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Храм Wat Phra Si Sanphet

In December 1991 ancient monuments of Ayutthaya was inscribed on the world heritage list of UNESCO. Many of the most interesting and important sights is the ruins of the inoperative temples and palaces. The degree of destruction or otrestavrirovannogo very different, but work on the preservation and restoration are constantly ongoing. Among the attractions there are functioning churches, some new, some already quite old. The ruins left after the invasion of the Burmese, who deliberately destroyed the river, trying to even the richest and largest city of the world at that time with the earth. Among the ruins are preserved many interesting monuments and statues in excellent condition, but do not be surprised that many statues without heads: Buddhists believe that the spirit is in the head, and therefore enemies purposefully cut off the statues head, and sometimes even hands. In Ayutthaya there are also several museums that you can visit if you want to know the deep history of these edges.

Most of the objects located in the heart of the city within the island and included in the Historical Park of Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya Historical Park). The island is divided into old and new town. It is in the old part of the city, almost no residential buildings, and ruins and temples. Some interesting sights are located outside the island on its perimeter, or in the distance. Attractions visited from Ayutthaya is the Palace of Bang PA-in (Bang Pa-in), although it is not part of the ancient city (located 15 kilometers).

To see the most important sights within the island for one day if you start early in the morning. For a more in-depth exploring and photographing the Islands and surroundings of the Palace of Bang PA-in is to provide two to three full days.

The island has a fairly small size, and the old town in the longest dimension has a length of only 3 kilometers. Therefore, it is possible to circumvent part of the monuments on foot. In most cases, tourists prefer to see the sights hire a tuk tuk, rent a motorbike or Bicycle.

Tuk tuk is a great option if you are travelling in a group. Local tuk-tuks can accommodate up to 6 people (although for comfortable travel better limited to four passengers). Payment for trips hourly, and it is better to specify the number of hours, in that case you can bargain and get a discount for a large number of hours. In General, local tuks are not very willing to bargain and take 300 baht for one hour. The eight-hour day it is possible to bargain for 2000 baht (currency of Thailand, the exchange rate).

Much more economical you can explore the city and surrounding countryside on a rented motorbike. Rent will cost 150 baht per day and 250 baht per day. You can also rent a Bicycle to travel within the island, but the attractions outside under scorching heat is a dubious occupation.

Start seeing better early in the morning (with 6 hours, however, some attractions are open until 8), before arrive group tours of Bangkok and Pattaya. In the evening, from 16 to 18 hours, the number of tourists is also reduced. Keep in mind that it gets dark in Thailand earlier in 18-19 hours.

Visit more of the ruins for free, but for visits to the most interesting have to pay 50 baht each. You can get around the fees of the temples on the outer perimeter and take pictures for free (walls almost everywhere not high), but to get inside, you'll have to buy a ticket at the entrance. On some inputs organized kiosks selling tickets, somewhere just usher on duty. Pass the "rabbit" is almost impossible.

In Ayutthaya you will not find so familiar to the popular resorts free city maps. Sometimes you can get printed or it's a Xerox of the card is of poor quality. So better to attend to this issue and print a map in advance. Several options of good cards presented on the page "Map of Ayutthaya". There is our interactive map which you can print by going to page mode for printing.

And now you can read a brief guide to the main attractions of Ayutthaya:

Attractions on the island of Ayutthaya

  • Wat Phra Si Sanphet

    Храм Wat Phra Si Sanphet

    It is the ruins of the largest temple in Ayutthaya. First of all, he is known among tourists three Chedi (stupas) located in a row that are the hallmark of the city. You should definitely visit this monument to see the Chedi with his own eyes and to photograph. These Chedi was severely damaged by the Burmese, and now you'll see them restored. Of course, in addition to the Chedi there are still many interesting ruins.

    This place is also known for the fact that there was stored a 16-meter high Buddha statue, covered in legend 340 kilos of gold, but of course the Burmese destroyed everything, and gold is melted down.

