Bus and railway station Bangkok

Bangkok is the main transport "transit" point of Thailand when traveling around the country. Most international and long-distance bus routes pass through the station of Bangkok. Here is the main railway hub of the country. Often, to get from one city to another, the cheapest and quickest route is the route with a stopover in Bangkok, whether it is a bus ride or train trip.

The city has several bus stations and train station. Different stations serve different directions. Sometimes, to change from one bus to another or from train to bus, will have to navigate between stations on the public transport in Bangkok. And just to go from hotel in Bangkok to another city on a bus or train, you first have to get to the station. To help you figure out where which stations and transport hubs are, what areas they serve and how to reach them, we have prepared for you a practical information about the stations and transport hubs of the capital of Thailand – Bangkok.

Attention! How to get to each station from the center of the city is written below. But if you need to get from one station to another or from the bus station/railway station, for example, do not rush immediately to look for a taxi or running to the subway. Between almost all stations, there is a direct bus connection (minibase), so first look for a nearby transport. For example, between Mo Chit, Sai Tai and every 15 minutes runs a mini bus cost 35 baht in a total of 30 minutes.

Train station Bangkok

In Bangkok, there is the main railway centre of the country. The main station of the city, in which converge four Railways direction of the country - the Hualamphong Train Station. In addition to this station there are several smaller stations that may be useful.

  • Main railway station Bangkok Hualamphong Train Station.

    Главная ж/д станция Бангкока

    All trains distant areas from Bangkok (total of 160 trains) depart from this station. The station is located in the city center (station Hualamphong at a map of Bangkok) and it is easily reached by public transport of Bangkok. In the future, send all long haul trains will be transferred to the station of Bang Sue, but so far all trains are still sent here.

    At the station everything is organized very convenient and clear, all information is duplicated in English, in the box office ticket clerks speak excellent English. The box office located inside the station building and separated into the cash register, where you can buy tickets for dispatch on the same day, and at ticket pre-sale (Advance Booking Office) that only work in the daytime from 8:00 to 16:00. In the Advance Booking Office there is an automated queue system.

    At the station from 4:00 until 23:00 working storage (Left luggage). Cost from 30 to 100 baht per day per piece of Luggage depending on size.


    The train schedule is displayed on a large display inside the station. Online schedule can be found on the website http://www.railway.co.th/.

    How to get to the station Hualamphong Train station?

    The best and convenient way to get to Hualamphong Train Station – take the city subway MRT, reaching it to the end station Hualamphong. Near the station there is a bus stop of city buses direct connection to the intercity bus stations of the city.

    From Bangkok's international airport Suvarnabhumi to Hualamphong train station: Airoport Rail Link Makasan station (Express 90 baht / 45 baht City line), next to the city metro Bangkok MRT metro station is Hualamphong (18 baht). From don Muang airport by bus no 29 or take a local train (commuter train) that run very frequently, are 5 baht.

  • Thonburi Train Station, aka Bangkok Noi Station

    This station serves the trains of the Western line (Western Line or Short Line). Currently, the station only two daily trains to Kanchanaburi province (Kanchanaburi) at 07:50 and 12:55. In the way five hours and cost 100 baht.

    The station is very uncomfortable (Thonburi Train Station on a map of Bangkok) and to reach it by public transport is not easy: you can do it only on a water taxi on the canals. For this you need to get to the pier Tha Rotfai (Railway pier) and from there on a regular taxi (Songtaew) to get to the station.

  • Don Muang Rail Station

    The station is close to airport don Muang (Don Muang) across the street from the terminal, and can be very useful if you plan to transplant out of a plane on a train North to Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai and Lopburi. All trains from Bangkok to the North and back make a stop at this station (except for trains No. 311), and you can quietly continue the journey from here, saving a lot of time, instead of transplanting through Bangkok. But just in case keep in mind that sometimes tickets for the long direction on the next train may not be, and to purchase an e-ticket in Thailand is impossible. Read more about the purchase of tickets for trains of Thailand here.

  • Wongwian Yai Railway Station

    From this station starts a separate railway line WongwianYai-MahaChai, which during the day runs at least 15 trains to the village of Maha Chai railway market. Travel by train costs only 10 baht, 1 hour.

    Station is easiest to reach by SkyTrain. Need to drive to Wongwian Yai and then go outside and walk about 500 meters.

Bus station Bangkok

Bangkok is home to several bus stations, each of which, theoretically, maintains its direction, although the areas overlap and some stations serve adjacent areas.

Most of the information at the bus station presented only in Thai with no duplication in English, which creates some problems. However, this is easily solved, if we turn to the employees of the station: it is enough to call the city and you will be taken to the checkout.

  • Northern bus terminal (Northern Bus Terminal Mo Chit)

    The largest and most intense bus terminal of Bangkok – Northern bus station (Northern Bus Terminal or Mo Chit). Also, the station name is sometimes written and read (more correctly) Mor Chit. The terminal serves all destinations to the North of Bangkok (Ching Mai, Chiang Rai, Sukhothai (Sukhothai), May SAI, Lampang, and many others), and the towns in the South-East of the capital (including Pattaya and Aranyaprathet (Aranya Prathet). Also here (Mochit 2 terminal) buses leave for Phuket, Koh Samui and hat Yai (Hat Yai)

    The Internet often is conflicting information about the existence of the terminal Mo Chit2 and Mo Chit, about the new and old terminal. This confusion has arisen in connection with the transfer of the terminal from one place to another. In fact, there are at least two terminal Mo Chit and Mo Chit2, but they are in one place.

