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Massage has become one of the trademarks of Thailand.

Just agree; we will talk specifically about the MASSAGE. On many sites unwittingly created the opinion that almost all massage parlors in Pattaya and Bangkok - a solid "boom-boom" ("bum-bum" in Thai jargon - sex). It is not so!

In most salons "boom-boom" is not going to work for any money. The conversation will discuss not only Thai, but also about the most common types of massage offered to tourists.

The first problem is how to choose a good massage parlor

A few tips:

  1. Location. Located on the main streets, not on the jays, lanes, dead ends. Massage in the hotel is good, but you have to understand that work there are not professionals, and that the attendants of the hotel.

    Записки «дикаря». Рекомендации по тайскому массажу

    For them the extra money. Should not be taken seriously and to the massage on the beach.

    Записки «дикаря». Рекомендации по тайскому массажу.

    This is a typical divorce grandparents retired. With the same success ask any "carrots" and she'll say that she owns the techniques of Thai massage.

    Some good salons I can recommend the second street on the left side, if you go from McDonald's to the South (towards Jomtien). Checked for yourself. Here's one:

    Записки «дикаря». Рекомендации по тайскому массажу.
  2. Pay attention to the room, its size, cleanliness, design. Special attention to the furniture. Good stores to buy special convertible massage chairs, and it's not cheap.

  3. The number of staff. A professional will not to combine the positions of massage therapist and polomojki! Even Barker on the streets often do not do massage, and combine the functions of a Manager, cashier, cleaner, etc.

  4. For some types of massage are the private rooms. If you are offered Thai massage in the common room – go without hesitation! This type of massage is done in a separate room and you have to offer to get dressed in a special kimono. In the common room doing foot massage, head, neck.

  5. Ask whether there is a shower room. If not, then after the massage you will be offered a towel to wipe!!!

  6. If you have chosen a salon, leave him your feet. Hack feel right

It is necessary to mention the sex of the masseuse. On second street, right next to "BOYS TOWN", ....

Записки «дикаря». Рекомендации по тайскому массажу.

.... is the salon with the boys, masseurs. There like to come back single ladies and European queer. Don't be surprised! I warned you.

Problem two, what type of massage to choose.

I want to focus on some aspects of specific species.

  1. Thai massage. Is not more than twice a week! It's pretty tough, but very beneficial for the spine and internal organs. If you have had serious injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, it is a contraindication. If the injury was long healed well, no complaints and really want to, then at least warn, gestures indicate the problem area! Not recommended and varicose veins.

    Записки «дикаря». Рекомендации по тайскому массажу.

    In fine salons by professionals, not people from the street, the therapist asks: "does it hurt?" and based on your reaction dispenses the load.

  2. Oil-massage. Important: do not eat before the procedure, because rumple will be all, including belly! Go on an empty stomach!!! Massage very pleasant and beneficial. Has almost no contraindications, but the presence of postoperative sutures, hernia it is better to tell the massage therapist. Pay attention particularly shy the massage, the patient disrobes completely. In some salons Bangkok women offer disposable panties.

    Записки «дикаря». Рекомендации по тайскому массажу.

    In good salons Pattaya masseuse covers your body with towels (5-6 pieces), so you don't feel uncomfortable, and alternately opening the one part of the body, then the other, performs the procedure

    Записки «дикаря». Рекомендации по тайскому массажу.

    After Oil always appears hunger (indicator of quality). Me personally, this massage liked the most.

  3. Head massage back. Thai back massage is not the main, so 75% of the time will be spent exactly on the head. They have so decided. Done, reclining on a chair, or lying down.

    Записки «дикаря». Рекомендации по тайскому массажу.

    Contraindications are almost none. Massage relaxes and soothes. Personally, I almost fell asleep. Hand massage is also included in this procedure. If you want good salons wash your hair.

  4. Foot massage. With this all clear.

    Записки «дикаря». Рекомендации по тайскому массажу.

    I can only say that in some salons wash your feet, others wipe a warm damp towel. Both allowed.