    Photo Of Wat Phra Si Sanphet.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: entrance fee 50 baht

    🕐 Working time: from 8:00 to 18:00

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Phra Si Sanphet on the map

  • Wat Phra Mahathat

    Храм Wat Phra Mahathat

    The Church, without which no visit to Ayutthaya is not complete, and there is always a lot of tourists. On the territory of this temple is the famous stone head of Buddha, are woven into the branches of a tree. You can take pictures of this head and to be photographed, turning his back on her (in the existing temples of photographing with your back to the Buddha prohibited, but it is a monument, not a functioning Church), but you should show respect and stand up while taking pictures on his knees. Overall, the temple is quite large and there are a lot of things to see and photograph.

    Photos Of Wat Phra Mahathat.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: entrance fee 50 baht

    🕐 Working time: from 8:00 to 18:00

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Phra Mahathat on the map

  • Wat Ratburana (also Wat Ratchaburana)

    Храм Wat Ratburana

    In this temple is very beautiful and well restored prang (prang is a temple built in the form of a high tower in the Cambodian style). The most interesting thing in this range is the secret: you can climb the steep stairs to the top, to go inside the temple, go down the stairs into a room, and then even lower to another. In these rooms you can see the original (not restored) image on the walls. The lower room is very small, and to go down there more than two is not worth it. On the stairs when lifting up pranga should be very careful.

    Photos Of Wat Ratburana.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: entrance fee 50 baht

    🕐 Working time: from 8:00 to 18:00

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Ratburana on the map. Do not be surprised that on the google map in the location specified Thammikarat temple. In fact, the map error, and we correct the location of the temple.

  • Wat Thammikarat (also Wat Thummikarat)

    Храм Wat Tammikarat

    Worthy of a visit place. The temple is active and therefore free, however, on its territory there are ancient ruins primarily in the form of columns and pagoda. The temple was built before this place was founded the capital of Siam. At the entrance to the temple you can see the unusual black Buddha and some interesting sculptures. Generally, the place is interesting and worth a visit.

    Photo Wat Tammikarat.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    🕐 While workingin the daytime, usually from 8 to 17 hours

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Thammikarat on the map. Do not be surprised that on google map the position of this temple is listed elsewhere. This is a card error, we correct the position of the temple.

  • Wat Phra Ram

    Храм Wat Phra Ram

    Like many other structures of Autie, this temple was built in Khmer style, and its main structure is called a prang, i.e. high temple in the form of a Bashi. It was built on the spot where the ceremony of cremation of the king of Otonga (Utong) in 1369.

    State pranga very good, but, mainly due to the restoration. Unfortunately, unlike Wat Ratburana, inside the temple you can not get, although you can climb up. The top offers good views of the surroundings. Around the Church a lot of other interesting ruins and remnants of the Buddha statues that are in the worst condition, but kept a part of originality.

    To say that without a visit to this temple from the Ayutthaya to leave it is impossible, it may be not correct, but overall, this is a very interesting and worthy of a visit place.

    Photos Of Wat Phra Ram.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: entrance fee 50 baht

    🕐 Working time: from 8:00 to 18:00

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Phra Ram on the map

  • Wat Lokayasutharam

    Храм Wat Lokayasutharam

    This place is called the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, usually translated as temple of the reclining, resting or inclined Buddha. The Buddha here is really not just lying, it was like just lay down for a bit to relax and so back head with his hand. Quite remarkable from a tourist point of view, the place is worth visiting. A great variety of architecture the ruins of the temple are no different, and all that is left is the reclining Buddha statue of impressive dimensions. Length of the statue is 38 meters and the height at the highest point of 8 meters. This Buddha is the second largest reclining Buddha in Thailand after the emerald Buddha in Bangkok.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

    🕐 While workingin the daytime

    🚶 How to get there: the Temple of the reclining Buddha of Wat Lokayasutharam on the map

  • Viharn Phra Viharn Mongkol Bopit

    Вихарн Viharn Phra Mongkol Bopit

    This viharn, in our opinion, it was not, and is similar to many other areas of modern temples. Of course, maybe that's wrong, because each temple is unique, but some special signs for tourists, which distinguishes this viharn compared to other temples, we have not found. During the destruction of Ayutthaya it is almost completely destroyed and what you see now is almost a new rebuilt building. Stored inside a large bronze Buddha. And yet, in fairness, it should be said that the local residents this place is very revered and visited.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