    Located North bus terminal Mo Chit near BTS station MoChit and MRT Chatuchak Park (North bus terminal on a map of Bangkok). To get from these stations to Mo Chit, you can walk for 15 minutes. If you have Luggage or don't feel like walking you can catch a motorcycle taxi for 30 baht or a taxi from 45 baht. From the railway station Bangkok Hualamphong Train Station and is accessible direct via the blue metro line MRT. Also come here to bus no. 77 (from Victory monument street Phahonyothin rd), 3, 509, 138. From don Muang airport by buses No. 29 and 510

  • Southern bus terminal (Southern bus terminal Sai Tai Mai)

    There are intercity buses to the South of Phuket, Krabi, hat Yai, etc.), and in Kanchanaburi and the West.

    The station is located quite far from the centre to the West of the city (South bus terminal on a map of Bangkok) and it is not easy to get to. On the metro here do not drive and have to take a taxi or city bus No. 79, 159, 201, 516 from Th Ratchadamnoen Klang street. From Victory Monument goes here bus No. 50 cost 35 baht. From the airport you can get there by vans or by city bus No. 556 from the Public Bus Terminal (according to some information, the bus number 556 no longer operates, check the optional).

  • Eastern bus terminal (Eastern bus terminal Ekamai)

    From this terminal recovers to the East of Bangkok, including Pattaya, Rayong, Koh Chang (Trat town). For some strange oddities, buses East to Aranyaprathet (Aranya Prathet to get to Siem Reap in Cambodia) from here are sent. To Aranyaprathet buses depart from the Northern terminal (Mo Chit).

    To get to the Eastern bus terminal, very easy on the metro Skytrain station and Ekkamai BTS station (Eastern bus terminal on a map of Bangkok).

    From the airport to the Eastern bus terminal is a bus number 55:

    • 55 - Ekkamai Bus Terminal (Eastern bus terminal of Bangkok) – On-nutch Intersection – Suvarnabhumi Airport – Klongsuan – Klong Prawes – Chachoengsau – Amphur Bang Klah
  • Suvarnabhumi Public Transportation Center

    At the international airport of Bangkok is Suvarnabhumi Public Transportation Center. This is a large Parking area, bus station, from where you can go to different places of the country. Of course to get here from Bangkok, to catch a bus much sense, but if you arrive in the airport, on the plane, and wish to continue their journey, bypassing Bangkok, may here you will find the right bus. Access to Suvarnabhumi Public Transportation Center from the airport is free of sattvas, and from the city by bus (see "How to get from Bangkok airport to city").

    Buses from here depart to Pattaya, Rayong, Trat (Trat, to move to Sihanoukville in Cambodia and Koh Chang), and, according to some information, even in Aranyaprathet (Aranya Prathet to move to Siem reap in Cambodia) and Nong Kai (Nong Khai, to move to Laos).

    The official schedules on the Internet is not presented, but can be found here: http://www.suvarnabhumiairport.com, http://www.bangkokairportonline.com.

  • Bus stop Victory Monument

    Attention! Message transport from Victory Monument "broken up" by the local authorities, and now it's just a symbolic point and place of transferring from one city bus to another or from subway to bus. To other cities from here never to leave, even in Pattaya.

    How to get there:

    Victory Monument is located in Ratchathewi district (bus Parking near Victory Monument on a map of Bangkok). The easiest way to get to Skytrain to the Victory Monument BTS station, which is located just a few hundred meters from the ring. Here are also city buses №№ .8, 12, 14, 18, 26, 27, 28, 29, 34, 38, 39, 54, 59, 63, 74, 77, 92, 96, 97, 108, 112, 139, 515, 539 and 542.

    From Suvarnabhumi airport (Suvarnabhumi Public Transportation Center) to the Victory Monument can be reached by bus No. 551 (25-70 baht). From don Muang airport buses №29, 510, 59, 187, 538. from turistichesko of Khao San (Khao San Road) from the stop of the Democracy monument on buses №59, 157, 159, 171, 183, 201, 503, 509.

  • Buses end of World War 1 Monument

    It is the Terminus of many city buses and buses from the airport, located close to the tourist area of Khao San road. The airport bus S1 from Suvarnabhumi, as well as A4 and 59 from the don Muang end the route here, previously driving through the area of Khao San road. If you don't know at what stop you get off to get to this area, you can just go to the end, and then get to the desired location on foot (5-10 minutes) or taxi. Similarly, if you need to leave for the airport bus come to this stop. Here you can check the schedule in the kiosk.

    How to get there:

    Buses end of World War 1 Monument is located in the heart of Bangkok on the island Ratanakosin (bus stop on the map). From the tourist area of Khao San road it can be reached on foot (5-10) minutes, or by taxi. From don Muang airport here is the A4 bus from Suvarnabhumi S1.

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