Province and Chumphon (Chumphon): tourist information

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General information about Chumphon

The Chumphon (of Chumphon, Chumporn, Chumphon, Chumporn) is a small town in the South of Thailand, the capital of Chumphon province. The city and the province can be geographically attributed to the Central Thailand, but the atmosphere, people, traditions and cuisine are more like the Muslim South-although of course in much lesser extent than the southern province. Chumphon is considered the beginning of the South. The city is located 500 kilometers South of Bangkok on the Eastern coast, washed by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand (Chumphon on the map of Thailand).

Although Chumphon and is a popular tourist place, this city is always on the minds of tourists, especially independent travelers. The fact that it is a staging post on the road between the capital and the southern resorts. Especially frequent the city, the purpose of which is the island of Tao, Phangan, and sometimes Samui. Here is a transfer from the train or bus to ferries or high speed catamarans to the Islands. Although it should be noted that the Islands of Samui and Phangan is faster and cheaper to get through the city of Surat Thani, and although it's a little detour.

As an independent tourist destination, Chumphon is not popular among tourists. This is a typical Thai provincial town. Even a major transport hub it can only be called a stretch, despite the importance on the way to the aforementioned Islands. No entertainment there, in the evening the city goes to sleep early. However, even here you can find Europeans vacationers, tourism infrastructure and hotels. The mass of tourists on holiday here you are unlikely to meet, but independent travellers wishing to discover new places, undiscovered mass tourists stop here. And, by the way, Chumphon beaches are a popular place for local residents. The result of this situation are lower prices for travel services, accommodation and food than other popular resorts in Thailand.

Weather in Chumphon, tourist seasons

Chumpon is a year – round resort. As in most parts of Thailand, there are only two seasons: the dry season and the rains.

Dry season, high season, runs from December to April. At this time it drops low precipitation vacationing on the beaches a lot. During periods of holidays and weekends the beaches are "clogged" by the locals.

The season of rain, it's low season, lasts from may to November. During this period, too, can relax on local beaches, but the more probability of rain. Especially rainy is the first half of November.

Seasons in Chumphon months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Chumphon and forecast

The Beaches Of Chumphon

In the city, no beaches there, because its center is located a few kilometers from the city. But on the coast of the province there are some moderately developed tourist areas. It is the beaches:

  • Thung Wua Laen Beach (also Thung Wualaen), located 13 kilometers North of the city . The most developed area, many hotels, there are cheap guesthouses. Accommodation is available for 400 baht (see currency of Thailand and the exchange rate) per room or Bungalow with air conditioning. There are many cafes. This entire infrastructure of this beach ends, not even the currency exchangers and large stores. You can get here by taxi songthaews yellow from the center of town for 30 baht.
  • Sai Ree Beachis 20 kilometers South from the city center. Here, too, there are a few hotels, but the infrastructure and exhausted. Very quiet and lonely place. You can get here by taxi from the centre of town for 30 baht.

To do on these beaches coma beach holiday, nothing special. You can just relax, drink beer, picnics on the beach or dinner in restaurants. If you take the rent of transport, you can ride to the province or to visit attractions in neighbouring provinces. Of action to be mentioned is that the only kiting and Windsurfing. Not to say that it is the ideal place to practice these sports because the winds blow not always to the same choppy. But they are weak, that is good choice for beginners who want to learn these lessons. However, equipment to hire or on sale here you will find, will have to take it with you. One possible activities – snorkeling tours on the island.

Hotels in Chumphon

Hotels in Chumphon, even by Thai standards very cheap. So, in the developed beach of Thung Wua Laen Beach, you can stay in a double room from 400 baht. Advance reservation is not necessary.

If you came here to relax, you should not stay in the center of Chumphon. To do absolutely nothing, but there's no beach. Better just to go to one of the beaches (see above). If you want to stay in the city, it is very inexpensive and can be placed in the street of Tha Taphao Alley (see street and beaches on the map below).

Find and book accommodation in Chumphon can through the following sites or search form. Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support is present:

Map Of Chumphon

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How to get to Chumphon

In Chumphon can be reached from Bangkok and other major cities of Thailand by plane, train, bus. Also the Chumphon is a popular transit point for budget travelers to Koh Tao, Phangan and Samui, as there are speed boats and catamarans to the Islands. Find timetables and book tickets to Chumphon bus, ferry or train can through the search form, and below about all the ways to get to Chumpon more:

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When searching for tickets on buses and trains for pay attention to the ranking of tickets/carriers (marked with asterisks on a five-point scale) and the reviews of actual users who traveled on this route. Selecting carriers with the highest rated according to user reviews, you will protect yourself from possible problems during the trip.
  • On the plane

    30 kilometers North of Chumphon in Pathio district (airport map) is a small airport, which are two daily flights from the old Bangkok airport Don Mueang. This is the only flight here, it is the budget airline Nok Air.