    🕐 While workingin the daytime, usually from 8 to 17:30

    🚶 How to get: Viharn Phra Mongkol Bopit on the map

  • Chedi Phra Chedi Suriyothai

    Чеди Phra Chedi Suriyothai

    This white and gold stupa is a little remarkable appearance, except that its size. Around the stupa you will find a modest Park. It was built in honor of the former Queen, and the first Park dedicated to the heroes of Siam. Is it miss, but if you pass by, you can stop here and take a walk in the Park.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

    🕐 While workingin the daytime

    🚶 How to get there: Phra Chedi Suriyothai Chedi on the map

  • Wat Borom Phuttharam

    Храм Wat Borom Phuttharam

    It's quite a good temple ruins free admission. The temple was built in the years 1688-1703.

    Speaking of the entrance. If you decide to visit them, you may not immediately be able to find the entrance to the monument, although the ruins are just up the road and clearly visible from behind the fence. Access to the ruins is possible from the Parking lot (or yard, as you wish) of the Rajabhat University and does not look like the entrance to the temple, so look or ask, and all you can find.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

    🕐 While workingin the daytime

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Borom Phuttharam on the map

  • Wat Suwan Dararam

    Чеди Phra Chedi Suriyothai

    This working temple is located at some distance from the ruins of the old city, so if you don't have enough time, you can skip. There are no ruins, except for the interesting architecture (the building of the temple is bent, resembling the shape of the side of the boat) here tourists can see not much. But they (tourists) here is very small and from the temple you can relax a bit.

    Photos Of Wat Suwan Dararam.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

    🕐 While workingin the daytime

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Suwan Dararam on the map

  • Wat Worachettharam

    Храм Wat Worachettharam

    The modest ruins of the temple, built in the years 1605-1610. It was built as a place of cremation of king Naresuan, who died in battle with the Burmese. A little remarkable for an independent visit to the attraction, but you can look here on the way to the reclining Buddha in the temple Lokayasutha.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

    🕐 While workingin the daytime

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Worachettharam on the map

  • Wat Worapho

    This is a small working temple-monastery. It is often confused with the nearby ruins of Wat Worachettharam, considering that it is one and the same. In fact, they are close by, just to the temple Worapho still attached and a few ruins. In principle, to do and to see here, tourists not for that, but if you look casually.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

    🕐 While workingin the daytime

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Worapho on the map

  • Park Bung Phra Ram Park

    В парке Bung Phra Ram Park

    In this Park are several ponds and minor ruins. In principle, nothing special here, and you can skip this place but if you are staying in Ayutthaya for a few days, and you will have a lot of free time, and can wander around this Park. During the rainy season, this Park is sometimes very much filled with water and turns into almost a lake.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock

    🚶 How to get there: the Park Bung Phra Ram Park on the map

  • The Phet Fortress Fortress

    Крепость Phet Fortress

    Once, in the 15th century, this fortress was one of the main defensive fortifications of the city. Originally in the 14th century it was built of wood, and subsequently rebuilt of brick. From a tourist point of view, the place is not too interesting, because in addition to footage of a brick wall approximately 20 meters long there's nothing here. The only thing here you can see a good view of the river at the confluence of Choprai (Chao Phraya river) and Pasak (Pa Sak river)

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock

    🚶 How to get there: the Fortress Fortress Phet on the map

  • Main market, Chao Phrom Market

    This is the main market town, and can say, for tourists, a kind of landmark. This is not the market as in tourist cities. It sells no Souvenirs and tourist trinkets, and goods for the local population. You can find a lot of things, including very cheap clothes. Of course, branded items you will not find here, but for everyday wear the clothes will fit perfectly. Also, there are plenty of places to eat very cheap and quite tasty. Fruit and grocery market located here.

    🕐 Working time: the Chao Phrom market works in the daytime, and after 18 hours the traders here almost does not remain.

