The Sukhumvit district (Sukhumvit) in Bangkok

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The Sukhumvit district (Sukhumvit) in Bangkok lies along the famous Sukhumvit road, one of the world's longest streets (length more than 400 km) (Sukhumvit on the map). The area itself is also very long, stretches almost 10 kilometers.

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It is without a doubt one of the most popular among tourists and the rich luxury hotel offers a restaurant. There are many shopping centers, restaurants, bars, night clubs, travel agencies, currency exchange, massage parlors. In General, everything that can be necessary for tourists. The difficulty is only that the area is very big, and usually find it difficult to decide where to stay to have access to everything. To make it easier, it is best to settle in the most developed part of the district closer to the city within the streets from Soi 2 to Soi 33, perpendicular to Sukhumvit highway. Further, the infrastructure is a little on the wane, although in principle not a problem to get to any point on the BTS line which passes through the entire area.

Район Сукхумвит, Бангкок

In Bangkok place to stay if you want to get acquainted with modern Bangkok, go shopping, have fun in the evening in bars and clubs. Well, or just you don't care where to stay in Bangkok, just in a nice hotel. There are also bars with girls, especially on Soi Cowboy. And entertainment centre Nana Entertainment Plaza is generally a Paradise for adult entertainment. Moreover, in contrast to the famous evening entertainment of Patpong in Silom, everything is "civilized" and safer.

Hotels in Sukhumvit are mostly very high or above average as in terms of convenience and price. Budget options and hostels are very few, so if your budget is minimal, it is better to select accommodation in Khao San road or Pratunam.

Find and book hotels in the Sukhumvit district can go to the following websites, or by using the search, and for choosing the hotel for its location see the map below:

Map of Sukhumvit attractions, hotels, transport

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How to get to Sukhumvit

Transport in Sukhumvit are well represented: there are above-ground and underground, on the Northern edge of the airport runs the metro and the canal the trip boat. If you stay here and choose a hotel near the metro station or from the river, the whole city will be at your disposal.

Here are the details on how to get to the area of the other important places of the city:

  • From Suvarnabhumi airport

    The trip meter taxi from Suvarnabhumi will cost 300 baht (610.65 RUB, see the currency of Thailand and the exchange rate), plus 50 baht for the toll road. With a trip to the counter better not to get involved, and to order an official taxi at the front Desk when you exit the airport terminal on the ground floor (go to the sign Public Taxi). It is also convenient and safe to book the car through the app Grab taxi, Uber analog. Uber in Thailand is not working. Looks more about Grab in Thailand and how to use it here...

    It is also convenient and inexpensive can be reached via airport metro ARL. Line ARL is quite far from the centre of Sukhumvit, so you'll have to make a change or two. Depending on the place where you want to go you can take the ARL to Makkasan station and go to the underground station Phetchaburi. From Ranong you can take one stop to Sukhumvit station, and there if you need to go to BTS to get to other parts of the district. See more about metro Bangkok.

  • From don Muang airport

    From don Muang taxi ride from 270 baht (549.58 RUB). The machine is also better to order at the counter when you exit or through the app Grab and the travel at a fixed price not to agree.

    Budget from don Muang can also be reached, but will have to do a transplant. You can drive completely on buses, but on this trip you will take a few hours, so we recommend you to go either to the Express bus to the nearest metro station or by train to the railway station Hua Lamphong where to transfer again at metro:

    • By bus + metro. It is best to go on one of the airport buses Express A1, A2, A3 or A4. These buses faster than normal city-going on a toll road bypassing traffic jams. Go from 07:30 to 23:30 every 20 minutes. The value of A1 and A2 is 30 baht, A3 and A4 - 50 baht. Their stop is right at the exit No. 6 (Gate 6) from the terminal. The fastest and most convenient of them – A1 and A2. You need to go to the station's morchit. Here goes and Skytrain BTS and underground MRT, so you can sit on that line, what you prefer.
    • By train + metro. From railway station to Don Mueang Railway Station, which is across the street from the terminal (walk on a covered pedestrian crossing signs) departs daily at least 30 trains cost 5 baht, here is the schedule - They can reach the city's main railway station Hua Lamphongwhere to change to MRT underground.
  • From Khao San road and the Royal Palace

    To get to the main tourist area of Khaosan road, and the area with the main attractions of Bangkok on the Peninsula Ratanakosin, you have to travel either by taxi, or do a transplant. Buses we in calculation do not take, as it will have to do a transplant, moreover, because of traffic jams to go for a very long time.

    • On a canal boat

      Along the North side of Sukhumvit is a canal (Klong), which runs regular boat line Nida Line (see more about boats on the canals of Bangkok and how to use them here). On those boats you can sail to Pratu Nam pier (near Pratunam), where to change to the boats line Golden Line to the end of Panfa Leelard pier. Hence, to Khaosan road, Grand Palace and other attractions you can walk or take a taxi for a shorter route.

    • Boats on the chaophraya river

      This way some detour, but if you want to see the city, it is the place to be. On the Skytrain with a transfer to another line to get to the station Saphan Taksin BTS. Immediately adjacent to the jetty of the Shuttle boat along the chaophraya river where you can hop on any boat to pier Tha Chang, or any other in the area of the Royal Palace.

What to see in Sukhumvit

No important tourist attractions in Sukhumvit no. As in any place of the city, you can find here temples, mosques, churches, monuments, but nothing out of the list of must-visit places here. So if you want to see the sights of the capital, will have to get to interesting places by taxi, bus or metro. How to do it, see our full list of Bangkok attractions.

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Casper May 14, 2017
To the question about prices. Just got back from Bangkok, the prices in baht since my last posadki four years ago, almost unchanged, at least not that I noticed. Quietly came together in the area of Khao San road and found a quiet guest-house with air conditioning for two for 500 baht. If anyone should strip off the coordinates is right in the beginning of the street but not in the sensation, and next in silence. ...
Marina 17 September, 2017
Hello. Tell me, is it worth it to settle in a hotel in a non-touristy area on Ramkhamkaeng24 Alley (Green house hotel)? Hotel description liked, but have no idea what time the attractions will have to get. Once the cards have not so good. Like boats have to go, and for a long time or you don't. ...
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Hello Marina! Found your hotel on the map, that area is not familiar, but IMHO, I personally would not began to settle there, I would have found something a little closer. In my opinion too far from the city center, close to the subway to go far. Boats in the channel go there often, so if you are ready for this, and unable to settle. Especially that the hostel is quite new, as I understand it from the description. ...
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Tell me. Me one night before a morning departure is necessary to stay in a hotel. Where to get a budget number that would be easy to get to airport? ...
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If there are no concrete plans to Bangkok, my choice is always to stay near a metro station Ratchaprarop. There are many budget hotels near Indra square, Baiyoke, a little further, you can also walk to Central Worldm Big-C. And in the morning walk or a taxi to the airport subway ( and to the airport immediately. ...