What rights are needed in Thailand

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Are there in Thailand Russian law, and what is needed

Despite the common Internet opinion is that in Thailand there are regular Russian law, as Thailand and Russia signed the Vienna Convention on road traffic to control an automobile, motorcycle, or even a low-power scooter in Thailand need very real international law, not a Russian national. Everything in detail:

For starters, let's see what types of licences are:

  • National rights. Every driver in Russia gets such rights. They have an international format and fully comply with the requirements of the Vienna Convention, and indeed recognized by the majority of signatories to the Vienna Convention, but not Thailand.

    Какие права нужны в Тайланде: так выглядят российские права. Они не действуют в Тайланде It national WOO, they're ordinary Russian law
  • International law (international driving permit - IDP). This permit is made in the form of books in various languages and is delivered in addition to national rights, and is valid only in conjunction with them. Such rights are necessary for traffic control in Thailand.

    Какие права нужны в Тайланде: так выглядят международные права. Они действуют в Тайланде Is an international driving permit, or IDP

Why there are no Russian law, although the country has signed the Vienna Convention? The fact that Thailand, though signed but not ratified, i.e. not upheld by its internal act.

Why to hire transport in Thailand need to be mandatory to have an international driving permit. But do not forget that the IDP is valid only in conjunction with national rights, and to take on holiday or travelling in this country you need both documents.

As to international law

To obtain the IDP in Russia is easy, take exams is not necessary. It is enough to apply to the traffic police, pay a fee of 1600 roubles (2018), and MVU. You can also get them through the MFC, or even better public services through the site.of the Russian Federation. On the website you will be able to apply and enter all data and then pay them without leaving home, and at a discount of 30%, i.e., 1120 rubles (in 2018). Then, we only go and get rights according to their readiness to the traffic police or the DCP. The IDP is valid for 3 years.

If the house to the IDP will not have time, you can solve this problem and on location in Thailand. There are two ways:

  • Illegal. In the streets of Thailand, especially in Bangkok on Khao San road, you can find the production of counterfeit driver's license. Many tourists used this and no problems, but this does not mean that you are lucky. If you decide to buy a fake IDP, remember that the risk of getting caught is.
  • Legitimate. You may obtain the right to legally in the local traffic police, and how to manage them in Thailand and in other Southeast Asian countries: Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines. They operate five years, and all clearance will cost from 800 baht. But it is necessary to have a contract to rent/houses will have to undergo a medical examination, and pass exams. So this option is suitable only for those foreigners who live in the country, not the tourists or the travelers.

What is the penalty for driving without a license

The official fine for driving without a license is 1,000 baht. Plus it can confiscate the vehicle on the spot and send it to the impound lot, where it will have to take the owner (the lessor) and to pay a 2000 baht fine. Sometimes you can solve the problem on the spot for a few hundred baht, but don't particularly count on it. Read more about the other fines in Thailand here...

Do I need a license to rent a scooter or moped

With car all clear, the rights are necessary. But often the question arises whether it is possible to rent a motorbike or a motorbike (or scooter or moped) without a license. In fact, to rent in most cases, no one's rights when renting is not usually asked, but at the meeting with the police still have to answer to the fullest extent.

License to drive any two-wheeled machinery in Thailand, and there must be a corresponding category "a" or "A1" for motorcycles with engine capacity less than 125cc. No such thing as a category "M" for mopeds with an engine capacity of less than 50 cubic centimeters in Thailand no. This follows from local 1979 act "Motor Vehicle Act", article 42, which States that anyone who operates a motor vehicle on public roads must have the appropriate driver's license:

Section 42

Anyone who wishes to drive a motor vehicle on public roads must possess an appropriate driver's license. The driver must carry the driver's license and a photocopy of the registration book and show them to competent officers upon request. This does not apply for those who are learning to drive a motor vehicle according to the provision of Section 57.

If the driver is an alien who doesn't have an immigrant visa, he may drive a motor vehicle with a driver's license specified in the Section 42-2. In such a case, he must carry documents specified by the treaty between the Thai government and the government which issued such driver's license, and show them to competent officers upon request.

Also these categories are spelled out in the Vienna Convention itself. In her category "M" is missing, and for two wheelers only "A" and "A1".

What in practice with this question. Of course, you can almost always get off with a fine or just try to pay off a bribe. Recommended as adventurous and seasoned travelers, for driving without a license they would only bribe from 300 to 1000 baht (see currency of Thailand and the exchange rate). But if you get on principled policeman, in addition to operating without a license can still be responsible for bribery, which is a felony. Also if there is an accident, even not your fault, you will still be found guilty (because you have no right to control). And, of course, travel insurance doesn't cover this case: in the payment and treatment at the expense of the insurance company you will be denied. Therefore, we recommend you to open house required category in your national rights, and to issue to them the IDP.

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Moved your topic from Phuket.
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Tell me, and if I will be of national law with international standards , although category B (cars) - I can also fine? ...
admin April 21, 2019

If you are renting a car, all OK, and on a motorbike will be fined. As much as I drove a motorbike in Thailand, but I never in my life never stopped, although I have everything as it should be: category a and the international ...
admin August 23, 2019

If you'll be driving, not fined. If a motorbike will be fined. ...
Vetot 20 September 2019
The driver's license of the Russian sample is indeed in Thailand, though the Vienna Convention has not been ratified. Got into an accident through the fault of the Thais, insurance WU admitted (as there are people operate by laws: Convention signed but not ratified). But the Police, especially in tourist areas to prove something difficult, almost impossible. ...
admin , September 20th, 2019

So it is true, but there is an official circular and the statement by the police in the media that the national Wu international they do not recognize. This year alone, all published in the Thai media. Therefore, to argue with the Thai police on the road I think it makes no sense, they have bosses and teams at the top. ...