    🚶 How to get there: Market, Chao Phrom Market on the map. The market is big enough, but you need to be able to find it: the ranks of the market go back through the narrow passages between the buildings

  • Night markets of Ayutthaya

    In the city at night (after dark at 18:00 until approximately 21:00) starts working several small night market. Sometimes they change their position. Such markets in the evening a good dinner (although the conditions are not tourist, but the food is delicious), to buy fruit and all sorts of trinkets.

    🕐 Working time: start working the night markets after dark (usually 18-19 hours), and almost finish at 21 o'clock

    🚶 How to get: One of the night markets of Ayutthaya on the map. Can find out where the nearest night market from the hotel staff.

  • Museums Of Ayutthaya

    Ayutthaya is home to several museums, mainly dedicated to the history of the city and of Thailand in General. There is also a private Museum dedicated to the history of boats of Thailand, and even the million toy Museum:

    • The Museum boats of Thailand (Thai Boat Museum). In this private Museum has a collection of exhibits telling about the history of boats of Thailand from ancient times to the present. Among exhibition samples as small traditional Thai full-sized boats and models of large ships and barges. Boat Museum of Thailand on the map. The website http://thaiboatmuseum.com/
    • National Museum Chao Sam Phraya National Museum. In this national Museum there are few surviving artifacts found in the ruins of temples and palaces of Autie, and much more. The Museum is quite large and among the three largest museums of Thailand. Here are exhibited items and statues of bronze and stone, wood, ceramics, woodcarving, jewelry, etc. If you have enough time you should certainly visit this Museum, and to make it better before you start viewing the ruins. The Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00. Entrance fee: 150 baht. The Museum Chao Sam Phraya National Museum on the map.
    • National Museum Chantharakasem National Museum. Another big Museum. Includes several exhibits: king Rama IV (the exhibition presents clothing, household items and personal items); exhibition of art objects (represented by various images and statues of the Buddha); the exhibition Deputy Government Bld (divided into five categories: art and architecture of Ayutthaya; ceramics of the Kingdom; antique weapons; Buddhist shrines; life on the river in the old town). The Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00. Entrance fee: 100 baht. Museum Chantharakasem National Museum on the map.

Attractions outside the island

  • Wat Chaiwatthanaram

    Храм Wat Chaiwatthanaram

    Wat Chaiwatthanaram is one of the most interesting places outside the island. It was built in 1630, almost from "Angora" size, and definitely in the "ankarska" style. Those who visited Angkor Wat will notice here the similarity with the famous Khmer temple complex. This temple was the Royal temple, it was used for ceremonies and also for cremation of Royal family members. In the 18th century the temple was destroyed, and restored only in 1992. Now you can see a rather well-restored ruins.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 50 baht

    🕐 Working time: daily from 8:30 to 17:00

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Chaiwatthanaram on the map at the map. To reach the temple, cross the canal at the post just North of the temple, and immediately after the bridge turn left.

  • Wat Na Phra Men (also Wat Na Phra Mane)

    Руина-дерево в храме Wat Phra Na Men

    In this temple complex combines modern temples and ancient ruins, dated from the 1503. What is good remains of the old Church almost destroyed and well preserved in the original. A particularly interesting attraction in the temple is a Buddha statue made of black stone.

    Overall, quite an interesting place to visit and it should include seeing the country sites Autie.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: the Entrance to the temple complex is free, entrance to the premises of the temple should pay 20 baht donations.

    🕐 Working time: from 8:00 to 17:00

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Phra Na Men on the map at the map. The sign and the sign at the entrance to the temple Wat Na written Phramain

  • Wat Phanan Choeng (Wat Phananchoeng Worawihan)

    Бронзовая статуя Будды в храме Wat Phanan Choeng

    This is a very old temple and very well preserved. No one knows exactly how long ago it was built, but we know that it was built before Ayutthaya became the capital. Despite its venerable age, the Church does not look old and worn down, but rather modern. Besides, this is a working temple.

    The area of the temple is quite large, and now there are several buildings, including a working monastery. Here is kept the ancient bronze Buddha statue in Ayutthaya (made in 1325). You can see it in the hall for prayers.

