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Metro Bangkok

Metro Bangkok is the fastest way to get around the city. Bypassing all the traffic jams by using the BTS (Skytrain), underground BTS or airport metro ARL (Aeroport Rail Link), you can quickly travel long distances to Bangkok and even beyond, and already to a particular place from the metro station walk or take a taxi. The only drawback of the metro is its price. It is quite high and in some cases even comparable to the cost of a taxi.

So, in Bangkok exist independently of the other three types of station:

Important! Lines of different types of underground intersect, and easy transitions, but when you change the view of the metro you have to buy another ticket. When moving from one line to another of the same species new metro to buy a ticket is not required.

  • Working time of all types of metrofrom 6: 00 to 00:00.
  • Fare: 15 baht depending on the length of the trip

The following is the full guide to the metro of Bangkok, where you will be able to learn more about all kinds of metro Bangkok and how does it work, what kinds of tickets there are and how much travel, mode of work and schedule, and other matters:

A schematic map of the metro Bangkok

Here is a map diagram of all types of metro Bangkok. We recommend you to download it on your smartphone to have access to it at any time. In the subway the maps inside the cars, on the stands, but not everywhere there is a complete diagram with different types of metro. Also the maps there are free tourist brochures and maps of the city. It is worth noting that the network is constantly being built and expanded, and many schemes do not correspond to the real routes.

Схема наземного метро Бангкока (BTS)

Here's an interactive metro map of Bangkok in the Russian language at the marked sites with hotelami with reference to the Google map (will open in a new window):

Интерактивная карта метро Бангкока

Skytrain Bangkok (BTS) SkyTrain

The website

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"Sky train" (SkyTrain) is one of the prides of the inhabitants of Bangkok. This subway was designed and built by Thais independently (at least they think so), and they are very proud of.

To visit Bangkok and not take a ride on the subway – so not completely to visit in Bangkok. Metro runs through the most interesting tourist areas of Bangkok and is more popular with tourists than other types of metro. Metro stations are located in all the commercial and shopping areas of Bangkok.

The metro consists of two lines: the Sukhumvit line and the Silom line. Both lines intersect at Siam station in Siam district of Bangkok. Skytrain also intersects with the underground (with transitions) at the three stations, and are connected in the airport metro station Phaya Thai.

The fare on the BTS

Access underground is via tickets-several types of cards: single, travel for one day (worth 140 baht), 30 days on the storage card. Purchased at the cashier or in vending machines at each station. The card is valid on both lines of Skytrain equally, the transition from one line to another at no additional charge. The ticket, regardless of type, must be purchased for each passenger, drive with one card multiple passengers impossible. If your trip to Bangkok short, it is sufficient to use a single ticket (Single Journey Ticket). If you have planned a long trip and a lot of movement, can look for travel or storage cards.

The fare depends on the length of the trip, i.e. the number of stations. It works this way:

  • While at the station of departure you specify the table (schema) or on the screen of the terminal value to the desired station.
  • Buy the card and ticket value, and pass through the turnstile, card take.
  • On arrival at the coastal destination you the same card again lowered into the turnstile at the exit, and if you are trying to enter the wrong station, the turnstile you simply will not be released.

The minimum fare is 16 baht (33.79 RUB, see the currency of Thailand and the exchange rate), the longest is 59 baht in 2019 (124.6 RUB). You can calculate the cost by using the interactive map service here, simply select the desired station on the screen.

Types of tickets on BTS

  • Single ticket (BTS Single Journey Ticket)

    Value: from 16 to 59 baht depending on the length of the trip.

    This is the easiest ticket for a single trip. It is only valid on the day of purchase and also provides for the restriction of being in the paid area at the time of 120 minutes. Ie, once you pass through the turnstile with your ticket, you will have to leave the subway no more than 120 minutes, otherwise will be fined when at 40 baht.

    At the entrance to the metro a single ticket falls into the turnstile and up the other side and exit the "machine" takes it and leaves in itself, ie you come out of the subway without a ticket.

    Bought at the stations vending machines: Ticket Issuing Machine (TIM), Integrated Ticketing Machine (ITM) and Ticket Vending Machine (TVM).

