreed to be cremated, ashes buried in urns, zamurowywania them in the buildings of the temple.

The Church is quite large and consists of several buildings. Here you can walk quietly, to go into any buildings, no one will tell you nothing. It is important to observe the traditional rules of conduct: to remove your shoes when you enter, not to enter the temple in mini-skirts, short shorts, off the shoulder.

To visit the temple can be anyone regardless of faith. Early morning near the temple monks accept donations from residents, you too can participate in this activity,... Read more...

The mountain and the temple of Khao Takiab (Monkey Mountain also)

Гора Khao Takiab, Хуахин Mountain Khao Takiab

The mountain and the temple of Khao Takiab (Monkey Mountain also) although it is called the mountain of monkeys, they are gone a long time ago. Rather, almost gone. Only a few elderly monkey lives in a frame on the top of the mountain.

But interesting mountain in the first place, not monkeys, and several religious buildings located on it. On the slope face to Hua hin is a 20-meter high Buddha statue. And if you walk or drive on the mountain, on its top at a height of 272 meters, you can see the Thai-Chinese temple Wat Khao Lat. Also on the mountain there are several viewing platforms, overlooking the coast of Hua hin.

The mountain is located on the southern border of Hua hin, South of the mountains along the coast stretches a great quiet beach with palm trees at Khao Takiab Beach. At the entrance to the hill is a market where you can eat fresh seafood.

Overall, this place occupies a worthy position among all the attractions of Hua hin and we definitely recommend a visit. Well, there is a temple in the heart of Hua hin, and to reach it during a leisurely walk on the beach... Read more...

Hua hin night market

Ночной рынок Хуахина Hua hin night market

Hua hin night market (Chat sila, Hua Hin Night Bazaar) is one of the best places in town for an evening drink, especially with family. If you don't spend in the resort of time in bars with girls in the tourist district, you can't every day to go to this night market. There will always be interesting, and every time you find something new.

Anyway, night markets in Thailand there are at almost every resort in the big city, and Hua hin is no exception. For those who don't know what is Thai night markets, explain that this is not just a place where something is sold and bought. It is something much more interesting, in our manner of them can be compared with our fairs. Apart from the huge number of Souvenirs, clothes, jewellery, jewelry, local and traditional products, a necessary attribute of every night market is a food court, numerous cafes and food stalls. Here can be inexpensive and tasty meal, try a variety of traditional and exotic for us food and drinks. The market is bound to have some kind of exhibition or an art workshop, and at least some entertainment for the kids. In some markets, entertainment centre, is the scene where they show different views (unfortunately, Hua hin market scene)... Read more...

Night market Ciсada Market

Ночной рынок Cicada Market, Хуахин Night market, Cicada Market, Hua hin

New night market Ciсada Market in the South of Hua hin is a great place for an evening drink. In contrast to the old night market in the centre it is more organized. The range of goods is also different. Everything is sold here, is also focused on tourists, but things are less "mass consumption," and more author, designer. Souvenirs also in most cases different from those sold in the city. You can find really unique gifts, including real handmade products made right here behind the counter. Sells paintings and sculptures by local artists, the exhibition. In addition there is a cafe with alcoholic drinks, and live music, and from time to time show theater show... Read more...

Hua hin or Pattaya: which to choose

Городской пляж в Паттайе Urban beach Pattaya

Pattaya is unprecedented popular resort in Thailand, but not the only one. Being on the same coast of the Gulf of Thailand, the Royal Hua hin is an excellent alternative to the noisy and filthy Pattaya, especially if you are looking for a more relaxed and quiet place and the best beaches. Here's how a more objective comparison of resorts that will help you quickly determine the choice... Read more...

Retro Plearnwan market

Plearnwan, Хуахина The entrance to Plearnwan

The name is also written as or Plern Wan Plearn Wan. This is another great place for a quiet evening walks in Hua hin. It is a must see in one evening, along with night market and Hua hin market, Cicada market... Read more...

The Wat Huay Mongkol

Храм Wat Huay Mongkol, Хуахин The Wat Huay Mongkol

Wat Huay Mongkol is one of the holiest places near Hua hin and one of the most important attractions. Daily it is visited by Buddhists from all over Thailand and beyond.

Unlike most other sacred places in Thailand, the main statue of the temple is not the traditional Buddha statue, and the statue of longpo of that monk (Luang Pu Thuat), who lived more than 400 years ago. This is one of the most revered Buddhist monks, not only in Thailand but also in neighboring countries. He was born in 1582, and lived exactly one hundred years. They say he performed miracles, especially healing, and stories passed from mouth to mouth for many centuries. One of those stories says that Longo saved the whole city of Ayutthaya, the then capital of Siam, from the epidemic. Thais believe that amulets with the image of longpo of that protect a person from all sorts of accidents, especially car accidents. Near the temple you can buy these amulets, just don't be surprised that they are so expensive, because for Thai people this is not just a souvenir... Read more...

Floating market and Sam Phan Nam

Плавучий рынок Sam Phan Nam, Хуахин Floating market and Sam Phan Nam

Just next to Hua hin three floating market and Sam Phan Nam market, in our opinion, is the most interesting and worthy of a visit. Sam Phan Nam is also the largest of them. All three markets are substitutes, and none of them was never real traditional floating market. In our opinion this market is the closest to a real floating markets, although, of course, to them it is still far away... Read more...

New floating market in Hua hin

Новый плавучий рынок Хуахина New floating market in Hua hin

New floating market, Huay Mongkol Floating Market near Hua hin is close to Wat Huay Mongkol. The market is so new and not so popular that there is still (in 2014) just no one except vendors and staff. For this reason, there is not much fun, everything looks bleak, despite the novelty.

A floating market near Hua hin, this is a complete sham, the tradition is no hint. Here you can sit in a cafe, boating on artificial lake in the form, just walk along the shore... Read more...

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Here is the new bus schedule between Suwannapoom and Hua hin, actual: buses from the airport travel to 7:30, 9:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30 and 18:30. From Hua hin to the airport buses depart 06:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00. About the area of Democracy, you, apparently, with the victory monument (Victory monument) confused? ...
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It's a great city ...
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The market near Wat Huay Mongkol is closed permanently ...