Night markets of Thailand

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We have a house covered markets, wholesale markets, wet markets, flea markets and many other markets. But in Thailand there are night markets that I want to tell you.

Night markets in Thailand is more than just a place to buy something. Personally, I refer them to one of the most interesting sites, and always try to visit. They can be found not only in tourist resorts, but in the provincial towns of Thailand. The locals are very fond of night markets, they are a place unwind in the evening, as familiar, which for some of us are night clubs or cafes. No, perhaps not quite so... In night clubs families do not go. But the Thais with their families go to the night market to relax a bit and unwind after a hard day's work.

Anyway, night markets are very interesting, and I advise you to go there. Personally, I like this stuff so much that I first thing to do before traveling to a new place in Thailand be sure to find out if there is a night market and how it works, and when arriving at the place, on the first night trying to get there.

Time. Start working these markets in Thailand is usually with the coming of darkness, and that, depending on the season, with 18 or 19 o'clock (Yes, in Thailand it gets dark very early and very quickly). But do not think that they work all night. After 9 p.m. they begin to curl, and by midnight already closed, but tomorrow morning have to Wake up early for work. Some work every day, and somewhere, unfortunately, only on weekends or individual days.

Goods in the markets, what to buy. Range of markets varied, but in most cases there are resorts selling Souvenirs and all sorts of goods primarily for tourists. There are more specialized themed night markets. For example, the market Cicada Market – something like art and handicraft market, i.e. they sell products and handmade Souvenirs, paintings, art supplies.

On some night markets, you can find specific only to this region handicraft products, handmade and other interesting things. In General, a good night market shopping you will be delighted.

Kitchen night markets – it is something indescribable. This is a real feast of the abdomen, sometimes very exotic insects, unusual drinks, cocktails, fruit, a soup. In coastal areas the abundance of seafood.

Many markets-generally formed around a large outdoor food courts, while trade of goods is secondary. You can spend hours walking through the ranks, serving incredible exotic dishes.

Scheme of service for them is different, so I will dwell a little. In the most simple places, you simply walk up to the counter, buy provinsies you food and drinks for cash, and sit at the table to eat. If the dish you ordered is not ready yet, you either can bring your table, or you can choose to come back for the dish. You can pay immediately, don't worry, no one here never cheats.

Another option is the coupon system. This is similar to the system of modern Thai food courts with magnetic cards, here cards are used instead of paper coupons. On these courts you need to find the counter that sells tickets, buy them about as much as you want to spend (in our experience, we almost never spent on the island and more than 200 baht per person, but if you want something special, such as lobster, we will have to pay more). After that, go to the shops and buy what you like, and the rest of the coupons can again be exchanged for money in the same place where you bought them.

And another small tip: take the first table, and then go for the order. On weekends, the food courts night markets are so many people that sometimes finding space is a real problem.

A special part of the market – the creative or artistic part. Almost every night market there is a place where artists or entertainers, artisans, and craftsmen. Something like our Arbat. Very interesting place and I am definitely looking for that in any market, no matter where I hit.

And yet, in some markets there is a stage where local artists perform, show different shows, including a claim to tradition. If your market scene there. Immediately take a seat close to her to see it.

For example, a video from the scene of one of my favorite night markets in Krabi:

Markets there are simpler, more like a large canteen, as for example in Krabi on the waterfront. There is not so interesting, but it is possible to eat delicious and inexpensive.

And finally, my rating of the most popular night markets in Thailand:

  1. Chiang Rai

    Night market of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand I remember liking the most. Why? Love is hard to explain. In this market there is a scene, and a huge food court where you can try insects. But that's not all. Especially for European tourists, there is another scene in a posh restaurant.

  2. Chiang Mai

    Night market of Chiang Mai is huge. I remember primarily as a market where you can buy anything you want. But a special place in this market is a local crafts and DIY that you can only find in Chiang Mai. But still there are a lot of artists and their workshops.

  3. Night market in Krabi

    Unfortunately, the night market in Krabi town is only open on weekends. I liked it its provincialism. Tourists are almost there, at least the Europeans, but the fun is in full swing. There is a scene.

  4. Hua hin night market Cicada Market

    Of all the other markets that I've seen, the Hua hin market, Cicada Market liked its originality. It focuses on artists and craftsmen. Here you can buy a very unusual handmade Souvenirs and paintings. Just do not confuse it with the night market in Central Hua hin, this is a very different place.

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