How to get to Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai is 800 kilometers North of Bangkok, and you can get there directly from Russia is impossible. To visit Chiang Mai you can buy a tour on the spot (in Thailand), or get yourself. It is most convenient to do it from Bangkok by land (bus or train) or fly on a plane. There are also flights from Russia, with transfers not only in Bangkok but also in other Asian cities.

Well, if you are not ready for independent travel, you can choose and book tour in Chiang Mai here.

On the plane

Chiang Mai international airport Chiang Mai International Airport (IATA code CNX). To get there, not only from Bangkok but also from neighboring countries Thailand Asia. The airport is the most important in the Northern part of the country, and every day there is performed a huge number of flights (only from Bangkok for almost 30 flights a day).

From Russia direct flights to Chiang Mai is not running, but available convenient connecting flights at reasonable prices.

Find and book tickets to Chiang Mai, you can through the search form below. Options the cheapest flights to Chiang Mai on an arbitrary date can look and book here: the cheapest air tickets to Chiang Mai.

Cheapest flights to Chiang Mai:

30.11.2018 13.12.2018 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant TO FIND 30508 ₽
09.12.2018 02.01.2019 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant FIND FROM 35303 ₽
05.01.2019 21.01.2019 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant FIND FROM 40503 ₽
25.02.2019 04.03.2019 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant FIND FROM 29073 ₽
05.03.2019 18.03.2019 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant TO FIND 26066 ₽
02.04.2019 15.04.2019 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant TO FIND 26074 ₽
31.10.2019 11.11.2019 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant TO FIND 42406 ₽

Tickets for domestic flights or flights between countries in Asia is better to buy directly on the airline's website or at the box office on the spot. For example, the flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai can be bought from 1500 baht (currency of Thailand) in one direction (approximately the same number of rubles).

Domestic flights carried out by Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways, Air Asia, Nok Air, Bangkok, Phuket, O. Samui and other major cities of Thailand. International flights from Asia are Air Asia, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Korean Airlines, Lao Airlines, Silk Air from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong, Luang Prabang.

How to get from Chiang Mai airport to the city?

В аэропорту Чиангмая

The airport is only 3 kilometers from the city (the position of the airport of Chiangmai on the map).

To get from the airport to the hotel is easiest by taxi. You can use the official airport taxi, booked it on the Desk in the arrival hall at the airport (at the entrance of the baggage claim area). The cost of the trip when you order at the front is fixed and is 120 baht to any hotel in the city. The reverse trip from the city to the airport by this taxi will be cheaper.

When leaving the airport Parking you will see many other taxi companies, almost all of which operate on a meter (Taxi) meter. The trip meter will cost a bit more – up to 150 baht. There you can find taxis (which the ignorant call a tuk-tuk, but it sonthaew), travel on which will cost around 50 baht, unless you will hire it as a taxi. Even in the Parking lot on duty tuk-tuks, which the city will cost 100 baht (per trip, not per person), but will have to bargain.

Until 2011 the city had a bus service to and from the airport can be reached very cheaply by city bus. But now the city buses are not working, and opportunities to get there. If you have other information, please let us know through the forum (at the bottom of this page).

Hotels also offer airport pickup service, sometimes even free, but most paid and more expensive than a taxi. Specify the conditions when booking the hotel.

And finally for the most daring and desperate: to get from the airport to the city can be on foot, not go so far, but in the oppressive heat.

The bus to Chiang Mai

Bus travel in Thailand - the cheapest way to travel. Developed route network will allow to reach Chiang Mai from any major city in the country, however, some routes will have to do a transplant. As a rule, when travelling from the southern part of Thailand, the transplantation being made in Bangkok.

In addition to coaches, which will be discussed below, in almost every tourist town in Northern Thailand, starting from Bangkok, you can find tour buses to Chiang Mai. They are more fast and comfortable than intercity buses, slightly more expensive and, according to some tourists, more dangerous in terms of road safety. Which is good, these buses depart and arrive in the tourist areas of the city and there is no need to get to the bus stations. To buy tickets for these buses in travel agencies.

