App Grab-taxi – replacement Uber in Thailand

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2018 in Thailand ceased to work for Uber. Stopped working altogether and everywhere. But instead, you can use the app Grab taxi, or just Grab.

Grab is an Asian version of Uber, which operates in several countries of Southeast Asia and rapidly expanding. Grab successfully works at least in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia and even Myanmar. Moreover, you can order not only the car, but the premium ride in a limousine, or alternatively economy-on a motorcycle taxi.

Логотип Grab

Which is very convenient, the cost of the trip you will learn directly in the application after specifying the place of departure and destination, and will be available to the choice of multiple transport options at different prices. In General, the use of Grab allows you to move a little more expensive than a regular taxi on the counter, and much cheaper than traveling at a fixed contract price.

How to use the application Grab in Thailand

The Grab app is available for free download in Google Play and AppStore, and it is better to take care of its installation even at home in preparation for the journey. Using them is as simple as Uber, the interface is in English. You'll need mobile Internet or WiFi. To use the Internet in roaming of the Russian operators are very expensive, so it is better to buy a local SIM card, although in most cases you can do free WiFi at hotels, airports, cafes, restaurants etc.

Below is a brief instruction for using the Grab on the example of the trip in Vietnam, which is absolutely no different to Thailand:

In short, you need to specify the point of departure (or confirm your automatically a certain position), select a destination on the map or by address, choose the type ordered transport (budget car, luxury or motorcycle taxi). After that, you will immediately receive the cost of the trip, and you can place your order. As soon as the closest driver will accept the order, you will receive registration number of the car/motorcycle, and be able to communicate with the driver via text chat.

Here are simple instructions with screenshots and description:

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