The map of Bangkok in Russian hotels, attractions, districts, transport, metro

See also interactive map of Bangkok:

Ожидайте, карта загружается

How to use the card?

The proposed map Bangkok interactive and it requires Javascript enabled in the browser. If you see on the map the landmarks, neighbourhoods and transport, so everything works.

The list of objects on a map of Bangkok

Below the map you can see the grouped list of all objects (stations, transport areas and beaches, attractions, etc.). Clicking on the name of any object in the list the map will automatically take you to the right place (well, not you, of course, but only its reflection :-). Double clicking will take you even closer to the location of the object.


You can get driving or walking route to determine the distance to any point or marker (hotel, attractions) to the map from your current location. Simply click on the icon of interest or hotel, and in the tip you will see a link "get over here route". In order to route to an arbitrary point on the map, it is necessary in any location on the map click the right mouse button to open the tooltip, click the link "get directions to this spot".

Important! The function of routing only works when the location service "My journey on the map." Also keep in mind that the route may not be routed across the borders of States, regions without marked on the map of roads, water obstacles, etc.

Information about the object and jump to its description

  • Hovering the cursor over the object icon on the map, you will see his name.
  • Clicking once on the object icon, you will see the object name, its coordinates and a link to the description of the object.
  • By double-clicking on the object icon, you will proceed to the description of the object (will open in a new window).

Your position on a map of Bangkok

If your browser and hardware support the definition of your location on the map, you can see your current position on the map, and go to it by clicking on Where I am on the map?.

Bangkok hotels on the map

On some maps you can see the location of hotels in the form of icons Отели на карте. Clicking on this icon, you can get brief information about the hotel (name, category, price and photos), but if you want to go to the full information about the hotel, check prices, availability and booking. If the icons of the hotels prevent you from working with the map, you can hide them by unchecking the box next to "Show hotels" in the upper right corner of the map.


We tried to make it so that you could print out the desired parts of the map with marked on it according to your desire. Your browser will automatically be removed when printing all the extra page elements and change the page format to "Landscape". If not, you must manually in the print window to change the page orientation to "Landscape" so that the map prints correctly. And don't forget that you can change the scale of the image will print, not only directly on the map, but with the help of your browser, to place the entire image on a single sheet.

Other maps of Bangkok

Туристическая карта Бангкока
Карта расположения туристических достопримечательностей Бангкока
Схема наземного метро Бангкока (BTS)
Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
Michaels 07 Feb 2015, 07:19
In vain You so adamantly! We were at Siam Park! It is with great pleasure spent the day. It's a decent water Park and a lot more often. ...
Michaels 07 Feb 2015, 07:21
Although, if we talk about a water Park in Pattaya (the hotel Pattaya Park) it sucks! Don't even waste time on it! here there is certainly nothing to do! ...
Michaels 07 Feb 2015, 21:20
Royal Palace-we loved it! But it is not like the flocks of Chinese people there! Endless crowds of the ubiquitous Chinese... I Wonder if it's just us, since they were not lucky?! ...
admin 08 Feb 2015, 06:49
Always in the Palace of many people, even pictures can't do that without crowds in the frame. Incidentally, not only the Chinese, but the local and from around the country a lot. ...
Guest 12 Sep 2017, 17:13
Prompt, please, what sights within walking distance from the Baiyok Sky? Want to stay there for a couple of nights in the beginning of the trip, and at the end of the trip for another couple of nights in some cheap hotel in the center. And I can not understand, in what places where best to go :( ...
admin 12 Sep 2017, 17:51
Hello! The area around Baiyoke sky is my favorite, not counting Kosana. I almost always stop there when one can visit in Bangkok, so happened. So this area know very well. The neighborhood is fun, full of shopping malls and street trading, but within walking distance there, except the lookout on the Baiyoke. Although, in principle, on foot I easily reached the temple, penis Shrine and Erawan Shrine, during a walk in the district it is not noticeable.
The main attractions of Bangkok are located in a completely different part in the Ratanakosin district of the Peninsula, where it is the Royal Palace. View our map with attractions for reference only, disable the display of hotels to not interfere. From the area near the Baiyoke can be reached only by bus, which is not so easy the first time in Bangkok. Another option to get to the canal to catch a boat to the end (about the boats we have here ... -transport), and thence to walk in the direction of the Royal Palace, and along the way a lot of things you can grab, right to go decently.
You let's take a look at the map yourself, think for a bit, and when the mind something to emerge, ask more questions, and after all, just do not tell me, Bangkok is very large and very complex.
And yet, on the way back, it makes sense to stay in Khao San road, there's a lot you can see on foot or by taxi, all nearby. ...
Guest 12 Sep 2017, 19:40
Thank you. And about the Dusit Palace have anything to tell you about it, nothing is written.
If you were at the zoo - if there's a Koala?
And is it true that rooms in the Baiyoke sky which are in heaven, and outer areas have Windows with grids? Which interfere with the review, like the reviews where I saw it. And how far is it from the hotel pier to the boat to the Palace to go, or as from the hotel to the Grand Palace to get there? Buses afraid to run into traffic. ...
admin 14 Sep 2017, 04:52
Yes not all information will be soon updated and added new attractions, and yet there are...
The complex of Dusit Palace I'm not very impressed, but the principle is interesting and worth a visit. But most of all liked the main Palace, the throne room like it is called, precisely I do not remember now, it is necessary for the photo to watch to remember. In General, this is a beautiful white Palace, inside of which a huge exhibition of jewelry and other expensive belongings of the Royal family. Though I am not a fan of honking, it was like, and looked with great pleasure. There are audio guides in Russian, tell you about each exhibit or section. There is a lot of hear a lot about "wings of beetle".
About the Windows in Baiyoke have no idea, not lived there, I think that the price is too high, but you can read for yourself the reviews about the hotel on the booking site - ... id=1447726
From Baiyoke to the canal nearby, 20 minutes leisurely walk. When you know what exactly is in the Baiyoke stop, I will write you how to go to the nearest landing on the boat. But it's still not a way every day to go to the Palace district because the boats only go to the place near the Temple of the Golden mount, and on foot. On the boat one or two times you can travel to on foot to explore on the way to the Palace to other places.
There is, incidentally, another way to get to without traffic jams. The metro station is Taksin, if I am not mistaken the ride in the area is 80 baht, and then along the chaophraya river on the Shuttle boat directly to the Palace. I did the route this way: reach the channel to the Temple of the Golden mount, walk from there to the Palace with a tour of places along the way, visit the Palace, the Temple of Lying ...
Guest 26 Dec 2017, 16:48
You have written that in the Royal Palace some rooms are open, Yes guys there is not open! Only outside to watch, plus the Museum of weapons, where some peaks. Like our Kalash do not buy, of course.
There are open temples and Palace there !!! ...
admin 26 Dec 2017, 18:09
Well, all right, available to visitors of the temples and pagodas. Part of the Palace is closed to tourists, there's also the king family is, it's sacred for Thais. ...