Regular intercity buses are of different classes and different levels of comfort, service and speed of the trip (VIP, 1st, 2nd). The faster and more comfortable, of course, more expensive. All VIP and first class air-conditioned, with a toilet on Board and make very few stops, which travel faster than the lower classes. Air-conditioned buses are referred to as Conditioned Air or A/C and not air-conditioned may be referred to in the schedules as Ordinary. Read more about intercity buses in Thailand here.

Chiang Mai buses from other provinces arrive at the station Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station (bus station of Chiang Mai on the map). From this station to the city centre can be reached by taxi or tuk-tuk who are on duty around the clock. The trip by taxi will cost on average about 50 baht per person (but you have to bargain), tuk-tuk or taxi is hired as a taxi - 150-200 baht.

There is another station Chang Phuak Bus Station (127/28 Chang Phuak, Sripoom), which serves some buses (mostly vans) on short distances through the Northern provinces, but mostly in the province of Chiang Mai (bus station Chiang Mai Chang Phuak on the map)

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🚌 Arrive to departure

When searching for tickets on buses and trains for pay attention to the ranking of tickets/carriers (marked with asterisks on a five-point scale) and the reviews of actual users who traveled on this route. Selecting carriers with the highest rated according to user reviews, you will protect yourself from possible problems during the trip.
  • From Pattaya to Chiang Mai by bus

    From Pattaya to Chiang Mai runs several buses a day. But buses run from the North bus station Pattaya and bus station of the company Nakhonchai, which is located at the intersection of Sukhumvit and Central road (Pattaya Central, aka Pattaya Klang). Tickets can be purchased at offices and travel agencies on the streets, or at the station, and better to do it a few days before the trip. The ticket price is 725 baht. On the company website the Thai language can obtain information about the schedule. Unfortunately, the English language version there.

    Schedule as of January 2011.

    • Departure from Pattaya 17.00 – arrival in Chiang Mai 06.25
    • Departure from Pattaya 18.00 - arrival in Chiang Mai 07.25
    • Departure from Pattaya 19.20 - arrive in Chiang Mai 07.10
    • Departure from Pattaya 19.50 - arrive in Chiang Mai 07.30

    According to unconfirmed information it is possible to purchase the tickets in Chiang Mai on a passing bus at the ticket office North of the station of Pattaya, but this information is not verified by us.

    Also from Pattaya there are many tourist buses.

    Another option to get from Pattaya to Chiang Mai by regular bus service with a stopover in Bangkok. To do this, from the North station Pattaya get off to the station Mo Chit in Bangkok, there buy a ticket to Chiang Mai and take the bus. Overnight in Bangkok with this method is not needed, and the transplant occurs within one station.

  • From Bangkok to Chiang Mai by bus

    From Bangkok buses to Chiang Mai depart from North station Northern Bus Terminal, aka Mo Chit. The journey time is about 10 hours, the cost 500-800 baht. Buses depart at least every hour from 5:30 to 22:00. Schedule and cost (from 400 to 800 baht) can see Early booking of tickets is not necessary. Unable to come to the station and buy a ticket on the next flight. Tickets for these buses (do not confuse them with the tourist) can also be purchased at travel agencies in Bangkok. And, well, they will include transfers from the hotel to the station.

    There is also a lots of tourist buses, but they are expensive.

  • From Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai by bus

    From Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai buses leave from the old and new bus station, arrive in Chiang Mai on the Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station. The cost from 160 to 500 baht. Start running from 6 am every 30 minutes. Time in transit VIP bus without stopping for about 3 hours.

By train

Ж/д станция Хуахина Pretty girl at Railway station Hua hin

As we have repeatedly mentioned on the pages of our website, in Thailand there is an excellent rail service, and if you have time, then up to Chiang Mai from Bangkok you can inexpensively and comfortably reached by train. To get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is cheaper than the train by foot only. The train from Bangkok happens to the Railway station Bangkok Hualamphong Train Station

From other cities of Thailand direct trains there, and have to first get to Bangkok.