  • Day pass (One-Day Pass)

    Price: 140 baht (295.66 RUB).

    Allows you to make as many trips during the day, when it was bought. Keep in mind, we are talking about the day, not 24 hours, i.e. you can only use it until the end of the day, and the next morning he would no longer be valid. Bought at the ticket offices at the stations.

    When entering one-day travel down to the turnstile and up the other side. When you exit the metro station, the procedure is the same. After use at the end of the day the ticket is simply discarded.

  • Card Rabbit Card

    To replace the previous 30-day and cumulative maps Sky SmartPass entered payment card Rabbit Card. Card bought for 100 baht, and replenished by an arbitrary amount for travel. When paying with a Rabbit Card is a very small discount, for example, the minimum fare is 16 baht, and 15. For tourists it's not really an option compared to single journey, except that I would save time on buying single journey every time.

How to buy a ticket for BTS

Single ticket (BTS Single Journey Ticket) is sold in vending machines at each station, travel ticket offices at the stations.

There are three types of machines: Ticket Issuing Machine (TIM), Integrated Ticketing Machine (ITM) and Ticket Vending Machine (TVM). They differ by and large only what coins or bills accepted. If you have no coins or banknotes of the desired value, the exchange is done here at the box office. Once again, please note that single tickets are not sold. In principle, any of the machines will not have any problems to understand on a place, all have English, but just in case here's a brief description:

  • (TIM)

    This machine only accepts coins of 10 and 5 baht, and give change for 5 baht.

    In the office you can't choose the station you want, and for the purchase of the ticket value should be himself on the table next to the machine to determine the cost of a ticket to the desired station, and press the camera button corresponding advantages (large number buttons). After clicking the button, you can start to "feed" the machine of coins, and when inserted as needed, he will spit you a ticket and if necessary change.

  • Integrated Ticketing Machine (ITM)

    Accepts coins of 5 and 10 baht banknotes of 20, 50, 100 baht. Give change for 5 baht.

    On the touch screen you can choose the language desired station and then "feed" the machine banknote or coin.

  • Ticket Vending Machine (TVM)

    Accepts coins of 1, 5 and 10 baht banknotes of 20, 50, 100 baht. Give change for 1, 5 and 10 baht.

    Is just a more advanced modification of the previous device. Allows you to buy at once a few tickets.

Important the BTS station

Here are some stations that may be of interest to tourists.

  • Phaya Thai BTS (Sukhumvit Line)

    The transition to the station of airport metro. Here/here, you can quickly and cheaply drive to Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi.

    It is also the nearest BTS Skytrain station (about 500 meters, 10 minute walk) to the tower Baiyoke sky.

  • BTS Saphan Taksin (Silom Line)

    Pier river taxi Sathon. This is the only place where you can connect with the Skytrain at the boats cruising on the chaophraya river, in order to reach the Royal Palace of Bangkok, Wat Po, the temple of dawn or at the end of Khao San road. Read more about river transport of Bangkok.

  • BTS Sala Daeng (Silom Line)

    This station is located directly in the centre of the nightlife of Bangkok's Silom areanear Patpong street (Soi Patpong).

  • Victory Monument BTS (Sukhumvit Line)

    Right at this station is the bus to Victory Monument, where you can go on a minivan in the next Bangkok city.

  • BTS's morchit (Sukhumvit Line)

    From this station on foot (about 20 minutes) or by taxi you can reach the Northern bus station of Bangkok's morchit. It is also the biggest Bangkok market Chatuchak.

  • Ekkamai BTS (Silom Line)

    Near the station is the Eastern bus terminal Bangkok Ekkamai.

The underground Subway of Bangkok (MRT)


There is only one line of underground metro in Bangkok. Basically it passes through residential, tourist districts, but it can be useful to get to places, such as train station in Bangkok.

The fare for MRT

The access to the underground metro Bangkok is carried out using the card travel or one-time tokens. To buy these tickets at each metro station, in vending machines or at the ticket office.

