The system of Bicycle rental in Bangkok

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In Bangkok there's an environmental way to travel for tourists – bikes. This created a network of rental stations, where you can borrow a bike, ride it around the city, and then return it to any other station. On the one hand, it's convenient, but on the other hand, lacks and shortcomings:

  • Traffic in Bangkok is too dangerous to travel by bike, and dedicated bike lanes there. Where Bicycle paths are, they will still be busy parked the motorbike or commercial mobile shops
  • Free rental period of only 15 minutes, then paid in full
  • Not mobile app map stations
  • To begin to use them, you must first visit the office with your passport
Станция проката велосипедов в Бангкоке

If that doesn't scare you, here's the usage instructions:

Rental system called Pun Pun Bike website it is only in the Thai language, although already three years promise to make for English.

Rental stations are located in tourist areas in the centre and near attractions, all of them 50. But the Peninsula district Ratanakosin, where the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Khao San road tourist area and many interesting places, spared. A map of the stations can be seen on the rental station, and on the website, but the website only in Thai language. Also here is a Google map with marked stations

The station is automated, so you take the bikes unattended, they shall be exempted auto lock, and return them to "stall". Therefore, in order to begin to use them, you first have to visit the office to register with your passport.

Office, title, conditional of course, we are talking about stations manned by people and carry out the registration. These stations are on the streets of Phra Athit and Bangkok. There will need to fill out the registration form to purchase a smart card. It is something like a credit card, which then will need to pay in terminal stations. It costs 320 baht (675.22 RUB, see the currency of Thailand and the exchange rate), after purchase it will be credited with 100 baht, and the rest will have to replenish. With this card, go to any station, relate her terminal and enter a pin, after which the bike rasplachivaetsya of "stall" and go timing. From this point, you are fully responsible for leased vehicles, so do not be amiss to have a cord-lock. The security will not prevent a bike helmet and elbow pads.

The countdown stops when you return the Bicycle to the same or another station, and then removed the money from the card:

  • the first 15 minutes are free
  • up to 1 hour – 10 baht (21.1 RUB)
  • up to 3 hours – 20 baht (42.2 RUB)
  • up to 5 hours – 40 baht (84.4 RUB)
  • up to 6 hours – 60 baht (126.6 RUB)
  • up to 8 hours – 80 baht (168.81 RUB)
  • more than 8 hours – 100 baht (211.01 RUB)

Very strange payment system, isn't it. Somehow, for 1 hour from 5 to 6 will have to pay 20 baht for 1 hour and for other hours at 10 baht. If you return a bike after midnight, you will receive a fine of 500 baht.

Returned the bike to the station is also very simple: put it in free space, and again put the card to the terminal. If the free space at the station will not be possible to call the telephone operator where you tell me where is the nearest free space.

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Марина_24 20 October, 2019
Good day!
Stop At Baiyoke sky Hotel, would like to enjoy a boat ride on the river Chaopraya to the Temple of the dawn.
From what station to sit (Purely to see the city) and how to get it from our hotel?
Thank you! ...
admin 20 October, 2019

Marina, take a boat ride and reach the Temple of dawn - all the same different things.
If you just want to Church to get, you need to get to the pier and take a ferry. And if you want it on the boat ride, I understand you just interested in a regular boat and not a cruise, it is another. But IMHO, ride the Shuttle boat - a dubious pleasure, especially during rush hour. It is still a vehicle, do not think that you are there to see. In principle, about how to get there here we have written in detail -
But, nevertheless, here's the layout:
If you just ferry to cross, then I would chose the option to fully get across the water, but will have a little walk, but the city view, if you have not seen. Actually for me I Bangkok love that only would do so, I mean, more walk walked. In short, from the hotel along the Mall, Indra Square exit on the main street of Ratchaprarop and turn left. Walk to the canal pier to Pratunam. There on the boat get to the end of Phan Fa, is near temple of the Golden mount. And from there on foot through the whole district to the pier, Tha Tien, from where we ferried to the other side. We heard that Tha Tien like closed for renovations, but there is so nearby pier ferries run, on the spot will understand. Of course to go far, but a lot of things along the way will see, there is after all the most interesting places, maybe some temples along the way to visit.
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Марина_24 21 October, 2019
thank you very much for the detailed answer! I think the place will become more clear. First time is always a pun in my head))) ... 29 October, 2019
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