The city of Thaton/Thaton in Chiang Mai/Chiangmai (Thailand)

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Туры в Таиланд

Вид на мост Татона с храма Thaton (Thaton, Thaton, Tha Ton) is more of a village (population about 2000) than the city. Thaton is located about half way from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai and near Fanga (Fang) (Thaton on the map of Chiang Mai province).

Thaton is known among tourists trekking tours to villages of tribes, as well as cruises on the boat to Chiang Rai. Here you can stay at one of the hotels or guesthouses, most of which are located along the river Kok (Kok River) or directly into it (floating hotels). The cost of accommodation is not high, especially in the low season from may to October. Find a modest but decent accommodation with air conditioning is available at 600 baht for a double room. Without air conditioning you can stay almost half the price.

The atmosphere in Thaton very quiet, this place is suitable for lovers of peace and quiet relax in an almost rural environment. Entertainment here, and from major attractions only one stands out - the temple of Wat Tha Ton. To the border with Burma (Myanmar) hence it is only four kilometers, though there is no border crossing, and the border States goes through the jungle and across the river.

Wat Tha Ton is a huge monastery, surrounding the village. Its scope will impress you: the temple is situated on nine levels of the hills and covers an area of 0.65 square kilometers. Each level is something in itself interesting, and the upper level offers a wonderful view of the surroundings. Don't miss this attraction, if you pass by Tatana (the Thaton temple on the map).

Here is a tourist police office, where it is recommended to register before going to a distant village or sending in a cruise on the river.

Tour of Thaton

A two-day cruise down the Kok river towards Chiang Rai is an average of 1300 baht, three-day from 1600 baht. Quick connections to Chiang Rai on dlinnohvostaja half a day for 350 baht (departing 12:30).

Within a radius of kilometers from Tatana several tribal villages, among them "long-necked" variety tribe, the Karen, the Palaung (Palaung). You can reach them on foot, by mountain bike or motorbike. From almost any Guesthouse in Thaton you can arrange a Hiking tour or an excursion to the tribes in the area, but the price for this tour will be in most cases higher than the same tour from Chiang Mai because it will be a private tour. Besides tours here are less "touristy" and more exotic than tours on beaten paths of Chiang Mai. What is the good, the excursions of Tatana as a guide you will be one of the people of the tribe, which will tell you a lot about life in villages.

How to get to Thaton?

In Thaton you can reach Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and some other localities of the provinces of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai by bus.

From Chiang Mai to Thaton the bus leaves from the station Chatuchak about every 2 hours, and costs from 55 baht, 4 hours.

From Chiang Rai to Thaton is also accessible by bus costing 100 baht, about 3 hours, but there are these buses not very often.

From Fang (Fang) in Thaton and back to the Songthaew taxis ply throughout the day and costs 30 baht, journey time 40 minutes.

From Chiang Rai to Thaton can also be reached by boat for 350 baht and 6 hours of emerging from Chiang Rai at 10:30. The route goes up the Kok river and is very picturesque.

Transportation in Thaton. Than to move on?

Thaton is a small town, or rather village, and transport to move around it is not needed. The nearest attractions Thaton temple can be easily reached on foot. More here no place to go.

To reach the tribal villages in the Guesthouse you can rent a mountain bike (from 60 baht per day) or motorbike (150 baht a day).

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Agata 10 January, 2017
Was in Chiang Mai in June 2016. An incredible number of impressions. Stayed in a small hotel MONA CHIANG MAI and I loved the service and decor. journey through the vatam is a storm of emotions. Feel like a small man next to the Majesty of history. Elephant trekking, photographing tigers in the TAIGER Kingdom, a two-day visit to the zoo(one day missed), shopping at the night Bazaar and the Bazaar of the day at the main gate. 14 days was not enough, as we alternated trips with relaxing by the pool. The city has peredavalos songteo 20 baht per person for a city driving in a hired car, and stumbled to the driver, in an average of 100 baht per person but with comfort. between the big hotels and shopping malls goes beslatnyj Shuttle, we drove up to the nearby hotel to the desired place and then walked 10 min. The schedule is in the hotels and in the Shuttle. if there is a local cuisine goes very cheap on average 30 baht per person, but it is very spicy when ordering don't forget to say "know spacey" (not acute) but it can not be saved. If you eat more European food is expensive on average 100 baht per person. At the night Bazaar you can see the national show. Very pleased with the trip, children require repetition, never for a moment regretted that I went there and not at sea. ...
resuma88 1 September, 2017
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admin September 1, 2017
In principle, through Gunjo you can fly with one change, but through Bangkok+Airasia is still cheaper. The truth, of course, do not forget about the change of airport in BKK, which is troublesome and waste of time. ...
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Hello! I want to ask a question. Going to Chiang Mai, fly from Bangkok on 4 November to 23 hours. By studying the information found that we get on holidays She Peng and Loy Krathong. It's pretty cool, but we read that at this time in Chiang Mai release sky lanterns and for this reason can even close the airport. The plane tickets we bought, there are no restrictions on this day was not. Could it be that the airport will actually be closed in the evening due to run lights and our flight is either canceled or postponed? Thanks in advance. ...
admin September 20, 2017

These things are planned in advance, so that if suddenly something will change, the flight will take or cancel in advance, not after the fact. Just watch your flight, check periodically, and everything is OK. ...
mayflower 13 November, 2017
Good afternoon, friends!
I have a question: I would like one day of your stay in Chiang Rai to dedicate around border towns: if you want in Mae SAI though the eye look at Myanmar, because had originally planned to go there, but did not work :( And then drive to SOP Ruak (Golden Triangle), necessarily(!) take a ride on the boat to Lao island, then Chiang Saen and back to Chiang Rai.
Do you think it's a real plan for the day?

The first bus to Mae SAI at 05:50, written 1.5 hour drive. Well, 2 hours there, take a walk. Then the blue songthaews to SOP Ruak, to go, probably at least an hour?
Longer delayed - it is only a boat ride turns out an hour and a half, right? well, around, Yes, about, but to eat another half put on. Total, if I leave at 6 o'clock in the morning, then
somewhere in the 16 hours must be willing to depart from SOP Ruak, right?
I would like to Chiang Saen to call it, the Google map shows that there is very close, only I have not figured out how to get there? Maybe just mototaxista to take? How much can it cost?
And the last question - who knows what time the last bus from Chiang Saen to Chiang Rai go? When you have already come to the bus stop?
Thanks in advance to all concerned!
Elena. ...
admin November 14, 2017
In principle, really do, just not sure about what all goes on so smoothly. I would take a motorbike for such purposes. As for Mae SAI, if you want to look at Myanmar, be sure to climb to the statue of the Scorpion (, there is a great view of the land of Myanmar. And Chiangsaen can skip, because most likely will not have time, and especially there is nothing to watch, IMHO. ...
mayflower 14 November, 2017
Thanks for the advice!
I'd love to take bike if I knew how to drive a little bit :)
I will be content with what you have! ...
admin November 14, 2017

Then make it simple and not torture yourself. In the Golden triangle ride with the tour for the day, I think you will find that path and other places of capture. Discover fully sold on the streets in turagentsva and hotels. And in a single day ride to Mae SAI. Arrive in the city, walk there, see the cave temple, dinner and back. ...