The beaches and hotels in Hua hin, where to choose a hotel

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Hotels in Hua hin where to stay

Отели Хуахина Hotels Hua Hin

Accommodation in Hua hin are mostly represented by hotels, guesthouses there are not very many. Moreover, it is believed that the prices here are slightly higher than in other beach resorts of Thailand for the same quality. Maybe so, but the price difference is almost non-existent. If you want, here you can quite easily find an air-conditioned room from 500 baht.

Most guesthouses are concentrated in the tourist district near the main city temple Wat Ampharam along the streets of Soi Selakam, Nares Damri and others in the area (the tourist area of Hua hin on the map). This area is just chock full of bars and Nightclubs, cheap guest houses and entertainment for adults. If you are looking for party and cheap accommodation, then head straight here. However, at night the street is sometimes so noisy that to sleep here unlikely. But if you move just a few hundred meters, it becomes quiet.


Most of the hotels for a beach holiday along the coastline. Hotels its beaches are nice, but go directly to the sea. There are also a number of hotels, separated from the water at a respectful distance, on the other side of the main road. If you come to Hua hin for a beach vacation, it is better not settles on the other side of the road, it will be too far. On the other hand, it is necessary only to move away from the beach 200-300 metres, as accommodation prices are plummeting.

Well, it's worth to mention about house rent in Hua hin, because this place is quite popular for the winter. To rent housing in Hua hin without any problems. This can be done via Internet while still at home (there are, in particular, and Russian-language sites of real estate agencies in Hua hin) in Hua hin or coming and staying for starters in the hotel. The second option, of course, will be cheaper and you can find housing, seeing it with my own eyes, first the. Rent for a long period can be a room, apartment or house (Villa). Apartments or rooms can be found in the same areas where there are hotels. But the houses a bit more complicated: in the heart of Hua hin houses for rent near the restaurant. They either are far away from the beach, or on the coast far from the city.

Find and book hotels in Hua hin for the best search engine for hotels in Asia can through the search form. Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support is present:

Hotels and beaches of Hua hin on the map

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The beaches and Hua hin areas

Пляж Хуахина Hua Hin Beach

The beaches in Hua hin are excellent. Objectively, they are certainly not as good as on the southern Islands , but by far cleaner than in Pattaya. This, incidentally, is one of the main reasons that Hua hin is increasingly becoming an alternative to Pattaya for Russian tourists. Not all the beaches are developed and undeveloped, which is a good thing. The most developed and crowded beach of the Central city. The farther from him, Malouda and cleaner. There are also several areas quite outside the city, where hotels equip themselves and care for the beach.

Here's a list of areas and beaches of Hua hin, where you can choose accommodation according to your taste:

  • Center, tourist area

    Бары в туристическом районе Хуахина Bars in the tourist area of Hua hin

    This is the most happening and progressive place. If you don't want to just lie on the beach, but at least a little fun, suggest to settle here (the centre of Hua hin on the map).

    In the center you can distinguish the even and the tourist district, where bars and night clubs, girls and boys for sale. The scale of entertainment, of course, much more modest Walking street in Pattaya or Bangla Road in Phuket, but everything you need for a night out there. The most hilarious street – Soi Selakam, Bintabaht, Poon Suk. What is surprising is that this dissolute area is practically adjacent to the main city temple.

    But not only Amateurs "hang out" all night long interesting center. If you walk down the street Nares Damri Alley to the Marina, where you can find excellent restaurants with views of the Bay. And if you go through the Thanon Phetkasem road (the main road through town), you can get to the night market. The area also is advantageous in that it focuses transport: close to train station, office catamaran Lompraya (to get to the Islands Tao, Phangan or Samui), and from the clock tower go minivans to Bangkok.

    As for the quality of beaches, it is the worst all over the city beach. But what to do, because it is the center and the most crowded place in the city.

  • City beach Hua hin

    Пляж Хуахина Hua Hin Beach

    The city beach of Hua hin stretches all along the town coast Hua hin (Hua hin city beach on the map). This is a huge area (the beach has a length of nearly 6 kilometers), which is always a lot of tourists, especially closer to the center. The main entrance to the beach is the alley soi 61. It is the most developed and busy tourist part. In this place on the way to the beach is a outdoor market that has everything in order to relax on the beach since the swimwear of different sizes, ending with inflatable circles. There is also a tourist police office.

    Since this is the Central beach, there are a huge number of people, so Russian tourists can be easily found compatriots. There are many activities such as banana boat ride(cost 150 baht) on a jet-ski or parasailing. There is horseback riding. In General, bored you will not be there. As soon as you get here, you will have to rent chairs, umbrellas and chairs. There is a cafe on the beach, go makashnits with food and a massage.

    As for the hotels in this area, they are huge number. If you have no particular preference for secluded getaway, stay in a hotel in the urban area of Hua hin is the best option. Moreover, the closer to the center and tourist areas you are, the more fun it will be. The farther away from the center to the South (toward the mountains of Khao Takiab) becomes the desert and quieter.

    If you move from the center further to the North towards Cha-am and Bangkok, the chain hotels along the beach is not interrupted up to the Cha-am. Hotels are more comfortable and expensive, with its territory and beaches. But with the distance from the center decreases and infrastructure, and the amount of entertainment outside the hotels.