Daily between Bangkok and Chiang Mai operates six!!! trains one and in the other direction. Information about the schedule and costs can be found on the website (English is available).

Schedule of trains from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

the train no. Type of train Departure time Arrival time
9 Special Express 8:30 20:30
109 Rapid 14:30 05:10
11 Special Express 18:00 06:15
1 Special Express 18:10 07:45
13 Special Express 19:35 09:45
51 Express 22:00 12:45

Timetable trains Chiang Mai - Bangkok

the train no. Type of train Departure time Arrival time
102 Rapid 06:45 21:10
12 Special Express 08:45 20:25
52 Express 14:50 05:30
14 Special Express 16:30 06:40
2 Special Express 17:55 07:00
10 Special Express 21:00 09:10

The cost of the trip depends on the class of car and train. The cheapest 3rd class not air-conditioned car is 271 baht. The cost coupled with the conditioning and the dinner comes to 1453 baht. Children up to 3 years and an increase of less than 100 cm travel free of charge. Children from 4 to 11 years and up to 150 centimeters will pay only half the cost.

Cars, and, accordingly, the purchased tickets are divided into classes (in descending order of price and comfort):

  • Sleeping first class (1st class sleeper). Air-conditioned double cabin with sink. Toilets and shower at the end of the cars. Sometimes the cost of tickets of the 1st class the power on.
  • Second sleeper class (2nd class sleeper). The second class is similar to our reserved seats (no separate compartment). There are air-conditioned and not air-conditioned second class, as indicated in the schedule and buying tickets.
  • Second sitting class (2nd class seated). Four chairs in row with passage in the middle. Is air-conditioned and not air conditioned. Chairs are arranged, and can be quite comfortable to travel, especially on daytime flights.
  • Sedentary third class (3rd class is seated). Four seats in a row (dual two in the shop) with a passage in the middle. The seats do not fold/recline. There are even wooden benches on our trains. Very rare air conditioned. The third class is very cheap and it is possible to use it to move a short distance (trip 2-3 hours). On long trips use is not recommended, as very tired.

In General, all types of cars clean and well maintained. So if you are willing to experience some discomfort seats in favor of a cheaper price, you can buy the lowest class.

How and where to buy tickets?

You can buy tickets in advance 60 days before the trip. During the holidays (the new year or Thai new year Songkran in April) is highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance. You can buy tickets at the station, Hualamphong train station in Bangkok, but fortunately, it is possible to purchase tickets in advance via the Internet.

Tickets can be purchased, at least on the websites Tickets are sold with a small Commission. Selling on sites closed for two days before departure. Payment by Visa or Mastercard. Moreover, it is possible to purchase e-ticket receipt printing, where you can take the train and purchase tickets with their delivery to the hotel in Bangkok or anywhere in the world (of course surcharge).

If you would like more information about purchasing tickets, please write on forum in this topic, and information will be posted. Read more about trains in Thailand here.

The train station in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Railway Station is 3 kilometers from the city center (railway station of Chiang Mai on the map).

To reach the hotel easily on tuktuk, taxi (Songthaew) or taxi. Some hotels from the railway station can be reached on foot.

