Ban electronic cigarettes in Thailand

Электронные сигареты в Таиланде запрещены

One of the troubles which may face the tourists and travelers in Thailand – ban on electronic cigarettes. Since 2014 banned the sale and use of e-cigarettes. Moreover, violation is not only selling or using, but also trafficking. This means that if the police or customs officers at the border find an e-cigarette or its parts, you can "ring out" in prison. The punishment is quite harsh:

  • If you use the electronic cigarette for their needs, provides up to 5 years in prison and a fine of five times the value of the electronic device.
  • For sale the punishment even more severe – up to 10 years imprisonment and a fine.

Interestingly, the law provides for a ban on electronic cigarettes purchased after the ban in 2014, i.e. if you can document (cheque, for example) to prove that you bought it before 2014, it is not a violation, at least not yet.

Despite the ban, in popular tourist areas for sale or in the bars you can see these electronic devices as long as the police did not take seriously for this violation. However, we highly recommend to refrain from their use and importation in the country. The police of Thailand is traditionally considered to be very corrupt, and it is possible to face a situation when for such a violation you will have to give quite a large bribe to avoid punishment. And don't believe the assurances of the sellers of cigarettes in Thailand that all legal, because it is possible that after purchase you will immediately be stopped by a police officer working with the seller in cahoots.

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