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Bangkok is a very cheap city. He is world-famous as the place with the cheapest five-star hotels and the cheapest taxi. Indeed, to drive through almost the entire huge city by air-conditioned car taxi for 200 baht (see currency of Thailand, the exchange rate). But it is possible to view almost the whole of Bangkok for a penny, and, from the height of bird flight. We are talking about one particular Skytrain in Bangkok.

Only in Bangkok there are three subway system. We are interested in the BTS or Skytrain, which beautifully translates as "sky train". Its routes are above ground at a height of approximately from 5 to 10 floors. The platforms and passages are also high. All this allows you to see the beauty and greatness of this city, not even leaving the system.

Payment metro in Bangkok is made depending on the distance travelled, i.e. from a specific station to another specific station. When you buy a ticket you call the station to which you need to get (this is done in the ticket office or vending machine) and receive a ticket in the form of cards. After passing through the turnstile using that card, you will be able to go through the turnstile on the platform only the station to which you bought a ticket. This means that you can buy the cheapest ticket for 15 baht to the nearby station, but to ski the whole metro network (and two lines) and out of the train onto the platform at any station. The only thing not to do is to get off the platform and can not be located in the system longer than 120 minutes, otherwise when you exit you will be fined by as much as 40бат! Well, when you knurled, you can go to the station to which you bought a ticket, and out there.

Read more about all types of metro Bangkok and how to use it here...

Схема наземного метро Бангкока (BTS) Поезд BTS
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Getting a stamp for sure no problems, I have repeatedly done way. Can be your ticket to stay longer, this year I had 40 days in the same way. ...
Aleksutin February 2, 2019
Is it possible to exit and enter Thailand the same day, to get a stamp for 30 days... flying with a baby ...
admin February 2, 2019

Hello! In theory maybe, in practice problems can arise. How lucky can refuse or start to sweat you about that. you're not a tourist but an illegal worker in Thailand. IMHO, I did not venture, but several days of fun held in the neighboring country. ...
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Wrote to support. About the chat not seen, thank you! ...
Gypsy 13 March, 2019
I have the entry of June 15, departure on 16 July, makes 32 days. Is it a problem? ...
admin 13 March, 2019

A fine of 2 days pay, like 500 baht per day was previously. So come to the airport early to get everything done. Can advance or extend bezviz the immigration office for 1900 baht ...

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