    To get from the airport to the city and the pier (to go to the Islands) on the minivans, which depart after the arrival of each flight, 150 and 250 baht respectively.

  • By train

    Via Chumphon is a railway connecting Bangkok with the South of Thailand, and stretches down through Malaysia to Singapore. So you can get here by train from Singapore.

    From Bangkok trains depart from the station Hua Lamphong. Daily walks of at least 10 trains, timetable here Cost 150 baht for a seat and 650 for reclining seats. On the road for 8 hours. Read more about travel by train in Thailand here

    Railway station in Chumphon is located almost in the center of the city (railway station on the map). To get from the station to area hotels on the street Tha Taphao Alley on foot. Near the train station of Chumphon is the cashier of the company Lompraya (this company provides transportation on high-speed catamarans to the Islands) where you can buy a ticket for 50 baht to the pier. These buses depart at 6.00 and 11.00, just to sail a catamaran.

  • By bus

    In Chumphon can be reached by bus from Bangkok (southern bus station, from 330 baht, 7 hours), Hua hin, cha-am, the cities of southern Thailand (hat Yai via Suratthani, 170 baht).

    Buses arrive and recover from different stations in Chumphon. Almost all large buses from Bangkok arrive at the South bus station, which is 11 kilometers from the city (the station is on the map). In the city center there's another station where you can catch a bus to hat Yai (station on the map). Another place where you can catch minivans to Suratthani and other surrounding cities (here on the map)

  • By ferry/boat

    There are several carriers on the route Chumphon - Koh Tao, Phangan, Samui.

    The Company Lompraya (Lomprayah)

    One of the most popular carriers among tourists, and the fastest way. In General, Lomprayah offers a ready-arranged transfer from Bangkok to Hua hin on all three Islands, but if you arrive in Chumphon on their own, can still benefit from the services of this company. Boats run twice a day on schedule, which can always be found on the official website There you can book a ticket for 600 baht to Koh Tao, 1000 baht to Koh Phangan, 1100 to Samui. On-site tickets can be purchased in the company's office near the railway station.

    Pier Lomprayah in Chumphon is located far out of town (Lomprayah pier on the map). You can get there by vans for 50 baht, which depart from the company office in the city center near the railway station of Chumphon.

    Songserm express

    These boats can only get to Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Boats depart once a day from Chumphon at 07:00 from Koh Phangan at 12:30 from Koh Tao at 14:30. The cost is 450 baht. The current schedule can be found on the website Tickets are sold at city agencies and hotels at the reception.

    There is a slow ferry from Tha Yang pier (pier on the map). But actual information about the schedule and the cost we have.

Transport, than to move on

The city of Chumphon is small, and to move between its main transport points (stations) and area hotels on foot. To reach the beaches of the province, have to take local transport or taxi.

Rental transport is not developed, and find the motorbike rental is possible only in a couple of places in the city, cost from 200 baht.

Taxis to the beaches of Thung Wua Laen Beach and Sai Ree Beach leave from the end of the Parking lot in the center of the city (here the map). The ticket fare is 30 baht, go from 06:00 to 18:00.

If you prefer the freedom of movement and a rented transport, you can hire a car or motorbike. To control the transport in Thailand is compulsory IDP. Is such a law, made in the form of booklets in several languages that are issued in addition to the regular national rights of the bodies of the traffic police. They act only when presented together with your national (domestic) rights, so don't forget to take with you on a trip. To get an IDP is not required to write any exams, you only need to pay a fee. Order them easiest website public services.of the Russian Federation, the value of discount will be 1120 rubles. You can contact the traffic police or the MFC personally, but then the IDP will cost 1600 rubles (price 2018). To pick up right after their manufacture in the traffic police or in the MFC. Read more about car rent in Thailand and what are the rights, read here.

The cost of renting a car starts from 1000 baht when booking for a short period, and comes to 500 baht if booking for a long time. It is best to search and book a car rental through the Internet using the search form and compare prices from different distributors:

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