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Bangkok hotels, areas. Where to choose a hotel?

Hotels In Bangkok. Where to stay?

Самый высокий отель Бангкока

Bangkok hotels the world famous cheapness. According to some estimates, Bangkok hotels – cheap hotels in Kiev in the world. Perhaps this is true, although in recent years, due to rising real estate prices, the room rate jumped by almost half. Normal room with air conditioning you can get from 800 baht (currency of Thailand) for a double room, and the price for the hotel starts from about 3000 baht! There are options and cheaper, however, on the good quality of the hotel for 300 baht for the room should not count, for the money you can get is that the beds in the Guesthouse.

The perfect solution when choosing a hotel in Bangkok is a hotel reservation via Internet in advance or just before move in. But even if you are focused on finding the cheapest backpacker Guesthouse to stay in Bangkok, the prices at the reception can be almost 30% higher than when booking via the Internet. The thing is that the staff works on Commission and is usually not going to yield to you. Sometimes helps to bargain down the price, but not by much.

Of course, the cheapest guesthouses or hotels, you will not even be able to book via the Internet because they are not represented in the search. But for the same price that you will have to pay on the spot for cheap and "crappy" Guesthouse, you can book through the Internet more or less decent hotel. Thus, even there is no urgent need to book in advance to save. You can do this before being in the hotel (use laptop or Internet cafe), you still come out cheaper.

Another important financial time in hotels in Bangkok: if you bring the night to a hotel guest, you will have to pay extra for it (but rather for her). Some hotels are not even allowed to take someone over for the night at all. But all this does not apply to cheap hotels in the popular tourist area of Khao San road.

Find a hotel in Bangkok
Ожидайте, карта загружается

Regarding the choice of hotel locations, best lodges in the thick of the action, i.e. in the center of the city. Ideally, you should settle close to the stations of the subway of Bangkok (MRT or BTS Skytrain). So you will greatly facilitate their study of the city. Among the Central areas are: the district of Khao San road, considered to be the most budget place in the city; Chinatown is the most colourful and historic district; Sukhumvit is a popular tourist area; Silom business center of the city and its trade area; riverside – a narrow strip along the river Chobia with expensive hotels overlooking the river; in the heart of Bangkok main business center of the city with expensive hotels.

Below presents our review areas. Also, to help you interactive map of the districts of Bangkok. To see the name of the area on the map, click on the highlighted area with the mouse.

Parts Of Bangkok. Where to choose a hotel?

  • Ratanakosin (Rattanakosin)

    The area is also known as the island or Peninsula Ratanakosin, though, in fact, is not no island, just the river Chaopraya so around this area, like the island forms. Areas Khao San road and Chinatown are part of this district. The Ratanakosin area on our map is not represented, but within it is clearly shown Khao San road and Chinatown.

    Ratanakosin – the historic center of the city, founded in 1782. Here are the most famous tourist attractions: the Grand Palace of Bangkok, Wat Pho, Wat Suthat and the giant swing and the Marble temple, etc. Nearby, across the river, lies the temple of dawn, Wat Arun. Here are Museum of Siam and the national Museum. If you stay in a hotel in the area, you will be able not only to inspect these sights, but also to feel the spirit of Bangkok. In search of accommodation above the area presented in the form of Khaosan/Grand Palace and Chinatown.

    The most convenient for tourists public transport Bangkok subway, the area is not present. To get here and move around the city from this district will be in a taxi, bus or water taxi on the river Chaopraya.

    The hotels in the area (except for Khao San road) are not common. If you certainly want to stay here, you can choose a hotel in the heart of Khao San road and Ratanakosin all at your feet in walking distance.

  • District of Khao San road (Khao San Road or Banglamphu)

    На Каосан роад днем яблоку негде упасть

    District Khao San road is located in the heart of Bangkok on the Peninsula Ratanakosin (Rattanakosin), and, rightly, considered a tourist centre (the area Khao San road on a map of Bangkok). The territory of the district is concentrated around, or rather stretched along Khao San road (Khao San Road) and quite small. The backpacker (the cheapest accommodation) are here. This does not mean that you will not be able to find such hotels in other parts of the city, just here the maximum number. Yes, and the area is very rich and literally life here has the key.

