Customs regulations in Thailand

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General rules

Given on this page information on customs regulations of Thailand, drawn from official sources, of the customs Department of Thailand and actual for the year 2019.

In Thailand at the customs points functioning system of "green" and "red corridors". "Green corridor" can take advantage of the person transporting the goods, which are not subject to Declaration. The "red corridor" is intended for persons transporting goods to be declared, for example, the goods in respect of which shall be paid customs duties, prohibited goods, or in respect of which special authorization is required. If You are not sure what passage to use, it is recommended to choose the "red corridor" in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.

According to the legislation, you may bring into Thailand duty free items totaling no more than 20,000 baht per person (47594.05 RUB, the currency of Thailand). However, these items must be for personal use, to be present in reasonable quantity and should not be prohibited. This means that, theoretically, even for the expensive camera worth more than 20,000 baht you will have to pay a fee, but in practice this is, of course, is not happening. In addition, you can import duty-free 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of cigars or tobacco and 1 alcohol.

It all sounds quite strict, but in practice it is difficult to check the value of imported goods, unless you will attract the attention of customs officers after arriving in Thailand in furs, gold chains and hung with expensive equipment. And we have never heard a case that someone from tourists is "wrapped" at the customs when transporting a reasonable number of items, even if they cost more.

However, if you bring items worth more than 20,000 baht (per person) you can pay a fee upon arrival at the airport provided that these items are intended for personal use. If the total value of imported items is more than 80,000 baht, they will be confiscated and placed in storage for further procedures of customs clearance.

You will also be exempt from paying duties on imported items, if purchased expensive equipment in Thailand and registered it at checkout. Sounds a little confusing, but the bottom line is that if you often travel to and from Thailand with any expensive equipment, bought in Thailand, it is better to register it at the check-out intended for the subsequent re-import, so the next time you return to Thailand you will be charged the fee.

Import Declaration

You need to fill in the passenger Declaration and present it to the customs officer when passing through the "red" or "green corridors". If You are moving the goods subject to Declaration, the Declaration shall be marked in the appropriate column. If the goods subject to Declaration or You are not sure whether You are moving goods to the declared category, a mark is placed in the field "Are goods subject to Declaration".

A tourist may bring into the country without paying customs duties:

  • products intended for use in personal or professional purposes;
  • alcoholic drinks - 1 litre;
  • 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of cigars or Smoking tobacco.

It should be noted that if the value of goods imported to Thailand (more than 10 000 baht, see above) test is not always easy and that Thai customs do not much pay attention, the importation of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes in the amount in excess of the permitted norms are so obvious that the cases of fining tourists at the entrance. Thus tourists could be fined up to $ 1,000. And if you are caught with alcohol or cigarettes, be sure that the customs officers will check all your Luggage, including the cost of all your belongings.

The VAT refund on purchased goods

A foreign citizen in Thailand can use the VAT refund in the amount of 7% for the acquired goods costs of services - the so-called VAT Refund. The amount will be refunded when leaving the country upon presentation of VAT Refund forms confirming your right to a refund.

What needs to be done in Thailand to register and obtain a VAT refund

Registration forms VAT Refund is made in all large shops of Thailand. Typically, this is done in the special departments of the type Customer Service (customer service) and not directly at the checkout. We recommend you to ask the seller where the VAT Refund is made. In small shops the VAT refund may not be made – it is always better to specify in advance that aspect.

Shops that practice the VAT Refund as a rule marked with:

VAT Refund

For processing VAT Refund Blanca passport required

VAT Refund in Thailand can be discharged subject to the execution of purchases worth more than 2000 baht, while the please note that to get a VAT Refund upon departure from Thailand, it is necessary that the total cost of goods for all cheques VAT Refund was more than 5000 baht. That is, upon presentation of a check in the amount of, for example, 3,000 baht in VAT refund on departure You will be denied.

The form VAT Refund in Thailand is called the VAT Refund Application for Tourist form (P. P. 10) and is a yellow sheet of paper of A4 format, is attached to the original receipt.

The procedure of VAT refund at the airport is quite simple:

  • To register (and Luggage) need to visit the VAT Refund office at the airport and put on the customs officer's stamp on all of the feature checks. This is essential, because without the stamp the payment is made will not. To take things in the Luggage is not recommended, as the customs officer may require You to show him the goods exported from Thailand and on checks. It is mandatory for any goods, exceeding in value 8 to 10.000 baht and at the discretion for other goods. At the end of the procedure all items can be checked in.
  • After receiving the stamp on receipts, registration and passport control, into departures and duty free shops you should go to the stand with the inscription of VAT Refund, which will directly refund You the VAT amount.

