Railway station Hualamphong

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All trains distant areas from Bangkok (total of 160 trains) depart from the main railway station Bangkok Hualamphong Train Station. The only exception is the train to Kanchanaburi province, which depart from the railway station, Thonburi.

Hualumphong station is located in the city center (station on the map) and it is easily reached by public transport of Bangkok. In the future, send all long haul trains will be transferred to the station of Bang Sue Grand Station, which is under construction, and while all trains are still sent here.

At the station everything is organized very convenient and clear: all information is duplicated in English, in the box office ticket clerks speak excellent English. The box office located inside the building and separated into the cash register, where you can buy tickets for dispatch on the same day, and at ticket pre-sale (Advance Booking Office) that only work in the daytime from 8:00 to 16:00. In the Advance Booking Office there is an automated system of electronic queue numbers. At the station there are cafes, shops, currency exchange (no clock), and even a small railway Museum of Thailand.

At the station from 4:00 until 23:00 working storage (Left luggage). Cost from 30 to 100 baht per day per piece of Luggage depending on size.

Ж/д станция Hualamphong

How to get to the railway station Hualamphong

Hualamphong is located in the city center (station on the map) in Chinatown. The easiest way to reach it is to use the underground Bangkok MRTby taking it to the end station Hualamphong.

From the international Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi can be reached by airport metro station Makasan (45 baht), and from there catch the underground MRT subway to Hualamphong station (18 baht).

From don Muang airport by bus no 29 or take a local train (commuter train) that run very frequently, are from 5 baht (see more on how to get from airport don Muang to Bangkok by train).

The taxi ride from the area of Khao San road will cost between 100 baht (215.54 RUB), from the Pratunam area – 150 baht (323.3 RUB).

Schedule of trains from Bangkok

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admin 13 February, 2019

View travel agencies in the area first, surely there will be some minivans, the type from Khao San road walk.
And so through the airport suitable option there from Baiyoke to airport metro, but already there is from the eighth output every hour a bus for 120 baht go; or free callbase from the airport to the bus station, airport, Public Transportaion Center, and there, too, for 120 baht to North Pattaya and 143 baht to Jomtien every hour.
Well, or at metro's morchit drive, but even more time will be spent, and more. Better through the airport though. ...
marmoset_ya 14 February, 2019
Good afternoon, prompt please, the shortest route from Suvarnabhumi airport to Wat Arun or the second variant To the temple of the reclining Buddha.
Thank you ...
admin February 15, 2019

Hello! So look, both temples are in the same place just on different sides of the river, so more will write how to get to the Reclining Buddha, and Aruna from it you can cross on a ferry for 3 baht. Here is pierce on the map, where there is a ferry, as you can see he very near the temple of the reclining Buddha. To get to Wat Arun on the ground - a thankless task, unless by taxi.
Now, the Reclining Buddha on a taxi from the airport counter or Grab will take around 400 baht.
If you want economical, then hop on the airport Express S1 for 60 baht and drive to Khao San road (here in detail how and where it is sent - https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/thai/bangkok-kak-dobratsa-iz-aeroporta-suvarnabhumi-do-khaosan-na-abtobuse). Go to the end, and then from her walk 25 minutes to the entrance of the temple. On the way pass by the Royal Palace. Well, or a taxi for 50 baht you can get there. ...
Irina From 17 February, 2019
Good day! Please tell me how to get from the metro area Phra Khanond to the Royal Palace? Thank you! ...
admin 18 February, 2019

Hello Irina! By taxi just to Grab a thought from 300 baht an ordinary trip and 200 economy. So maybe better not to mess with the metro and by taxi. If by metro, then the easiest way is go to the National Stadium without a transplant, or with a transfer to the underground metro to Hua Lamphong, but these stations still taxis will have 50 baht for a ride. ...
Kri_ss 12 May, 2019
Class, thanks for your answers))
We had been planning with her husband vacation in Thailand, so re-read the forum from and to)) ...
Sherzod 27 May, 2019
Hello. How can I get from the airport to the hotel Suvarnbhumi Don Muang cheaper ? And how much is a taxi from the airport to the hotel is don Muang ?Thanks in advance ...
admin 27 May, 2019

Hello! You mean Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok Hotel? It's right across the street from the airport terminal is located, so follow our instructions https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/thai/bangkok-kak-dobratsa-iz-aeroporta-suvarnabhumi-v-don-muang and when you get to don Muang, there on foot. Public buses stop just on the other side of the road where this hotel is. ...
Ninar 31 July 2019
Tell me, on a boat with the flag reachable from the Phra Arthit pier to Tha Chang in the morning? ...
admin July 31, 2019

Hello Nina! These piers connects orange and the boat without a flag. ...

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