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General information

Bangkok (Bangkok, Thai. Krung Thep Maha Nakhon) is the capital of Thailand and the gateway to Southeast Asia. Located in the heart of the country 30 kilometers from the coast of the Gulf of Thailand (in Bangkok on the map) Is a huge modern metropolis, one of the largest and fastest growing in Asia. Its population of over 9 million inhabitants.

Bangkok holds the world record of the longest name. Fully Krung Thep written as:

  • Thai: กรุงเทพมหานคร อมรรัตนโกสินทร์ มหินทรายุธยามหาดิลก ภพนพรัตน์ ราชธานีบุรีรมย์ อุดมราชนิเวศน์ มหาสถาน อมรพิมาน อวตารสถิต สักกะทัตติยะ วิษณุกรรมประสิทธิ์
  • Pronounced: KRUN Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Of Mahadilok PHOP Nopparat Ratchathani By Buriram Udomratchaniwet Of Mahasathan Of Amon Piman Awatan Satit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit
  • Value: city of angels, the great city, the city — eternal treasure, impregnable city of God Indra, the Grand capital of the world endowed with nine precious stones, happy city, full of plenty grandiose Royal Palace that resembles the divine abode where reigns reincarnated God, a city given by Indra and built by Vishvakarman.
Королевский дворец в Бангкоке Royal Palace

Before the formation of the capital Bangkok was a small village and fishing port. In 1767, after the old capital of Ayutthaya was invaded by Burmese, the control center Kingdom bull moved to Thonburi (now one of parts of Bangkok on the Western side of Chao Phraya river). But in 1782 king Rama I moved the capital to the Eastern shore of the Peninsula Ratanakosin (now historic district of the city, where is the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Khao San road tourist area, and also other main attractions of Bangkok).

Stay in Bangkok

Bangkok is rarely visited by tourists as a separate place. It is usually just include in the route at the beginning or at the end of the journey, there are the main air gateway to Thailand between two international airports Suvarnabhumi and don Muang. It is through these airports comes most regular flights in the far directions, including from Russia and other countries of the former USSR. Especially good to spend in Bangkok for a few days at the end of its travel, to see the sights, go shopping, and then with suitcases full of shopping, head home.

In General, Bangkok is a very comfortable and interesting place for a tourist stay: tourist infrastructure is developed perfectly, attractions and a huge amount of entertainment. You can easily find hotels of various categories, travel agencies, tours. There are several tourist areas, the most popular of which is Khao San road. But that's not the only place where the tourist infrastructure. There are still areas of Pratunam, Siam, Sukhumvit, Silom. In all of these areas have their street or area of concentration of the infrastructure, but each district has its own characteristics.

On a cursory acquaintance with the main tourist places of Bangkok is usually enough for two full days. But if you want to see other attractions, to do shopping, to have fun and to feel the atmosphere of the capital, in Bangkok you can easily select and week, and during this time you will not have time to get bored.

Of course, no beach vacation in Bangkok you will not find, except that only the pool on the rooftop. But with a strong desire from the city during the day you can go to one of the nearby beach resorts of cha-am, Hua hin, Pattaya, Bang Saen (Bang Saen), Sriracha (Si Racha).

Район Каосан, Бангкок The Khaosan Area

Sights and activities in Bangkok

Attractions is exactly what the first is to visit Bangkok. A lot of them here, perhaps more than any other capital city in Southeast Asia. This is a beautiful and important temples, shrines, museums, parks, modern and historical architectural structures. A lot of interesting places located near Bangkok, you can visit them in the form of short day trips out of town. Here are the main sights that should be seen by every visitor of Bangkok and even the country: Grand Palace and temple of the emerald Buddha; the temple of the Reclining Buddha Wat Pho, the temple of Dawn Wat Arun; temple of the Golden Buddha of Wat Trai Mit, the temple of Suthat and the giant swing Wat Suthat Thep splash jungle water Park; the Temple of the Golden mount Wat Saket and national Museum Bangkok; Museum, Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall.

For lovers of entertainment in Bangkok and the surrounding area there are several amusement parks, the zoo, water parks, aquarium and much more. Night life of Bangkok is unique for its charm: it opens with the arrival of darkness on the sidewalks of countless street restaurants in Chinatown (Chinatown), and most modern glittering discos, and a huge variety of different bars and entertainment venues. Entertainment for adults is the street of Patpong (Soi Patpong), but it is not only a place of concentration of bars with girls and boys.