For services on registration and processing of documents and cheques is taken a fixed amount of 100 baht deducted from the total amount due to be refunded.

The refund amount in excess of 30,000 baht, not given in cash and can be returned only in the form of a check or transfer to the account payment card type VISA or Mastercard.

The official rules laid down in the customs rules for VAT refund are as follows:

The VAT refund is made if the following conditions are met:

  • the person is not a resident of Thailand and is located within less than 180 days in the current tax year;
  • person is not a pilot or crew member of a flight from Thailand;
  • since the acquisition was not more than 60 days;
  • departing Thailand via an international airport.

In order to obtain a refund of VAT, you must present customs officer the following documents:

  • passport;
  • the application for refund of VAT;
  • the original receipt attesting the payment of VAT;
  • receipt (passport) for goods.

In the case where a VAT return is required for small luxury goods, such as jewelry, gold, watches, sunglasses, pens, etc., must submit those goods for inspection (inspection) customs officials.

The import and export of currency

Allowed to import to Thailand and export from the country any number of Thai and foreign currency. However, when import and export is subject to compulsory Declaration any! foreign currency equivalent in excess of 20 thousand dollars. You don't have to pay any fees, you are only obligated to declare the amount to answer all the questions of the customs officer. The procedure Declaration in the Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi is on the fourth floor and takes less than 15 minutes.

When you export Thai currency in the amount of 50,000 baht or more must also go through the procedure of declaring. However, the export of Thai currency in Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam amount not to exceed 500,000 baht.

It is forbidden to import/export

Attention! The following prohibitions and restrictions apply only to tourists. For commercial purposes are subject to different rules of import/export (generally stricter).

It is forbidden to import and export from Thailand:

  • Obscene literature and images
  • Pornography
  • The items with the image of the national flag of Thailand
  • All kinds of drugs
  • Counterfeit money, securities
  • Fake Royal seal, official seal
  • items violating intellectual property rights (counterfeit cassettes, discs, programs, etc.)
  • Counterfeit products

There are also a number of items that are allowed to import/export only if you have permission from the relevant authority:

  • The import of medicines, food
  • Import/export of Antiques and works of art
  • The importation of arms, ammunition, explosives, fireworks, spears weapons
  • The importation of animals/fish/plants

Exported and purchased in Thailand jewelry (including processed precious stones) must be declared. It will be required to produce documents on the purchase (receipts and certificates).

In addition to the restrictions stipulated by customs legislation when entering/leaving the country you can face other problems. The fact that some items are not directly prohibited to import/export, can cause problems at customs, as their turnover in Thailand (buying and selling) is prohibited. Among such items are: products made of elephant bone and ivory are entirely; products from the shells of rare species of marine turtle; dried seahorses in the form of trinkets, covered in plastic, etc.; raw precious stones (usually sold in markets near the border with Myanmar); parts and products from tigers (skins, teeth, claws, medication from the bones), stuffed bats and crocodiles; corals and products made of them.

Additional information on the Agency's website

The export of fruits from Thailand

The ban on the export of exotic fruits with tourists from Thailand no. Take can as many sorts of fruits (with the exception of durian, which is banned to carry in the airport and on the plane), but certainly not more than that provided for carriage by weight in the airplane Luggage.

Legend has it that to take out fruits from Thailand only in special plastic baskets. This is not true, and you can stack them in bags, boxes, packaging Luggage. It is recommended that fruit be put in the Luggage, because theoretically when you go through security when boarding a fruit can withdraw. In practice, we with such did not face, and quietly carried the fruit on Board in hand Luggage.

With regard to the carriage of durian, it cannot be entered in any form in buildings and aboard. But there is a simple trick, used by some tourists: can be Packed tightly (wrap) durian edible film so she didn't miss the smell, and place it in the Luggage.

Customs clearance

  • Customs clearance in Thailand (customs Clearance) as commercial and private. At ports and airports. Service "All inclusive".
  • Logistics in Thailand. (Shipping container door to door)
  • Supplier selection and organization of production in Thailand (Registration of the brand in Thailand and trade under its own brand)
  • Food exports from Thailand: frozen, fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, juices and beverages, snacks, fish.
  • Exports of the cosmetics and skin care.
  • The export of raw materials (for food production)
  • The organization of the trade mission in Thailand.

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