  1. Massage with aromatic oils – more expensive. In fact the same Oil-massage, but with the addition of 2-3 oils of choice. To pay almost twice the price doesn't make sense.

  2. "Honeymoon massage" - sometimes combined with Spa treatments. The main differences are: beautiful atmosphere, massages both at the neighbor tables at the same time. Practice is not all salons. More common in Bangkok.

  3. The "4 hands massage". Is mostly oil and is more expensive. I want to – negotiate, but, in my opinion, is superfluous.

  4. Massage with the use of objects: sticks, stones, herb bags, balls, etc. Special advantages it does not, but a new sensation will be. Like – try it. Practice not all salons.

  5. "Fish massage" - known to everyone who has ever been in Thailand. Sit down and dipped his feet in the aquarium, and "hungry" fish are doing their thing. This procedure with interference can be attributed to the massage, but worth a try.

    Записки «дикаря». Рекомендации по тайскому массажу.

    Not recommended for those who are afraid of tickling. There were cases when a scream mixed with laughter stood on the city.

    Записки «дикаря». Рекомендации по тайскому массажу.
  6. "Body massage" - a topic covered in the Internet. I will not stop. I can only say that the proper massage is not relevant and is a "sexual service".


Average prices seen on the price list one of the decent salons of ITL. Prices may be a little lower, but usually the class of these parlors is much lower.

Записки «дикаря». Рекомендации по тайскому массажу.

Prices are above average only talk about a good location, and a larger number of patients. Higher prices may be in shopping centers because of taxes and rent. I'm not suggest. Lying in a large hall with glass walls, where MNU 15 more people, a dubious pleasure. Prefer Granny from Europe.

Choose average for the price, which is more common, but taking into account the recommended criteria.

CONCLUSIONS: the choice of the salon and the massage should be approached sensibly and without haste. Consider the state of his health. Professional masseurs on the beaches do not work. Don't fall for "divorce".

A good relaxation!

Author: 35eg35

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35eg35 25 February, 2014
And yet, you want to Supplement your report. :idea:
There is an option for lovers of super exotics : the Spa centre at a women's prison in Chiang Mai. It is included in the famous massage school in Bangkok. This part of the program of rehabilitation of prisoners. All the money transferred to the account of the unfortunate "inmates". After release, they will be able to pick them up. ...
admin February 25, 2014
The admin says (though he, i.e. me, on the forum and not the main one, and the last word for the "Accommodation") that he was passing near the prison of Chiang Mai. In principle knew about massage there, only to call did not dare. And so, the information is interesting and useful, if you don't mind, I would like to place it in a separate article on the website in the section on Thailand. ...
35eg35 25 February, 2014

Yay! Allowed! :APP
The author doesn't mind! ...
Michaels 9 February, 2015
Foot massage is generally a separate kind of thrill! This salvation is for the poor of the feet of tourists that day and running like antelopes, trying to see everything and everywhere in time) ...
Alehandro 8 January, 2017
By the way, the hotel "Poppa Palace" a very good massage parlor. However, I try only classic, but want a "4 hands". ...
PaZan 8 January, 2017
Really massage is one of the business cards of Thailand, and offer it on almost every corner, but it is best to ask about where is the best place to do it. This massage need to get used to, but after completely relax, do whatever. ...
admin January 9, 2017

In fact, the theme about massage in Thailand, not Taiwan. This is a different country. ...
Ananda 28 January, 2017
Yes, I will agree, the best massage parlors - those that are visible and not in the backyard. Another indicator - the presence of the queue, if there is no one - usually do not come. The habit does, selling all points, the existence of which do not even know. On the beach really doesn't make sense. ...
Nastya259 31 January, 2017
Few people know that the best massage therapists in Thailand - blind. There is not direct tourists, and does not advertise this type of massage. But, from my own experience I can say that these massage therapists are able to make a real therapeutic massage. One of these centers is located in the resort town of Pattaya, close to Pattaya Park3*. ...
yulkashpulka October 25, 2017
for me the discovery ,it turns out that what some just a maid ,just like that comes out and does massage to a tourist? ...