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Diving in Thailand

Diving in the coastal waters of Thailand continues to be a rapidly developing area of active recreation. Popular Thai diving shall warm and clear waters of the Andaman sea and the Gulf of Thailand, predictability of surface currents. Mostly divers are confronted only with tidal otlicnyi water level fluctuations. The rich flora and fauna of the underwater world is breathtaking even for experienced divers. Special appeal have dives to the wrecks and study of underwater caves, but this is a lot of professionals.

The safety of this fashionable services in Thailand is strictly regulated at the state level. License to practice scuba diving on a commercial basis in the country issued by the Guild of diving instructors (PADI), Thai Association of diving instructors (NAUI), scuba school of diving (SSI) and the international Federation (TDI). Permits from these companies evidence of the legality of the services provided, qualifications of the instructor and have certification of the proposed equipment.

Under the auspices of these organizations created an extensive network of schools on Express learning the tricks exotic holiday. They are represented in all the popular resorts of Thailand: Phuket, Ko Lanta, Ko Tao and Krabi, Koh Chang and Koh Samui, and many others. Perhaps even it would be correct to say that it is difficult to find a resort where at least in the form of entertainment for tourists not to be offered diving.

Applying for a diving tour groups typically will lead beginner lessons-briefings under the auspices of PADI – the most famous in this respect the Association. Everywhere also provided training courses from BSAC (British scuba diving club). The most popular program is still the course of the novice driver. Tourists with diving experience is not deprived of the opportunity to use the services of private instructors, which allows them to obtain greater freedom in the depths of the sea.

Prices for diving in Thailand

Unified price list for services by immersion Thai dive centers have not been developed. The cost primarily depends on the comfort of the vessel in which it is proposed to make daily diving (daytime freight by visiting several dive sites). For example, tourists staying at the hotel Phuket sea cruise from morning to evening with three performances anchored for diving will cost around 100-120 dollars. A beginner will traditionally pay 50% more than a certified diver. Also the price is higher, the remoter the place the dive.

The lowest prices for diving are available in Pattaya. Farther to the South of the country, the more expensive. The highest prices on the Islands, but the conditions there best. If you compare the prices with other countries, in Thailand the diving is cheaper than in America or Europe, but more expensive than Turkey or Egypt.

Here are the minimum prices for diving in Thailand for reference:

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Diving spots in Thailand

As we mentioned above, in Thailand it is difficult to find a resort where not to be offered diving. However, for experienced divers it is better to go to resorts specializing in diving. This, above all, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Lipe, etc. a Little more about the places for diving in Thailand:

The resorts of Thailand, connected with the industry of diving, on a geographical basis divided into two groups: Andaman sea (West coast) and the Gulf of Thailand (East coast).

  • The Gulf of Thailand

    The Gulf of Thailand is shallow and inferior to the variety of reef formations. The maximum depth of the Bay does not exceed 90 meters and the water area has 112 Islands. Among the places visited by fans of diving isolated island of Koh Tao with its spots, tied to the granite formations. Particularly attracted to Green Rock for its tunnels and opportunity to consider the blueness of bracken, to monitor the movement of populations of parrot fish.

    Siamese water in Chonburi province harvested by scuba divers in Pattaya. The centre is famous for its arrays of corals, sheltered laid-back turtle and starfish, but the main pride - the skeleton of the cruiser during the second world war. Military ship "Nardep" piled on the right side at a depth of only 26 meters. Marine reserve Chumphon is adapted to dive in the dark. This contributes to the coastline and nocturnal marine life.

    Spetsializiruyutsya scuba diving Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. The water visibility here is 25 metres. In addition, on the East coast is isolated district of Samui island with its colonies of red anenomes and Sail Rock overlooking the sea 15 meters. Koh Samui travel diving tours in the marine Park "Angthong"

  • Diving in the Andaman sea

    Andaman dive presented by the resorts of Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta, Ko Lipe. Not far behind in attracting tourists centers on the Islands of Surin and Similan ridge. Extreme little-studied lures underwater world of Mergui archipelago. Leading positions regained tourist areas in Krabi province. They quickly recovered after the devastating tsunami in 2002 and again attract lovers of underwater exploring for its proximity to the iconic spots of the Thai shelf. To places for diving, which is always at the hearing include Racha Yai in Phuket and Ter Bay with a graveyard of ships.

    A real pilgrimage of tourists is observed to the sunken reef on the rocks in 2000, 85-meter passenger vessel fleet. Dive site king Cruiser is popular as a beginners because of the shallow depth and experienced seekers underwater adventure. Resort Ko Lipe interesting dives near the 8-mile Rock and to the remains of the ship Jung Hua. He also promises good test for skilled swimmers, their movements, and many of the caves in the limestone rocks.

    Overall, the West coast has a more rich fauna and submitted these coral gardens. Here you can find a huge groupers and Moray eels, barracudas and rays, octopus and turtles, whale sharks, and leopard sharks. Motley accumulations of reef fish interspersed with flocks of pelagic. You can see the silver balls migrating shoals of sardines, herring, and if we're lucky and hunt a huge tuna for their food.

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