How to distinguish katoya (transvestite)

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Знаменитая тайская модель-трансвестит Нонг Пои

The theme of transvestites in Thailand is perhaps relevant as anywhere else. Sex change for the provision of sexual services in Thailand is delivered to the stream, but the meeting with katoen (a transvestite) is not always desirable for tourists who travel to the country for sexual pleasures, because the majority of tourists traveling to Thailand, still adhere to more traditional views.

Not to be trapped in this question, there are several fairly simple ways to distinguish katoya (transvestite) from a real woman by their appearance. Here they are:

Катой, Таиланд
  • Large arms and hands. The hands are male and to do nothing that you can't have no surgery. To develop the habit of immediately to determine katoya hand, women often compare hands with her.
  • Growth. Secretly the majority of people small. Transvestites always above average. Of course, no surgery and changing here will not help.
  • Large size shoes. Remember the "Gentlemen of fortune" and they like buying shoes.
  • Again hands. The young trance always makes a girl strong arms. Because of this they sometimes perform in "the circus" and even engaged in commercial activities. Pull him a hand and he will grab her by the peasant.
  • Behavior. The behavior of the TRANS may seem more arrogant, rude, strong. It is easier to ruffle. Solid "critical days"!
  • Breath. Not changing the TRANS and men's type of breathing. Attentive probably have noticed the rise of the female breast, for example after running. Men dominate the abdominal type of breathing.
  • Broad shoulders and narrow pelvis. In most cases, broad shoulders and narrow pelvis give katoya, but not always. There are exceptions (women and men), so this feature should only be considered together with the other.
  • And now, attention, important!
  • "Adam's Apple". In the vernacular it is called Adam's Apple. Surgery to remove is worth more than all the others put together. Go for it very rarely. Even hormones is not affected. So as a rule, it is not removed and hidden. I'm sure many have seen girls with collars or ornaments on the neck. Most are simply trying not to show it, tilt my head etc.

We were able to judge that before you kathoey only the presence or absence of one of the signs is not necessary, it is easy to make a "fatal mistake". So consider the presence of several signs.

Как отличить катоя / трансвестита

Thanks to 35eg35 for the information in the article.

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espacoru 8 April, 2017

they are everywhere:) they are the same as everywhere else ...
admin 9 April, 2017

Yes, very much. Perhaps in no other country do such a number of them. And I think it's not the fact that it is very cheap plastic surgery and sex change surgery, as they often tell tourists. On the contrary the demand has spawned a lot of suggestions. Maybe this even contributes to the fact that Buddhism is a very tolerant religion and does not condemn a sex change. But it's just a guess to answer exactly why in Thailand so many of them need to live here or be born. ...
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