Bus timetable Chiang Mai

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omelnikov1 3 December, 2016
I do not agree. Of course, I was not in Chiang Mai until the mourning, but in mid-November on the street, where establishments with the girls, go quietly was impossible. Clubs work, but up to 12. Bars, and after 12 just blinds down, but hums continues. ...
Agata 10 January, 2017
Was in Chiang Mai in June 2016. An incredible number of impressions. Stayed in a small hotel MONA CHIANG MAI and I loved the service and decor. journey through the vatam is a storm of emotions. Feel like a small man next to the Majesty of history. Elephant trekking, photographing tigers in the TAIGER Kingdom, a two-day visit to the zoo(one day missed), shopping at the night Bazaar and the Bazaar of the day at the main gate. 14 days was not enough, as we alternated trips with relaxing by the pool. The city has peredavalos songteo 20 baht per person for a city driving in a hired car, and stumbled to the driver, in an average of 100 baht per person but with comfort. between the big hotels and shopping malls goes beslatnyj Shuttle, we drove up to the nearby hotel to the desired place and then walked 10 min. The schedule is in the hotels and in the Shuttle. if there is a local cuisine goes very cheap on average 30 baht per person, but it is very spicy when ordering don't forget to say "know spacey" (not acute) but it can not be saved. If you eat more European food is expensive on average 100 baht per person. At the night Bazaar you can see the national show. Very pleased with the trip, children require repetition, never for a moment regretted that I went there and not at sea. ...
resuma88 1 September, 2017
Now planning a trip to Chiang Mai in January. And came upon the information that from December 6, 2017 Qatar Airways starts flying there from Moscow and St. Petersburg via Doha. Even the short dock. The journey time is about 13-14 hours work... ...
admin September 1, 2017
In principle, through Gunjo you can fly with one change, but through Bangkok+Airasia is still cheaper. The truth, of course, do not forget about the change of airport in BKK, which is troublesome and waste of time. ...
Мария01 20 September, 2017
Hello! I want to ask a question. Going to Chiang Mai, fly from Bangkok on 4 November to 23 hours. By studying the information found that we get on holidays She Peng and Loy Krathong. It's pretty cool, but we read that at this time in Chiang Mai release sky lanterns and for this reason can even close the airport. The plane tickets we bought, there are no restrictions on this day was not. Could it be that the airport will actually be closed in the evening due to run lights and our flight is either canceled or postponed? Thanks in advance. ...
admin September 20, 2017
These things are planned in advance, so that if suddenly something will change, the flight will take or cancel in advance, not after the fact. Just watch your flight, check periodically, and everything is OK. ...
mayflower 13 November, 2017
Good afternoon, friends! I have a question: I would like one day of your stay in Chiang Rai to dedicate around border towns: if you want in Mae SAI though the eye look at Myanmar, because had originally planned to go there, but did not work :( And then drive to SOP Ruak (Golden Triangle), necessarily(!) take a ride on the boat to Lao island, then Chiang Saen and back to Chiang Rai. Do you think it's a real plan for the day? The first bus to Mae SAI at 05:50, written 1.5 hour drive. Well, 2 hours there, take a walk. Then the blue songthaews to SOP Ruak, to go, probably at least an hour? Longer delayed - it is only a boat ride turns out an hour and a half, right? well, around, Yes, about, but to eat another half put on. Total, if I leave at 6 o'clock in the morning, somewhere in the 16 hours must be willing to depart from SOP Ruak, right? I would like to Chiang Saen to call it, the Google map shows that there is very close, only I have not figured out how to get there? Maybe just mototaxista to take? How much can it cost? And the last question - who knows what time the last bus from Chiang Saen to Chiang Rai go? When you have already come to the bus stop? Thanks in advance to all concerned! Elena. ...
admin November 14, 2017
In principle, really do, just not sure about what all goes on so smoothly. I would take a motorbike for such purposes. As for Mae SAI, if you want to see Myanmar, be sure to climb to the statue of the Scorpion (, there is a great view of the land of Myanmar. And Chiangsaen can skip, because most likely will not have time, and especially there is nothing to watch, IMHO. ...
mayflower 14 November, 2017
Thanks for the advice! I'd love to take bike if I knew how to drive a little bit :) I will be content with what we have! ...
admin November 14, 2017
Then make it simple and not torture yourself. In the Golden triangle ride with the tour for the day, I think you will find that along the way and other interesting places. Discover fully sold on the streets in turagentsva and hotels. And in a single day ride to Mae SAI. Arrive in the city, walk there, see the cave temple, dinner and back. ...

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