Tax refund Vat Refund in Thailand

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Табличка возврат Налога

The system of tax refund VAT Refund or TAX FREE in Thailand allows tourists a good idea to save money on expensive purchases, returning to 7% VAT when leaving the country. Ie if you buy something relatively expensive in the country as a visitor/tourist will leave the country to get back to 7% tax included in the price of goods. The amount of the refund is determined according to the table, and not always is 7%, it's just the maximum limit.

To use this simply: don't have to run the chain of command and fill out numerous pieces of paper, all done at the airport when flying home or to another country. However, it is worth to come to the airport a little early before departure to have time to arrange everything and get the money.

However, be aware that the importation of things in Russia, like in any other country, is also limited. Theoretically, if you bring bought expensive things, besides for the purpose of sale, you have to declare and pay customs duties. So don't abuse the tax refund when leaving, otherwise you can get problems when entering home.

So, how to use in Thailand tax refund Vat Refund:

Стойка Vat Refund в аэропорту Бангкока

The conditions for tax refund

  • You are not a resident of Thailand and a member of the flight crew from Thailand;
  • From the moment of purchase till the moment of departure was not more than 60 days;
  • You are leaving Thailand through one of the international airports;
  • You made a purchase/purchases at the shops, marked with a sign VAT refund totaling not less than 2000 baht in one day (about 64 US dollars, see the currency of Thailand and the exchange rate). You can make several purchases in one store in the amount of not less than 2,000 baht, or purchase in different stores in the amount of not less than 2000 each, all tax will be refunded.

Where tax returns

You can get paid only in international airports are Suvarnabhumi, don Mueang, Chiang Mai, Phuket, hat Yai, u-Tapao, Krabi or Koh Samui with departure from home country or any other country.

The General procedure that you need to do to return the tax

  • Make a purchase in the store, marked with a sign VAT refund in one day on minimum of 2000 baht. Such a lot of shops, especially in Bangkok, you only need to look carefully at the presence of such signs when buying, or to ask the seller. Purchases can be made as you like, the main condition – to have not less than 2000 baht in one day. When buying ask the seller for the form P. P. 10 and checks, you will be given all without question. The form will have to fill your personal details in English (Latin) as in your passport. It is very desirable to keep the product packaging, and ideally take it at all Packed.
  • Not later than 60 days after the purchase when leaving the country on a special VAT Refund counter at the international airports are Suvarnabhumi, don Mueang, Chiang Mai, Phuket, hat Yai, u-Tapao, Krabi or Samui please submit form P. P. 10 and checks the inspector of the customs service. This must be done before check-in and baggage drop to the inspector confirmed the existence of the items purchased in your Luggage. Sometimes they do check their presence, so be ready to get them out of Luggage. If everything is in order, your documents will be punched, then you can go for a flight check-in.
  • After check-in and passport control, when you are in the international zone, you need to apply again with the documents for the VAT refund counter where you can get paid. The amount of the refund paid in cash in baht and return over 30 000 baht transferred to plastic card or Bank issued check. For the processing of payments on plastic card or cheque you will keep 100 baht). If you get some cash and they will not be required in the future, can exchange them in the exchange offices in the international currency, or spend in Duty Free shops.

What if I didn't get paid because of the large queues

Yes, it happens sometimes that after check-in and passport control you will fail to receive payment due to large queues, although the documents have been verified and stamped by customs you have on hand. This problem is solved. For this, you can send documents by mail and to attach the data to transfer money, best credit card number Visa or MasterCard, and props tied to her Bank account. Documents must be sent to:

  • Vat Refund for tourist Office
  • The revenue Departvent of Thailand
  • 90 Phaholyothin 7, Phayathai,
  • Bangkok 10400, Thailand
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