The OTOP shops in Thailand

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Логотип OTOP

Almost every major tourist resort in Thailand you can find shops with the OTOP logo or the products sold under this trademark. This is a very interesting and quality products, so we advise not to pass by such shops.

One Tambon One Product (OTOP) is a program of stimulating local producers, launched in 2001, the Prime Minister of Thailand. He was positioned as a measure to support local producers and its essence goes something like this: one province – one product. It basically means that the network of these stores in different areas sell products and inherent only in this area. The products include a range of original Souvenirs, the goods for health and beauty traditional natural clothing, fabric, etc. Most of the products marketed as Handmade, i.e. "made by hand". And most interesting is that according to the plans of the program in each province/locality/village in OTOP sold their original products.

Товар в OTOP

In 2006 the program was closed, but shops OTOP to continue to operate successfully as a separate brand, though, and lost some of the initial ideas.

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