Guide to the temples of Bangkok

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Bangkok's hundreds of temples, and their diversity just going around the head. Which temple to visit first, what is the most beautiful, interesting or unusual. If you are faced with this question, here is our collections of temples in Bangkok.

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If you are on a visit to the capital there are only a couple of days, you should choose the most interesting, beautiful and important temples of the city. Best to start with the main "Trinity" of attractions that are a must to visit:

Королевский дворец в Бангкоке Grand Palace

Every visitor to Bangkok should first to start exploring the city, if not the country, it is with these temples. After all, besides the fact that they are very beautiful and famous, it is one of the most sacred places for the people of Thailand.

They are close, but their visit is best to plan a whole day or at least half of the day. Best to start with a Large Royal Palace. He works from 8:30 to 16:30 and better to come here to the opening, because after 10 hours here start to take a huge bus tour group, and inspect it and take pictures it will be very difficult. On a visit to the Palace will take 2 to 4 hours.

After visiting the Palace you can walk to the entrance of the famous temple of the reclining Buddha Wat Pho. It is the largest and oldest temple of Bangkok, and the most famous among tourists, and one of the most famous symbols of Thailand. It was built with the Foundation of Bangkok and the development of the island Ratanakosin under king Rama I who decided to move the capital from the old city of Ayutthaya and founded a capital.

The third temple of dawn, Wat Arun is on the other side of Chao Phraya river and is considered the most beautiful temple of Thailand. Wat Arun is not full of Golden statues, emerald decoration, etc. in large numbers, but due to its high pagoda Khmer-style (it is called prang) he is a very prominent landmark. Prange height is variously estimated from 66,8 up to 88 meters, and it is still the highest in Thailand.

After inspection of the whole Trinity should stay in the area until dark, that to see the sights lit up by the illumination. At this time, they're great.

The exact time of sunset in Bangkok today: 18:29

The most popular temples

After you view the three main temple, you can visit the most beautiful and popular among tourists. They are popular for very good reason, and worthy of a visit:

  • Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Trai Mit) could be just one of the thousands of temples, if not the world's largest Golden seated Buddha statue. The Thais say that it consists entirely of gold, and its weight 5 ½ tons. The pupils of the eyes of Buddha represent the black Thai sapphires, and the whites of the eyes are made of pearls. The temple complex consists of several temple buildings and even a Museum, so there will be something to see.

  • Marble temple (Wat Benchamabophit, also Marble Temple) is one of the most beautiful in Bangkok. Although it is called "Marble", in the literal translation of the name sounds like "Temple of King Rama V", by whose order it was built in 1899. At the base of the main Buddha statue of the temple after the death of the king was walled up his ashes.

  • Wat Suthat Thep splash jungle water Park, located in the heart of Bangkok, one of the oldest. It is known that it is one of the most beautiful and largest Viharn (sermon hall). The temple began to be built in 1807 by king Rama I and was completed only in 1947 when king Rama III. At the base of the pedestal of the statue is a part of ashes of king Rama VIII. In 2005, the temple listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

  • Ratchanatdaram temple (Wat Ratchanaddaram, also Ratchanadda) which started in 1846 on the orders of king Rama III, but until now, the construction is not yet complete, making it the longest construction site in Thailand – more than 160 years. Primarily interesting for its unusual, different from other Thai temples architecture: the main Chedi is made in the form of multilevel pyramid made of metal. The complex is quite large, decorated with greenery and beautiful buildings, but tourists here is very small.
  • The temple of the Golden mount (Wat Saket) is known for its gilded pagoda, built on a high artificial hill called the Golden mountain. For a long time, until in Bangkok began to build skyscrapers, this pagoda was the tallest building in the city. This temple is highly revered by believers, since it houses a piece of Buddha's ashes brought from India.

Храм золотого Будды Temple of the Golden Buddha

The most important temples

Besides those already mentioned above, in Bangkok there are a few important for all Thai temples. They are not the most beautiful and not a tourist, but revered by the Thais as very sacred places:

  • Lak Muang (Lak Muang) or urban Shrine (City Pillar Shrine) or temple post is one of the most sacred and symbolic places for the capital's residents. It is believed that this was the first building in Bangkok, and it is from this place the city began to spread.

  • Bowon Nivet of Wihan (Wat Bowonniwet Vihara) is not particularly well-known and visited by tourists, but it is one of the most important temples and monasteries in Bangkok. Here, in a large Golden stupa has a statue of the Buddha in about 1357, and here spent the period of his monastic life and training the majority of the members of the Royal family. But most importantly, today in the temple, the remains of his Majesty king Bhumibol was Adulyadej Rama IX, who died in 2016.

  • Shrine Erawan Shrine despite its Novoselye size is one of the most important places of pilgrimage and religious worship in Bangkok. Erawan is the name of the deity a huge white elephant with 33 heads, one of the main symbols of fertility and rain, and the Shrine is a statue of 4-litogo Brahma, a Hindu deity. Every day a huge number of people comes to this place, often there are dance shows and singing.

Фото Бангкока The Erawan Shrine

The most unusual temples

If you've watched all, but I want something else, here are the most unusual temples in Bangkok:

  • The temple of the penises or the Chao Mae Tuptim Shrine is not a temple but just a small Shrine, but "unusual" since it can't compete any other religious places in the capital. The Penis Shrine, the Shrine or the Shrine of Pregnant Fertility is actually no place for admiration of the male reproductive organs, and the place where people come to ask about the offspring and fertility, or to pay tribute for the help of the Buddha.

  • A temple with crocodiles Chakrawatrachawat Woramahawihan Wathe Wat Sam Pleum or just Crocodile Temple is known for the fact that it is inhabited by crocodiles, and very real, alive. Just here 4 reptiles, and every day about 17 hours the monks feed them.

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