See more:

Infrastructure in Bangkok

As we mentioned, the infrastructure for tourists in the capital developed well, the main thing – to choose the right place where you stay. To settle best hotels in one of the tourist areas/streets of the city, where there is an appropriate atmosphere of eternal holiday, many tourists, restaurants and cafes, massage parlors, entertainment. The most popular area is the Khaosan road, but there is still the heart of Pratunam, Siam, Sukhumvit, Silom, Chinatown and others. Each district has its own characteristics, such as: Khao San road – the area with the most expensive hotels and the vibrant life; Pratunam is a perfect place for budget shopping; Siam – the most modern shopping centres can be found here; Bangkok – the most modern area, where there is everything; Silom nightlife centre; Chinatown is the most colorful place in town. Read more about all the areas of Bangkok and where to choose a hotel, see here...

But even if you stay in any hotel in the suburbs, in most cases, you can buy trips, tickets for in-country transportation, tourist information at reception. Everywhere you can find free city maps and brochures with attractions, metro maps, and other urban transport, discount coupons for tourist services and entertainment. Advice, tourist information and assistance you can get in one no less than a dozen tourist information centres.

To search and book hotels in Bangkok it is best in following the most popular search engines of hotels worldwide:

Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok is a great place for shopping. Yeah, actually Bangkok is the best place in Thailand for shopping. In modern malls, the largest in Asia, you will find the most fashionable clothes, the most modern electronic equipment. In the numerous private shops you will see delicate Thai silk, folk crafts, clothing, Souvenirs, furnishings, Antiques, paintings and much more. It is for this reason, you should schedule a visit to the capital at the end of his journey to right here with suitcases full of Souvenirs, not expensive things and exotic foods to go home. Read more about shopping in Bangkok here...)


Bangkok is famous for its traffic jams, but thanks to the public transport system including underground train, Skytrain (BTS –Sky Train), buses, river transport on the river Chaopraya and the many waterways in the city you can navigate quite comfortable. Also cheap to travel in official taxis by the meter, or use the app Grab taxi, which came to replace Uber, no longer working in Thailand in 2018.

Very cheap way to move are the city buses. The fare starts from 6 baht. But use of local buses is not easy: routes a huge number, and ask for help from local it is not always possible because of the language barrier. But sometimes a bus is the only way to get to your destination, the subway and water transport is not everywhere.

The metro in Bangkok is new and modern, but the network is not very developed. Basically lines run through the modern areas of the city, while the historic district of the Peninsula Ratanakosin with the sights they are not covered. And by the way, this is the fastest way to move around Bangkok.

Excellent and even more exotic form of public transport and water. There are regular boats on the chaophraya river, the channels (longum), and boats on the other side of Chao Phraya river. But the route network, honey is very limited, although in some cases, water transport is indispensable. For example, boats can reach the attractions in the historic district.

See more about transport:

How to get to Bangkok

Bangkok is the main gateway to Thailand, and it is through his two airport most tourists and travelers enter the country. Also, theoretically, there is a land route from Russia to Thailand (by train to Vietnam with a stopover in China, and then by bus through Cambodia or Laos), but it is not advisable, as it will cost more air travel.

With regard to the Bangkok or from Bangkok other popular resorts of Thailand, the capital and airports lists all of the possible modes of transport, which is easy and inexpensive to get to any most remote point of the country and even to neighbouring States. Of the two airports can be expensive to fly to cities in Thailand and neighbouring countries, including from don Muang to fly budget airlines. By train you can go to the Northern provinces (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai); to the South can be reached by train down to Singapore through Malaysia; Railways going to the border with Cambodia and Laos. On buses you can reach almost any place in the country and even to neighbouring countries, and this is the cheapest way to travel. Read more about all the ways to get to Bangkok, read here...

Minimal prices for flights from Moscow to Bangkok:

TO FIND 61306 ₽ 2 transplant Лого авиакомпании 30.07.2020 03.08.2020
TO FIND 27069 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 31.08.2020 11.09.2020
TO FIND 26796 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 02.09.2020 26.09.2020
TO FIND 26768 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 05.10.2020 29.10.2020
TO FIND 26699 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 08.11.2020 15.11.2020
FIND FROM 26738 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 01.12.2020 15.12.2020
TO FIND 26796 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 12.01.2021 02.02.2021
TO FIND 27080 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 10.02.2021 11.03.2021

Minimum prices on flights from Russia to Bangkok:

TO FIND 26796 ₽ Moscow ⇄ Bangkok 1
FIND FROM 21635 ₽ Saint Petersburg ⇄ Bangkok 1
FIND FROM 20340 ₽ Irkutsk ⇄ Bangkok Direct
TO FIND 22324 ₽ Khabarovsk ⇄ Bangkok 1
TO FIND 22453 ₽ Novosibirsk ⇄ Bangkok Direct
TO FIND 22560 ₽ Vladivostok ⇄ Bangkok Direct
TO FIND 24441 ₽ Krasnoyarsk ⇄ Bangkok Direct
TO FIND 28237 ₽ Ekaterinburg ⇄ Bangkok 2
TO FIND 28856 ₽ Omsk ⇄ Bangkok 1
TO FIND 31846 ₽ Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ⇄ Bangkok 1
TO FIND 32106 ₽ Ufa ⇄ Bangkok 2
FIND FROM 32134 ₽ Novokuznetsk ⇄ Bangkok 1

Weather, seasons for travel

The most comfortable time to visit is between November and February. It is a dry and cool season. But do not think that in this period you will be able to chill – daytime temperatures still exceed 30°C and only at night the temperature can drop to 20°C.

March and April is the hot season with an average temperature of 35°C and sometimes rising to 40°C. This is not the best time to visit Bangkok, and the only way more or less safely survive being in Bangkok during this period to be in a hotel room with air conditioning, the pool or visit numerous shopping centres and entertainment places with air conditioning.

Whatever the weather was, to avoid health problems, do not forget to drink enough liquid of course, observing the necessary precaution not to drink tap water.

The seasons in Bangkok months, when to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Bangkok and forecast

Time in Bangkok

The time difference in Bangkok and Moscow is +4 hours in winter and summer.

Current time in Bangkok*
The time difference with the cities:
Moscow: +4 Samara: +3
Kazan: +4 Nizhny Novgorod: +4
Ekaterinburg: +2 Novosibirsk: 0
Irkutsk: -1 Vladivostok: -3
* - if time is incorrect, refresh the page Ctrl+F5:

Security in Bangkok

Despite the fact that Bangkok is a large city and capital, it is a pretty safe place. Serious crimes are rare here, most tourists suffer from the traditional tourist routing. The most simple security measures in most cases help to avoid trouble and keep your finances:

  • Pass by tuk-tuks and other molested that revolve around popular attractions and on the approach to a catch tourists and offer free tours of the city under the pretext of a special day or holiday. These free tours will consist of only what you will deliver in the jewelry or other store where you death grip "gripping" the sellers until you have something to buy.
  • Wary to any "well-wishers", who offer you help or advice when you don't need it or you don't ask. Most likely this is a prelude to explore the wiring.
  • Beware of looting from passing motorcyclists. Bags and backpacks are best keep in front of him.
  • Under no circumstances do not mess with drugs. For them in Thailand are very severe penalties including the death penalty.
  • Not konfliktuete and do not deal with drunken locals. They do not know how to drink and not in control of themselves, result in many sad cases, when the tourists suffered an intoxicated local on petty conflict.
  • On the street of Patpong, be careful when you receive offers to visit Go-Go bars and sex shows poochini low price. The main thing - to lure you to such a place, and then in fact exhibit an enormous bill for drinks or an entrance fee.
  • Taxis should always use a counter, travel counter, illegal and more expensive. But sometimes even the official taxi drivers using rigged meters. Alternatively, on-counter, you can use the app Grab taxi.

Read more about wiring in Bangkok here...

Food in Bangkok what and where to eat

As with anywhere in Thailand, to find somewhere inexpensive to eat you at every step. Everywhere you can find street stalls with fast food, cheap eats for the locals, the food courts in shopping centers, restaurants. Buy boiled rice with chicken and eat it on the go or on a stool next to the tray will cost 50 baht. Lunch in a cheap cafe for locals will cost 100 baht. And dinner in a cafe for tourists with drinks will cost about 200 baht per person. Buying food is not accepted, but prices for tourists sellers do not overstate.

Useful tips for Bangkok

  • Free maps and brochures. In the Bangkok airport on the racks with tourist information, hotels, tourist information centres in the city free to free maps and even brochures-guides. Except that they have a lot of useful information, there are also published quite useful coupons and promo codes on travel services, restaurants, attractions, etc.
  • Currency exchange. One of the most profitable exchanges in Bangkok – a network of exchangers Superrich. Find these exchange offices and the current rate they are at the office. the website
  • Moving tuk-tuks. Exotic form of transport-tuk-tuks in Bangkok is no longer cheap local transportation, and expensive means of transport for tourists. As a rule, the tuk-tuk is a few times more expensive than a taxi. In addition, the tuk-tuk drivers often are part of fraudulent networks to deceive tourists.
  • Water transport. Most tourists are afraid to contact the waterways of Bangkok. However, sometimes the movement of the boat through the channels (longum) or along the chaophraya river – the fastest and cheapest way to get. Besides, to actually develop this kind of transportation do not represent any difficulties.
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