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General information


Ayuthaya (Ayutthaya also, Ayuthaya, Muay Ayuthaya, eng. Ayutthaya, full name Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya) – is the ancient capital of Thailand, and is currently a modern city 75 kilometers to the North of Thailand.

The city's name is correctly pronounced with the accent on the letter "I", i.e. Ayuthaya. To pronounce the two letters "T" or a single, large does not matter, you will understand in any case.

Ayutthaya is one of the most important attractions of Thailand. If you fail to visit it while travelling through the country, for the sake of Ayutthaya should be back in Thailand again. In 1991, the city was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Many travelers compare the Ayutthaya temples of Angkor on the architecture and historical significance, although the scale and age of the ruins here, of course, not as impressive as in Cambodia.

The Ayutthaya is not popular among tourists as a resort, and often visited, as a separate attraction – the ancient capital of Thailand. Although opportunities for a tourist stay in the city for several days there, and to see all the ruins of the ancient city for a short trip will fail, not a lot of tourists stay in Ayutthaya. For sightseeing it is better to allocate two or even three full days. There is a large number of hotels of different categories and prices, sightseeing and museums, cafes and restaurants. In General, the tourist infrastructure of the city allows you to spend a few days immersed in the sights, although a large variety of it (infrastructure) is no different. If you can't turn a few days for exploring Ayutthaya in your travel itinerary, have a look here if only for a day alone (transport easily allows you to do it from Bangkok and almost easy from Pattaya) or as part of group tours.

Узнать, как купить тур в кредит

Entertainment in the city other than the ruins and temples, almost none. Restaurants and bars here can be counted on one hand, large shopping malls either. A beach holiday in the city either because the city is located a hundred kilometers from the coast. Nevertheless, the city is interesting for its originality and atmosphere. It differs from all other popular tourist cities of Thailand. The city lives and develops his life, regardless of tourists, the heat at the same time taking any guests. The stranger feel uncomfortable and you won't be here. This is the peculiarity of this city.

Roads in the city are very wide, and in General the layout of the city, with the exception of the "new town", very spacious. Most of the time of day at all you might think that you are in the city and in the village. In the evening, except for a hike to the night market or in one of the few cafes, nothing to do. With the coming of darkness, after 19 hours, the local population on the streets is rapidly disappearing, and 21 o'clock on the streets for almost no one. The only busy place is the night market where you can dine in the eatery together with the local population. Day should definitely make time to visit the main market, Chao Phrom Market. It focuses mainly on local and Souvenirs for the tourists there are hard to find, but you can buy very cheap clothes and very cheap and delicious to eat.

Unfortunately, in such a relaxing atmosphere Polugaevsky tourists easy to lose vigilance, and that happens often. So here happen to steal things from tourists while walking. Motorcyclists can snatch valuables from the hands, rip the bag, or steal a backpack from the basket of a rental bike. In this regard everywhere in the city you can find signs warning for tourists. Don't neglect elementary safety measures, and all will be fine.

A bit of history

Знаменитая голова Будды в дереве
The city of Ayutthaya was founded around 1350 by the Prince as the new capital of the Kingdom of Siam, instead of the old capital of Sukhothai (Sukhothai), and remained so until 1767. During this period, thanks to the wise rule of the monarchy, Siam became the most powerful and wealthy state in Asia, and the capital - one of the richest and largest city in the world. In 1700-ies the population of Ayutthaya was more than 1 million inhabitants. The city has built 400 churches, 3 Palace, and it was all surrounded by 12 kilometers of the wall. The cause of the fall of the city, as the capital, in 1767, was the arrival of the Burmese, which almost destroyed the city to the ground, leaving only ruins. Siamese army in the violent battles still drove the Burmese out of the city, but the city's restoration as the capital, was not subject.

Layout, map

A large part of Ayutthaya, located within the island formed by three rivers: Chao Praya (Chao Phraya), PA Sak (Pa Sak) and lop Buri (Lopburi). The size of the island of 2.5 to 4.5 kilometers. Also the island is crossed by canals with a total length of 50 kilometers. The entire island perimeter surrounds the ring road U Thong Rd.

The city is divided into two districts: new town and old town.

In a new city in the North-Eastern part of the island is a large part of the tourism infrastructure, including all the hotels of Ayutthaya. New city on the map.

In the old town, occupying the North-Western part of Ayutthaya, is a large part of attractions – the ruins of the ancient city. The old town on the map.

Hotels Of Ayutthaya

In Ayutthaya there is a sufficient number of hotels and guesthouses. Mainly accommodation are presented with cheap guesthouses and some mid-level hotels. Particularly luxurious hotels are virtually none.

