Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok

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Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho, Temple of the Reclining Buddha) is the abbreviated name of the temple, and the full name to Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimolmangklararm Rajwaramahaviharn. It was built with the Foundation of Bangkok and the development of the island Ratanakosin under king Rama I who decided to move the capital from the old city of Ayutthaya and founded a capital.

Храм Лежащего Будды в Бангкоке A large statue of the reclining Buddha

It is the largest and oldest temple of Bangkok, and the most famous among tourists, and one of the most famous symbols of Thailand. Seldom has a feature film, which takes place in Bangkok, without personnel from the temple. Despite the "promoted" and popular tourist temple, it's a must to visit, especially since it is situated close to the Royal Palace of Bangkok, which in turn just required to visit. Nearby, on the other side of the river, is the Temple of dawn (Wat Arun). The ideal option of visiting these most important sights of Bangkok will, for example, such a route early in the morning to come and explore the Royal Palace (4 hours), then visit the Reclining Buddha Temple (1 hour), after a little stroll around Chinatown and end the day with a visit to the temple of dawn while it's still light (1 hour), and enjoy them at last in the dusk.

In the Church of Wi-Fi, access to which is available at the box office upon request when purchasing tickets. Also in the office you can pick up a free brochure with a detailed description of the temple complex and a map.

Храм Лежащего Будды в Бангкоке

The area of the Temple of the Reclining Buddha occupies an area of over 80 thousand square meters, and the length of the perimeter walls more than one kilometer. But he is known not only for its impressive dimensions, but primarily the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand (46 metres in length and 15 in height). According to some estimates, it is the largest reclining Buddha in the world. But these achievements are not limited to: Shrine for the biggest number of Buddha statues in Thailand, numbering over a thousand. He is considered the birthplace of traditional Thai massage, and here works the oldest schools of massage, to learn in which anyone can, but of course for a fee. Amateurs and professionals of massage from all over the world come here to learn and to practice. The temple is generally considered the center of medicine and massage in Thailand, and even on the walls here you can see the image for practical use during a massage. Incidentally, the first medical University of Thailand was founded here.

Храм Лежащего Будды в Бангкоке Bronze vessels for coins

On the territory there are many buildings and Chedi, a small Park, is a small artificial pond with a waterfall (pond is known as crocodile). In General, the territory is divided into two parts, North and South, a street Thanon Chetuphon. For tourists only interested in the Northern part of the temple, where, in fact, is the most interesting. Located in the southern part of the home for monks, school massage and other outbuildings. The entrance to the temple for tourists is just at the street Thanon Chetuphon between the Northern and southern part of the territory of the temple. If you want, totally freely you can walk around non-tourist parts, but there is absolutely nothing.

To explore the temple do not have to resort to the help of guides (guides available at the entrance when buying tickets), it is very easy to explore on your own. The only thing we can recommend, not to limit the examination of the reclining Buddha, located in Vihara in the North-Western part of the complex. Take a stroll through the site, feel free to go to other temples of the complex, showing due respect and removing the front of the shoes. Of course, the clothes should be befitting on you: no uncovered shoulders, shorts, skirts and beach shoes.

In addition to the inspection of the temple here you can enjoy a traditional Thai massage, since, as already mentioned above, the temple is considered the birthplace of Thai massage, here is the school.

In Vihara large reclining Buddha along the walls are 108 bronze vessels, and not just. While there you can constantly hear the jingle of coins thrown into these vessels visitors. It is believed that if you walk around the Buddha and throw a coin into all the vessels, you luck will come, and that with every abandoned coin you can make the wish. You can also do this by buying small coins at the entrance to viharn for 20 baht (currency of Thailand).

🕐 The operating time: daily without days off from 8:30 to 18:30

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 200 baht (420.07 RUB, the currency of Thailand), cook without putting, it is not given; the guide (optional) for 1 person 200 baht, 2 persons - 300, 3 or more, 400 baht

🚶 How to get there: Wat Pho is located next to the Royal Palace of Bangkok on the Bank of chaopraya river (the Chao Phraya) on the Peninsula Ratanakosin (the temple on the map). Within walking distance to the tourist area of Khao San road and Chinatown, part of the riverside (see Bangkok).

Metro station close to the temple there, and from other parts of Bangkok will have to take a taxi, boat or bus transport. The taxi ride on the meter from the most Central areas of Bangkok will not cost more than 200 baht. If near your hotel there is a subway, you can reach the BTS Skytrain station Saphan Taksin, and then from the pier near the station on the Express Boat along the chaophraya river for 15 baht to swim to the pier next to the Royal Palace, and walk to the temple (see more about the waterways of Bangkok). Cheaper to the Palace can be reached by city buses №1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 25, 43, 44, 47, 53, 60, 82, 91, 123, 501, 508 (travel depending on distance and category of bus stands from 6 to 23 baht), but at time can be quite long. To find out whether a particular bus route in the area of your hotel can use the service on the official website of the city bus BTMA or just ask at the hotel reception.

Another option to get closer to the Royal Palace and the Temple to swim the canals by water taxi. The nearest water taxi stop is located near the Temple of the Golden mount (almost two kilometers from the Palace) and is called the Phan Fa Lilat (this end). To sail direct to it from the districts of Pratunam and Siam for 13 baht on the boat Golden Line (Golden Line).

Panorama of the temple

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