The fare depends on the length of the trip (number of stations) and starts from 16 baht per trip per station and ends 40 baht for a trip on 12-17 stations. For children travel cheaper, from 8 to 20 baht. Control tickets (tokens or cards) at the entrance and exit of the subway, so you need to keep them until the end of the trip. At the exit, as well as at the entrance, to skip the ticket through the turnstile, and if you are trying to enter the wrong station, the turnstile will not let you.

For tickets of all kinds there is a time limit on the maximum stay in the metro area: after entering through the turnstile you have to leave the subway for 90 minutes, otherwise will be fined of 40 baht.

Types of tickets on MRT

  • Single ticket-Token (Single Journey Token)

    Value: from 16 to 40 baht depending on the length of the trip.

    This ticket is a plastic badge, which is before the entrance station leans to the reading pad at the turnstile and descends in the slot on the turnstile and there. The badge is valid only on the day of purchase.

    Bought these coins in vending machines and ticket offices at stations. Tokens are bought for children only at the box office.

  • Storage card (Stored Value Card)

    Cost: 230 baht (150 travel 50 Deposit, 30 for card issue), popolnyaet only 100 baht. There is also a childrens (until 14 years) and a card for seniors (over 65) at reduced rates.

    This card offers no savings when traveling in the subway. For each trip it is written down exactly what you would have spent when using a single ticket. Its only advantage is convenience: you do not have to buy a token. Leans to the reading area of the turnstile each time you enter and exit.

    Sold only at the box office.

  • Day passes (One Day Pass)

    Price: 120 baht.

    Allows for a whole day without any restrictions to navigate using the underground metro. You must purchase a card for each passenger individually. Valid only for the day, which was made the first trip around the map until midnight that day. Sold only at the box office.

  • Multi-day tickets

    The same thing that day passes, only there are different time.


    • 15-day (15-DAY PASS) – 600 baht.
    • 30-day (30-DAY PASS) – 1400 baht.

How to buy the ticket for MRT

Single tickets-tokens can be bought at the ticket offices and vending machines, card-tickets are sold only at the box office. Machines sell tokens only for adults, so children should buy a ticket at the box office.

When purchasing a machine you need to select the desired station and "feed" the machine of a sum in coins of 1, 5 and 10 baht and banknotes of 20, 50 and 100 baht. The change in the apparatus produces coins.

Important MRT station

  • MRT Hua Lamphong

    This station is located directly at the railway station Bangkok Hualamphong. Also within walking distance to this station is the temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Trai Mit)

  • MRT Si Lom

    The station is located near the nightlife of Patpong.

  • MRT's morchit and MRT Phahon Yothin

    From these stations by foot (about 20 minutes) or by taxi you can reach the Northern bus station of Bangkok's morchit. It is also the biggest Bangkok market Chatuchak.

Airport metro Bangkok (ARL) Airoport Rail Link


ARL connects downtown with Suvarnabhumi international airportand is the fastest and very inexpensive way to get from downtown to the airport. In addition, this type of station can be used to move within the city or in the suburbs of Bangkok. Trains run from 06:00 to 24:00 approximately 15-minute intervals.

There are two lines or two types of train on this metro Express line (Express Line) and city line (City Line):

  • Express line

    Attention! 2014 Express Line is suspended while this is the only City Line

    It's a fast train, which goes from Makkasan station (note, not Phaya Thai) to the airport and back without stopping. The fare is 90 baht. At Makkasan station operates an airport terminal where you can check in for your flight from Suvarnabhumi airport and even Luggage. At Makkasan station you can either continue along the City Line or the line underground train.

  • City line (City Line)

    These trains run along the route with stops. Not only can you get to the airport, but to drive as many stops as you need. The line begins from Phaya Thai (it's BTS Phaya Thai). If you want get in BTS, you need to use this line. The fare depending on the length of the route is 15 to 45 baht.

How to buy a ticket for ARL

Tickets are sold at each station with the help of machines. Control of tickets at the entrance and exit to the station.

Important ARL station

  • ARL Phaya Thai. The transition to BTS.
  • ARL Makkasan. The transition to the Phetchaburi MRT station.
  • ARL Ratchaprarop. The closest metro station to the tower Baiyoke sky (10 min walk).
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