    Photos Of Wat Phanan Choeng.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: the entrance to the temple to pay 20 baht (in a small booth at the entrance/check-in).

    🕐 Working time: daily from 8:30 to 17:00

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Phanan Choeng on the map of Autie. To get to the temple from the river by boat (during the tour on the river) or by boat-ferry on the other side of the river from the island. By land you can reach the temple via bridge street Rochana Road.

  • Wat Phu Khao Thong

    Храм Wat Phu Khao Thong

    The main object of this attraction is the very impressive white Chedi. Built on the orders of king Ramesuan (King Ramesuan) in 1387. It is very unusual in form with its rectangular base, on which is erected Chedi itself. Impressive and its height is 80 meters. You can climb almost to the top and enjoy good views of the river. Nearby there is a working temple and a few less conspicuous ruins. A few hundred metres of the statue of king Naresuan (King Naresuan), the same one who declared independence Autti.

    The place is quite interesting and worth a visit. The only downside is the remoteness of the town.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

    🕐 Working time: daily from 8:30 to 16:30

    🚶 How to get: the position of Wat Phu Khao Thong on the map. The temple is located slightly away from the city, 3 kilometers to the North.

  • Wat Yai Chai Mongkon

    The temple was built in 1357 by king Ramathibodi (King Ramathibodi) as the place for meditation of the monks returned after the journey to Sri Lanka. And in 1592, on the orders of king Naresuan (King Naresuan) in honor of the victory over the Burmese at the temple was erected a large pagoda. Later, during the invasion of the Burmese in the thirteenth century the Church was badly damaged, but the pagoda has remained almost intact. Unlike many other ruins, this temple is not abandoned, and it still is valid.

    This place is very interesting and beautiful, and just a must see.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 20 baht

    🕐 Working time: daily from 8:00 to 18:00

    🚶 How to get there: Wat Yai Chai Mongkon on the map

  • Settlement

    On the South side Attainability three places, which can be described as theme parks or museums. It's a Japanese settlement (the Japanese Settlement), Portuguese settlement (Portuguese Settlement) and Dutch settlement (Dutch Settlement). They are dedicated to characterize the life of a small enclosed settlements existed in these places in the past.

    Japanese settlement on the map

    Portuguese settlement on the map

    Danish settlement on the map

  • The Palace Bang Pa-In

    Дворец Bang Pa-In

    Palace Bang PA-In in General is not a tourist attraction city of Ayutthaya and is far enough away from the city (about 20 kilometers), but a visit to the Palace more convenient to combine with a trip to the river or to reach it from Ayutthaya.

    The Palace also known as Summer Palace, because it was the summer Palace for the Royal family.

    It was built in 1632, damaged by the Burmese in 1632 and restored in 1850. Now he appears to visitors is not in the same form as after the restoration in 1850, as it is constantly updated and repaired. No ruins and ruins you will not see here. Now it is a beautiful Palace surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful fountains. Lovers of antiquity and history have nothing to do here, but those who love a leisurely stroll through the beautiful gardens, sit by the lake in the shade of the trees, explore the beautiful buildings in which lived the kings here will like it.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 100 baht

    🕐 Working time: daily from 8:30 to 17:00

    🚶 How to get there: the Palace of Bang Pa-In on the map. The Palace is located on the way between Bangkok and Ayutthaya, about 60 kilometers from Bangkok and 20 from Ayutthaya.

    From Bangkok to the Palace can be reached by bus from the Northern bus station Mochit bus station. The bus departs every 30 minutes and the journey takes about 2 hours. Costs about 50 baht. Minivans to Ayutthaya leaving from Victory Monument, though, and passing by the Palace, followed by on the highway, which to the Palace for another five kilometers.

    From Ayutthaya can be reached by minivan, which is not periodic leave from the bus station on Naresuan road.

    The cheapest way to reach the Palace is by train. By train from Hualamphong station of Bangkok to the railway station, Bang Pa-In you can drive for 12 baht and the Ayutthaya and less. Each day it stops most of the 38 trains departing from Bangkok to the North. With W/W station, Bang Pa-In Palace can be reached on foot in 15-20 minutes or 60 baht by tuk tuk.

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