If you are not planning to book a hotel in Ayutthaya in advance and look for cheap housing on the site, you can go directly to the area of Soi 2 between Naresuan Road and Pamaphrao Road, opposite Chao Phrom Market (district of cheap hotels on the map).

Find and book accommodation in Ayutthaya can through the following sites or search form. Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support is present:

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How to get to Ayutthaya?

As we mentioned, it is possible to go to Ayuttaya together with a group tour. Group day trip from Bangkok costs about 800 baht (the currency of Thailand, the exchange rate), from Pattaya 2,000 baht. The tour guides purchased from Russian companies, with Russian-speaking guide costs around 500-1000 baht more expensive. Tour is the easiest way to explore the city for inexperienced travelers or if you have limited time. You can buy tours in travel agencies or guides in the Lodge.

The most convenient starting points to discover are Bangkok and Pattaya because of their geographic proximity to Ayutthaya, but in the other tourist areas of Thailand you can find similar trips.

If you want to visit Ayutthaya by yourself, you can do by train, bus, car or boat.

You can visit Ayutthaya for one day might prove self-guided tour from Bangkok: you can come into the city by train in the early morning; rent a motorbike or Bicycle right next to the railway station and to explore the city; in the evening return by train to Bangkok. All for the route here is at its best.

  • By train

    На ж/д станции в Аюттайе

    This is the cheapest way to get to Ayutthaya. Through the city passes the railway that connects Bangkok with the Northern cities of Thailand. So the direct train you can ride here from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi and other cities in the North. The train goes quite a lot (from Bangkok at least 38! on a daily basis). Information about the schedule and costs can be found on the website http://www.railway.co.th/home/ (English is available).

    The most popular route is from Bangkok. Trains depart from the main station Bangkok''s Hualamphong Train Station and in the path going from 1 hour to 2. Flight a lot, go with 4:20 in the morning and almost till midnight. So you can have time to hit the road from Bangkok to Ayutthaya and back in one day. Moreover, in Ayutthaya is well-organized such a visit, and you can immediately upon arrival near the railway station rent a motorbike or Bicycle (we recommend all motorcycle, because the distances are not small) for a day to explore the city and return the same day evening train to Bangkok.

    On this route go as far trains and trains like our trains with seats (3rd class). Tickets cost an average of 15 baht for 3rd a sedentary class, 35 baht for 2nd class seated and up to 300 for the 2nd air-conditioned class. Book tickets through the above sites, but much washed away in this: we can safely come to the station and buy a ticket at least in 3rd class on the next train, because to go an hour and a half.

    For longer trips from the North of Thailand we recommend you to choose air-conditioned cars in the recumbent class (sleeper class).

    The train station in Ayutthaya is located not on the island, and nearby, on the East side (the station of Ayutthaya on the map). To get from the station to the city will not be easy: when you leave the train, cross the road and go down to the river. Across the river every few minutes to the island and back, a ferry that costs 4 baht (3 baht - children, 2 baht for the bike).

    Прокат мотоциклов в Аюттайе возле ж/д станции

    Immediately after leaving the railway station you will see the rental motorcycles and bicycles. You can rent it for a day for 150-200 baht (motorcycle) and for 40 baht (the bike). Works the hire from 6 am to 19 hours. So if you use the rental, then return the bike at 19 o'clock will be able to go to Bangkok on one of the three trains at 19:05, 19:14 or 21:46. If you take a bike here, I can bring it on the ferry to the city for 2 baht, what better than to go around on the road into town across the bridge.

    When you cross by ferry to the city, there is also will immediately Balk at the rental motorcycles and bicycles, but the price tag on the bike, there could be 200-300 baht and 40 baht for the bike, and runs this rental only until 18:00.

    Even with the train station you can reach the city by tuk-tuk, which is constantly on duty there. But the payment, usually hourly (300 baht per hour, negotiable possible). The real price for a regular ride to area hotels in town is 50-70 baht to this price and should haggle.

  • Bus / mini bus

    Вот и вся автобусная станция в Аюттайе (киоск скрыт за автобусом)

    To Ayutthaya can be reached by intercity buses, tour buses and minibase (they are also minivans and vans). The buses have a disadvantage compared to train – able to get stuck in traffic, which happens often. So declared one and a half hours on the bus is often delayed for two or more.

    The main bus station of Ayutthaya, where comes most of the buses from Bangkok called BKS bus station is located on main street Thanon Naresuan (bus station on the map).

    But there is another station, called the North bus station (North Terminal). On this station there arrive buses from the North of Thailand. This station outside the city (North bus station on the map) and is reached from the city for 100-150 baht by tuk tuk.