  • The Beach Is Khao Takiab (Khao Takiab)

    Пляж Хуахина The view from the mountains in Khao Takiab

    The beach to Khao Takiab is located to the South of Khao Takiap (also called "Monkey mountain" Khao Takiab) (beach, Khao Takiab on the map). The size of the beach is not too big, about 2 kilometers. But after two kilometres he finishes, and goes to a military beach Suan son (Suan Son), which is also open to the public. The situation here is much quieter and remote than at the beach.

    Walking along the beach in the evening, in the sand it is possible to find small crabs. On the beach a lot of shells, a Paradise for small children. The sand feels scratchy in the sun it becomes white. Directly on the beach are two restaurants and a café. Sometimes swim to the shore, small boat and unload freshly caught fish on the beach, directly on the place to buy fish. There is a possibility of horse riding. Attractions include 19 metre high Golden Buddha statue. This is a very beautiful building. Access to the beach by Shuttle bus, which are next to the beach a lot. The price of one trip is 20 baht (currency of Thailand, the exchange rate). On the beach you can buy sunbeds, umbrellas, tables, in General, every whim for your money.

    Along the coastal line, near the mountains, there are several beautiful hotels. If you stay here, you will at the same time and not too far from the city (to get to downtown from here will be by taxi for 20 baht), and in quite a secluded and quiet location. In the evenings outside of the hotels in this place have nothing to do. And the day in addition to a beach holiday here you will not find anything.

  • Cha Am (Cha-am)

    Пляж Ча-ама

    In 26 kilometers North of Hua hin is a small town of Cha Am (Cha-Am on the map). Although Cha Am is a stand-alone resort, it is often considered part of Hua hin. Here, too, there is a beach, and a very good and long.

    This is a great place for a beach holiday in a fairly quiet and calm atmosphere. There are a lot of jungle, beautiful sand. This beach is very popular among Thai youth. Foreign tourists are a rarity. At the same time, Cha-Am, compared to Hua hin, offers a slightly more budget accommodation, so this place is popular with foreign backpackers who prefer a pure beach holiday. On entertainment, fun and shopping here especially should not count in the evening except sitting in cafes or restaurants here to do nothing.

    The attraction of the beach is the large 35-metre-high trees called Casuarinas (pine). The sea is very shallow, just perfect for small children. There are traditional beach activities, so much boring you will not be there. Here is a very good and inexpensive food. Basically it is a purely Thai beach, and from the outside it may seem boring, but having been there, you will understand that it is not so.

  • The Khao Tao (Khao Tao)

    Khao Tao is a small village South of Hua hin with beautiful sights that are not only interesting to foreign tourists but revered by the locals. Of course, it has its own beach. The Khao Tao on the map.

    The village is located just two Haad Haad Sai Noi and Sai Yai. These beaches are very small, quiet and well suited for those who value privacy. There are a lot of fish restaurants and all the entertainment this place exhausted. The main attraction is the temple complex of Wat Khao Tao.

    In Khao Tao, there are several excellent hotels at moderate prices. This place is perfect for a quiet family holiday and recommend it to active travelers who want to be closer to the action, not worth it.

  • The Suan son beach (Suan Son beach)

    This beach is also known as the military because it is located on the territory of the military unit or the military sports complex , the beaches of Khao Tao on the map. However, visit it can be anyone.

    It's very light, almost white fine sand, natural shade from trees casuarinaceae, very gentle entry into the water, a small number of tourists and a complete lack of infrastructure. Besides, you can only get here by taxi or private transport. If you arrive at your (rented) transport, it can be left on a free Parking area near the army complex.

  • Pranburi (Pran Buri)

    Pranburi is a very quiet area, which is located at a distance of thirty kilometers South of Hua hin, (Pranburi on the map). The beach in this area is perfect for anyone who loves to relax on the beach. Beautiful smooth sand, bright sun, green forests, clean sea. If you get bored on the beach you can practice sports such as Canoeing or snorkeling. You can play football or volleyball, take a ride on the boat. But foreign tourists are very small. Most of all this place is popular with local residents.

    In General it is a quiet, calm place that is perfect for a relaxing holiday. Hotels in Pranburi abound, and almost all of them located on the beach steps from the water. Besides beaches there's nothing to do.

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admin November 29, 2014

Hello! With Pattaya neither Hua hin nor cha-am should not be compared. Both resorts are much quieter and the beach is much better, IMHO. Hua hin some pandemonium kupalisko on the beach is just in the center, near the Marina, and further South almost no one there. Cha-am is even quieter, but there is more to the Thais. ...
Valery on 23 January, 2015
Good day!
Tell me,is there in Hua hin-agents organizatsii holiday -book hotel,to meet,to settle,to help as a translator on tours, etc ...
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Hello Valery! There are. Sent you on mail contacts. ...
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Sent to your contact request-no answer
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Hello! Tell me is it possible to get to Hua hin from the airport is not by taxi? I read that in Bangkok can be by bus, but maybe there are direct buses, who knows. ...
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Hello Light! Here all about this we have written - Read all questions will disappear. ...
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Hua hin is very famous resort, basses go there very often. A slam dunk, of course the square of Democracy, but if the day arrives, it is likely to leave the airport. ...
admin 9 May, 2015

Here is the new bus schedule between Suwannapoom and Hua hin, actual: buses from the airport travel to 7:30, 9:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30 and 18:30. From Hua hin to the airport buses depart 06:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00. About the area of Democracy, you, apparently, with the victory monument (Victory monument) confused? ...
Boabor 3 August, 2016
It's a great city ...
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The entrance to floating market and Sam Phan Nam for foreigners 200 baht! Did not even bother to go.
The market near Wat Huay Mongkol is closed permanently ...

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