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Район Каосан, Бангкок The tourist area of Khao San road in Bangkok

Bangkok is a huge city and choose a good location for a hotel here the first time – not such a simple task. We have already dealt in some detail the question of areas and hotels in Bangkok here Bangkok Hotels where to stop. The article describes in detail all areas of the Thai capital. But if you have no time to study such a large volume of information in order to choose the appropriate area of Bangkok, where to stay, below we have prepared a simple and quick algorithm to facilitate this task. And in the end you will find a simple interactive assistant on the choice of the area for a hotel in Bangkok.

To begin with, is to say that in Bangkok there are no such center. The city is too big and rich to allocate a separate part. Often the center is called the territory of the district (Peninsula) Ratanakosin. But the Peninsula is so big that it includes a number of other areas. Besides, it may be the political center, but not commercial.

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  • If you come to Bangkok to have fun adult, then you will be most convenient to stay in the Silom area. Without a doubt, find all the adult entertainment you will be able in other districts, but the famous Patpong street (Soi Patpong), is here.
  • If you come to Bangkok to get acquainted with its sights, then you direct road to the area of Khao San road. From all the main sights of Bangkok, you'll be within walking distance. And not necessarily to settle on the Khao San road, which has not the best reputation in terms of crime, there are plenty of hotels around it.
  • If shopping is one of the main purposes of your visit to Bangkok, the ideal option for you would be to stay in the city of Siam or Pratunam. Good place – somewhere near the Baiyoke sky tower. Besides, it can be reached from Bangkok international airport via the airport metro is very fast and cheap.
  • If you need a little bit of everything, then a good option would be the Sukhumvit area, especially closer to the Northern part. There are a huge number of hotels at decent prices, plenty of bars, restaurants and Nightclubs, and very close to the shopping districts of Pratunam and Siam.
  • If Bangkok is for you – just a transit base to rest and go to travel in Thailand on, the perfect place would be the area of Khao San road. The fact that in this district you can find cheaper housing only to spend the night, and besides, this is where you can find many travel agencies and transport companies that send tourists to all corners of Thailand and South-East Asia.
  • If you need to rest between flights, and have no desire to walk around the city, that is a huge number of hotels in areas of both airports: don Muang and Suvarnabhumi international airport.
  • If you want to get a room overlooking the river, you can try the riverside area.

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To get a list of the areas of Bangkok that you would recommend our automatic "helper", just choose from the list is most important to you when choosing a location.

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admin March 14, 2014
Hello! I want to help you, but, you know, difficult in Bangkok center to advise. On the one hand, it seems to be to the main attractions (Royal Palace, temple of the reclining Buddha, Temple of the Golden mount, Wat Arun, etc.) closest to the area of Khao San road.Out to all these places you can walk. Hotels there are several thousands of darkness, so that even to advise a specific is not necessary. On the other hand, there's a subway next to it, and if shopping want to do, they'll have to taxi or buses. The first - not budget (but not particularly expensive, taxis in Bangkok are cheap), the second is very cheap but not comfortable. On the other hand, if Siam Paragon or stop, as if there is more than a commercial centre, all malls, markets. But the sights on. But there is a subway, and water taxi. To and from the airport easy to get there by metro. Hotels, again, darkness, wherever you spit. Are you even sure this is read the Hotels and the areas of Bangkok, and here the map of Bangkok I did to the place was easier to choose. There are districts and attractions, transport and hotels. ...
mashula 9 April, 2015
I advise all the girls who are travelling alone, this hostel only for girls in Central Bangkok, there really supper))) - "C40WINKS" ...
35eg35 11 April, 2015
If you want to center very well and are cheap, I would recommend New Siam II Guest House. I really liked it. I have fotoactiv this hotel a card to copy. A link to a review admin may not be allowed, in a personal email. ...
Saulina March 10, 2016
Hello! Tell me where to stay? ...
admin March 10, 2016
You at least some conditions/preferences to specify, this is not a forum of telepaths ;) ...
Imyalybimoe 28 March, 2016
Thanks for the info. ...
DINARA May 13, 2017
Thank you very much for the information! ...
Casper May 14, 2017
To the question about prices. Just got back from Bangkok, the prices in baht since my last posadki four years ago, almost unchanged, at least not that I noticed. Quietly came together in the area of Khao San road and found a quiet guest-house with air conditioning for two for 500 baht. If anyone should strip off the coordinates is right in the beginning of the street but not in the sensation, and next in silence. ...
Marina 17 September, 2017
Hello. Tell me, is it worth it to settle in a hotel in a non-touristy area on Ramkhamkaeng24 Alley (Green house hotel)? Hotel description liked, but have no idea what time the attractions will have to get. Once the cards have not so good. Like boats have to go, and for a long time or you don't. ...
admin September 18, 2017
Hello Marina! Found your hotel on the map, that area is not familiar, but IMHO, I personally would not began to settle there, I would have found something a little closer. In my opinion too far from the city center, close to the subway to go far. Boats in the channel go there often, so if you are ready for this, and unable to settle. Especially that the hostel is quite new, as I understand it from the description. ...

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