Water transport in Bangkok: the Express boat, taxi, cost, routes

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One of the most convenient and most exotic types of transport in Bangkok is the water. Through the city passes the river of Chao Phraya (Chao Phraya river), and areas of Bangkok are covered with a network of channels (also called klange (currency exchange)), which capital in its time was nicknamed "Venice of the East". Some of these channels were dug by hand to divert water, but today many of them gradually fall asleep, winning back the land for construction.

Unfortunately, the network of routes of water transport to Bangkok is not too wide. Many of the channels, despite their presence on the map are not navigable. But this transport has a distinct advantage: by boat you can reach anywhere quickly, bypassing the traffic on the roads. It should be noted that along the chaophraya river can be navigated not only in Bangkok but also far beyond it.

In General, water transport in Bangkok can be divided into three types: water taxis, Express boats and ferries across the river Chaophraya.

Water taxi or Charter boat

Прогулка на чартерной лодке-длиннохвостке по Чаопрайе

Water taxi, by analogy with the ordinary, is a boat that you can catch anywhere and they will take you wherever you need, unless of course this will allow channels. However, with one clarification: to catch a water taxi can not everywhere, but only on the wharves, and where you can take the Express boat.

The cost of the water taxi is unreasonably high for foreigners. Almost any ride you will request a minimum of 500 baht (see currency of Thailand, the exchange rate), but the price when bargaining may fall several times. So use a taxi as a mode of transport to get from one place to another, problematic for foreigners.

However, it is convenient to hire a boat in time for a stroll along the chaophraya river, instead of buying a round. Of course, here too it is necessary to bargain, and, of course, advantageous that the trip will happen if you are some people.

Shuttle boats on the chaophraya river

Лодки по реке Чаопрайя Boat on the Marina

The most important waterway is the river of Chao Phraya. It is the largest river that runs through the city and along its banks there are many piers, between which there are regular boat. Although they all go on the same route (the river), boats are different in that stops at different piers. Routes (lines) are labeled with colors, not numbers, and to determine the specific route of the boat can be mounted on the nose and the flag:

  • Blue flag tourist boat;
  • orange, yellow, green – normal boats, not stop at all stops;
  • boats without a flag – the cheapest, stop at all piers along the route

Also keep in mind that most of the piers have on the East Bank of the river (i.e., from the center of the city). However, to get to the other side of the river from any pier on the ferry.

The fare depending on the type of boat and the distance from 10 to 40 baht, you pay the conductor on Board or on the pier at the box office. Tell the conductor where you want to go, and it will tell you the cost, and then makes sure to drop you off in the right place. And yet, in peak hours the boats are quite crowded, so be prepared for a stampede.

Boats run frequently, but for a limited time, including days of the week. Here is the schedule and the cost (depending on distance):

  • Boats without a flag: 06:45 - 07:30 and 16:00 - 16:30 on weekdays only. The cost 9 / 11 / 13 bat.
  • Orange flag: 06:00 - 19:00 daily. Cost 14 baht
  • Green flag: 06.10 - 08.10, 16:05 - 18:05 on weekdays only. The cost 13 / 20 / 32
  • Yellow flag: 06:15 - 08:20 and 16:00 to 20:00 on weekdays only. The cost is 20 baht
В час пик лодки реально переполнены Boat during rush hour

The important stop:

Detailed information about the routes and costs can be found on the official website of the carrier http://www.chaophrayaexpressboat.comand at each pier.

Карта маршрутов лодок по Чаопрайя в Бангкоке

Ferry across the chaophraya river

Пристань парома к Ват Арун

At each pier for the chaophraya river there are small boats which make it easy to cross to the other side. They go quite often, about every 10 minutes, and when passengers much more often. The ferry costs 3 baht per person.

Payment may be made in cash, and the passage and landing on boats through the turnstiles apart from the main stream to the Express boat. Piers them separate, not the same as that for the Shuttle boats on the river are close by, literally a few dozen meters. Run from 06:00 to 21:00.

Regular boat channels

Экспресс-лодка в канале Бангкока Express boat in Bangkok canal

On the canals of Bangkok runs only two routes the Express boat to Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat. This a-line Golden Mount Line and the Nida Line. Both of these lines pass through the same channel, and are connected in the same place on the pier in the Pratunam area.

Line Golden Mount Line Begins from Panfa Leelard pier, located near temple of the Golden mount (Wat Saket) and ends at Pratunam area Pratunam pier under the bridge on the street Rathaprarop. Then from this same pier continues to the East line Nida line.

The fare on these lines depending on the distance is 10-20 baht. Payment is due on the boat to the conductor, just tell us where you want to go and they'll tell you the prices. Use caution when boarding and disembarking from the boat, because sometimes they don't even stop completely to land/disembark passengers, everything happens very quickly.

Convenient to use the Express boats to no traffic to get from Central areas of the city close to the chaophraya river to the Peninsula Ratanakosin, where the districts of Khao San, Chinatown and most of Bangkok attractions.

Detailed information about the routes and costs can be found on the website of the carrier http://khlongsaensaep.com/

Finally it is worth mentioning that all routes and piers the Express boat Bangkok is now marked on Google map. To see them you can including our interactive map of Bangkok-hotels and attractions.

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