Free Internet at airports of Thailand

Not all airports in Thailand is possible to find free Wi-Fi Internet. However, in the six international airports in Thailand almost throughout the terminals there is a free network AOT Free Wi-Fi. These are the airports:

To use this free Internet will have to pass a simple registration procedure with the introduction of the personal data after which will give you access to 120 minutes per day. You can then re-register, but under other data.

Step-by-step instructions for using the online AOT Free WiFi from TrueMove H

  1. Select the device network name "@ AirportTrueFreeWiFi"
  2. Open a browser
  3. Automatically on the page that appears, click "GET FREE WiFi"
  4. In the opened window you must enter your login details and your valid personal data. They are entered only in Latin:
    • Username – create any user name to login
    • Password – create a password to login
    • Full Name – Your name as in passport
    • Email – Inbox
    • ID Card/Passport No – in this field you need to enter the passport number.
    • Country – list to choose the country.
  5. After entering the information, click Register
  6. After registration you can login using the entered username and password, and use the Internet for 2 hours.

Or not to enter your real passport data for registration. At least no one will check that you have entered. But it is important to enter the passport number is similar to the actual (i.e. replace only some figures, for example), because a random set of numbers, the system refuses to accept.

Perhaps, over time, the number of airports and the network of free Internet will increase, so if you see in the list of networks "@ AirportTrueFreeWiFi" just connect to the above algorithm.

🕒 October 16, 2018

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