    Tourist buses and minibase simple: tickets can be purchased at tourist areas in travel agencies or offices and go to them (from offices or places of sale), or pick you up from hotels. With the regular buses are a bit more complicated:

    • Минибас Бангкок-Аюттайя

      From Bangkok. From the Northern station Mo Chit during the day approximately every 30 minutes during the Ayutthaya travel large buses. Tickets cost 53 baht. Travel time – half an hour, and buses from 5 am to 18:30. To reserve tickets in advance is not necessary. Arrive and depart large buses to Ayutthaya at the station BKS bus station (see above), and some leave from Ayutthaya from the ticket kiosk on the street Thanon Naresuan 500 metres to the West of the station.

      From the victory Monument (Victory Monument) to Ayutthaya roughly every twenty minutes to go the minibase cost 60 baht. Journey time about 1 hour. These buses arrive at the street Thanon Naresuan in a new city practically in the area of cheap hotels. Sending in Bangkok happens at the other end of the street opposite the place of sending a big bus to Bangkok.

    • From Pattaya. From Pattaya to Ayutthaya on a direct Shuttle bus to reach. Have to go with a stopover in Bangkok. Not recommend to go this way from Pattaya to Ayutthaya one day tour: almost spend all day on the road and there is little to see. The cost of the route is about 250 baht one way (200 baht from North Pattaya station to the station Mo Chit in Bangkok + 53 baht to Ayutthaya). Time can take up to 5 hours there and the same back.

      Another option of travel via Bangkok to Ayutthaya – the mini bus from Pattaya to Parking the minibuses at Victory Monument, and from there to Ayutthaya. This option time can be faster and cheaper than by regular intercity buses.

      According to some information, there is a direct flight from Pattaya to Ayutthaya from the station of the company Nakhonchai.

    🔍 Search

    💲 Pay the ticket online

    Will receive an itinerary receipt by email

    🚌 Arrive to departure

    When searching for tickets on buses and trains for 12go.asia pay attention to the ranking of tickets/carriers (marked with asterisks on a five-point scale) and the reviews of actual users who traveled on this route. Selecting carriers with the highest rated according to user reviews, you will protect yourself from possible problems during the trip.
  • On the boat

    Regular boat message, according to our data, in Ayutthaya is not carried out. However, travel agencies Bangkok, you can purchase a boat tour from Bangkok to Ayutthaya or back along the Chao Phraya river. The cost of such trips around 1350 baht and the journey time is almost the whole day.

Transport. How to travel around the city?

  • Tuk-tuk

    Аюттайский Тук-Тук

    The river is constantly "dangle" a three-wheeled tuk-tuks on the type of Bangkok, but here they are unusual streamlined shape, can accommodate up to 6 people. As a rule, altaiskie tuk-tuks hired by time, from 250 baht per hour, but you can negotiate on a one-time trip. The tuk tuk driver might ask you to take a ride with stops at one of the proven and popular routes in the city, but you can make your own route.

  • On the boat

    If you have time, highly recommend a ride on the rivers around the city by boat. You can hire a personal boat (400 baht), but you can buy a ticket for a group walk.

  • On the bike

    The town is small, so a great way to explore the city and see the sights is by bike. Rent a bike from 40 baht per day. Look for a long time hire do not have to: they are next to the railway station, almost every hotel or nearby in the new town area. There is only one drawback when renting a bike will not be able to see some distant temples and ruins outside of town, too far to go.

  • For leased vehicles

    If you know how to drive motorcycle or car, then the rent will be the ideal option for exploring Ayutthaya. On motorcycle you can explore all you want in the city and surrounding area and to pay for it will have 150 baht per day. You can rent a motorbike like on the day and at night (for a day is already a bit expensive). Rentals in the city abound, especially in the area of the new city. One of the cheapest and most convenient located right next to railway station (150 baht for a hire from 6 am to 19 PM).

    Read more about car rent in Thailand here.

Helpful information

Card. In the hotels of Ayutthaya are hard to find colorful free map of the city, as is usually the case in the popular resorts. In the best case in Ayutthaya you can get a photocopy or printout of the card in black and white of poor quality. Therefore it is better to take care of this issue in advance and make a card yourself, even at home. Some good options of cards we see the Map of Ayutthaya.

Night markets. Night markets in Ayutthaya are very interesting place, especially when you consider that night in Ayutthaya almost nothing to do. But night markets are not always located in the same place. Find out at the hotel reception where the nearest local market.

Bicycle rental. Hotels rent out bicycles is mostly in a terrible state. Find Bicycle rental in the best condition and can be cheaper after a short walk through the streets of the New city.

Ayutthaya will disappear. Scientists for several decades (some sources call 30 years) all the monuments of Ayutthaya will completely disappear under water due to climate change. So hurry, if you want to catch her to ancient sites.

The schedule of buses to Ayutthaya

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