    Activities and attractions in the area not so much (only from the entertainment bars and nightlife). But literally within walking distance from the main attractions of Bangkok on the island of Ratanakosin: the Royal Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Suthat Temple, Marble temple and others.

    What's bad: metro Bangkok walked the area side, and to reach here on or around Bangkok from here it is possible only by taxi or bus. A few hundred meters from the district flows the river Chaophraya and you can take a water taxi in Bangkok.

    At the same time, the area of Khao San road is the worst in terms of crime. Here are crawling with various crooks, swindlers and pickpockets. In General, it's just a wonderful place to plunge into the real life of Bangkok.

  • Chinatown (Chinatown)

    Another area, located on the island of Ratanakosin (Chinatown on a map of Bangkok). Hotels here quite a bit, but if you stay here, will have access on foot to all the main attractions, but you will live in the most picturesque and interesting place of the city, which remained inherent in any Chinatown, the bustle, the closeness and deep-rooted traditions. In our opinion, is a great place to explore stay.

  • Sukhumvit (Sukhumvit)

    District Suhkumvit runs along the famous Sukhumvit Road (Sukhumvit Road), one of the world's longest streets (length more than 400 km) (district of Sukhumvit on a map of Bangkok).

    It is without a doubt the most popular among tourists and the rich luxury hotel offers a restaurant. In addition to hotels, there are many shopping centers, restaurants, bars, night clubs and houses of local residents.

    Attractions here quite a bit. Rather them then not at all. If you are a romantic and wish to learn about history and ancient spirit of the city, then you have nothing to do here. For this you should go to the area Ratanakosin. But opportunities abound here. It is worth to stay if you want to learn more about contemporary Bangkok, go shopping, have fun in the evening in bars and clubs. Well, or just you don't care where to stay in Bangkok, just in a nice hotel. The hotels here are mainly of medium and high level.

    Transport in Sukhumvit presents very well. Here is the underground (and underground MRT and overground LRT), airport subway (Airport Rail Link), as well as water taxi. So if you stay here, Yes, and will choose a hotel near a metro station and from the river, the whole city will be at your disposal.

  • Silom (Silom)

    Улица Патпонг в районе Силом

    It is said that this district – Bangkok wall street, the business center of the city, dotted with skyscrapers, banks, financial institutions (district Silom on a map of Bangkok). Accordingly, the best and most expensive hotels in Bangkok are located here. Though inexpensive hotels here, too, abound.

    Day everything is just as in any business district: strictly business-like. But with the arrival of the dark character of the streets is changing and offers many places of entertainment. This place turns into a street of debauchery is for adults only. We can say that the nightlife of Bangkok. And the center of this center is the famous Patpong street (Patpong Soi) with its Go-Go bars, strip clubs and discos. You don't even have to go to any bars on this street to find a girlfriend. Patpong street on a map of Bangkok).

    Transport the district is well represented. There are several metro stations, and the river Chaopraya runs a water taxi.

    In General, to recommend to stay in this area you can, if you are here on a business trip, want to get acquainted with the business in Bangkok or you just really liked the hotel in the area. And so, little reason to stay here from a tourist point of view, no.

  • Riverside (Riverside)

    As such, the district called riverside in Bangkok no. However, the area of the hotels along the chaopraya river is called so (the riverside district on the map of Bangkok). Under the same name a number of hotels represented in the search results, hotels. Passes through this area and other areas adjacent to the river.

    Hotels along the river are predominantly fashionable and attractive themes that offer a view from the rooms on the river. However, do not be deceived by the fact that if you find the search results for cheap hotel ($30 per room), you also get the view from the hotel on the water. Often cheap hotels in the area are a few tens or hundreds of meters from the water.

    When choosing a hotel along the river should take into account the proximity to downtown (to the district of Ratanakosin – historical city center) and subway stations.

  • Siam (Siam Square)

    Торговый центр в районе Сиам (Бангкок)

    District of Siam, the main shopping area of Bangkok. Here are all of the largest shopping malls (the Siam on a map of Bangkok). For a budget holiday hotels you will not find here, but the prices in shops here can please. Urban transport in the district is presented of all types.

    The Siam tightly adjoins the area of Wireless/Chidlom (Wireless/Chidlom), which in fact is no different from Siam and probably is part of it.

  • Pratunam (Pratunam)

    Район Бангкока Пратунам ночью

    This is another shopping district of Bangkok (Pratunam area on a map of Bangkok). You could even say that this area, a solid marketplace. But, in contrast to Siam , with its gleaming shopping malls, Department store is more typical of trade with the street markets and in small shops, while the largest shopping centre is here. But for the cheap shopping and wholesale trade is to go to the markets of this district, because the prices are sometimes even lower than at the famous Chatuchak market. Hotels, mostly mid-market. The highest hotel of the city, Baiyoke Tower II is here.

    Urban transport in the district is well represented. The famous station vans around Victory Monument (Victory Monument) is located here. Many metro stations and bus stops and taxi boat to Ratanakosin island from here will allow you to get anywhere in the city.

    Overall, quite a good area for budget accommodation and Dating.

  • Bangkok (Ratchadaphisek)

    This is another business area of the city. To the Central areas of Bangkok to get him would be a stretch: a large district and a small part of the area is more or less close to the center, while the rest are quite far from the city center (district of Bangkok on a map of Bangkok).

    Among tourists it is known for being the place to experience the locals. So, if in the Sukhumvit district, the main visitors of bars, restaurants and Nightclubs are Western tourists, in the heart of Bangkok is mainly local youth and tourists from other Asian countries. There are, incidentally, not only nightly entertainment but also a range of entertainment for the whole family.

    District from a tourist point of view is quite new and modern, but the hotels here have plenty of. Transport in the district is represented by underground metro, buses and water taxi.

  • Chatuchak (Chatuchak)

    This area is famous and the biggest in South East Asia, Chatuchak weekend market and Park with the same name (district Chatuchak Park on a map of Bangkok). By and large, a huge market, it is only then that we can characterize this area. Otherwise, this is a very ordinary, unremarkable city area. But of contraindications to stay here. Is that only for Hiking and exploring the local color is not the most interesting place. But, basically, staying at a hotel near market and Park, a couple of days you will be busy Hiking through the ranks of the market, and in between the market, walks in the Park.

    Hotels here enough, although this is not the place where you will come across the hotel every hundred meters. The hotels are mostly large, with many rooms. Transport is represented well: there are both metro.

    So if you liked hotel here, you can safely settle, but preferably closer to the metro, market and Park.

    Thonburi (Thonbury)

    Thonburi is a huge district, whose territory stretches for miles. When choosing a hotel in this area, pay attention to be close to the city centre, to the river Chaopraya. Otherwise you risk to be far from all the attractions of Bangkok, in a grey residential blocks (the Thonburi district on the map of Bangkok). And besides, even without the convenient transport of the Bangkok – metro. If you stay near the river, you will find yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of this district, and at any time can cross by boat to the other side, in the Ratanakosin district (Chinatown and Khao San road).

In addition to these areas there is another area of airport Suvarnabhumi / Bang na; don Muang / Impact; heart of Thonburi – South. These areas can be described quite simply: pretty damn far from the city center and nothing to do. Although perhaps someone will find it and certain advantages, because there you will be just among the locals, away from the crowds and far from the urban bustle of Bangkok.

PS There are other options for dividing the city districts. So, for example, Wikipedia mentions the existence of Dusit district, Phahonyothin etc.

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To the question about prices. Just got back from Bangkok, the prices in baht since my last posadki four years ago, almost unchanged, at least not that I noticed. Quietly came together in the area of Khao San road and found a quiet guest-house with air conditioning for two for 500 baht. If anyone should strip off the coordinates is right in the beginning of the street but not in the sensation, and next in silence. ...
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