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Thai cuisine is incredibly delicious, diverse, and very bright. And some of the Thai dishes are very unusual, beyond sharp, and have very unusual taste and incredible aroma. It is not surprising that most tourists and travelers lost in all the variety of Thai cuisine, and visiting the country, cannot even taste the same without what to leave is impossible.

So here's the most interesting dishes and drinks in Thailand that are worth a try:

Блюда в Таиланде Here be sure to eat in Thailand
  • Tom Yam Soup

    This is, without doubt, the most famous dish of Thailand. This spicy sweet and sour seafood soup with a unique taste, and the main business card of Thai cuisine. Try it definitely, and better than once since in different cafes/restaurants its taste is very different, and not always it is very good. And keep in mind that Tom Yam is done without the noodles, and noodle is just a cheap substitute of the bags. Be careful when eating, as it is very sharp (actually, the sharpest in the world) and ask to cook for you is not very sharp.

    The cost of the Tom Yam soup in cafes and restaurants – from 80 baht (about 168.85 RUB, see Thai currency and the exchange rate).

    Суп Том Ям в Таиланде Tom Yam Soup
  • Salad Som Tam

    Salad Som Tam or Papaya salad (Som Tam, Papaya Salad) is another very spicy dish with an unusual taste of green papaya. It's not the main dish, usually ordered in addition to the first, but never order it in addition to the Tom Yam soup, which itself is very sharp. In General, it is better to order one portion for two, so as to unaccustomed stomachs so much the severity would be too hard.

    Cost helpings of salad Himself – from 60 baht (126.64 RUB).

    Салат Сом Там в Таиланде Salad Som Tam
  • Mango sticky rice

    Mango sticky rice (Sticky Rice Manbo), which means sticky rice with mango is the dessert, based on a special kind of rice. Glutinous rice itself is slightly sweet and has an elastic texture, plus in this dish it is a little podkashivatsya sweet coconut or condensed milk. Well, completes the flavoring composition is very fresh and sweet Thai mangoes. This dessert is rarely served in cafes and restaurants, most of it is sold from street vendors stalls. Usually the portion is prepared right in front of you, dressed according to your desire the sweet milk and nuts and served on a plastic tray/pallet with a fork and placed in the package. By the way, this is not only a dessert but also a good snack as the basic dish.

    Cost helpings of Mango sticky rice from 80 baht (168.85 RUB).

    Манго стики райс в Таиланде Mango sticky rice
  • Insects

    Almost everyone has heard that in Thailand people eat insects, although in reality not all Thais are ready to eat them. But it is impossible to visit such an exotic country and not to try such exotic food. Do not be afraid and squeamish. Buy crickets and bugs, and eat them for health.

    Insects are cooked in boiling oil, and podsalivaya fish or soy sauce and spices, and the taste and texture reminiscent of a beer snack. By the way, with beer and their best use. Sold from street stalls in a large variety. You can choose one kind of insect or ask to make a mix of several.

    Cost helpings of insects, from 25 baht (52.77 rubles).

    Насекомые Тайланда Insects in Thailand
  • Fruit Durian

    In Thailand, a lot of exotic fruits, but the most controversial and famous – durian. Of all the exotic he is the most exotic, and call it here the "king of fruits". It is very useful and tasty if you can taste its flavor. But the problem is that it is a very bad smell of old socks because of its high sulfur content. But try once in your life it is necessary, at least in order to understand, like whether it is you or not.

    Buy durian in the stores and markets. Usually it is sold already cut in slices in plastic food pallets and in this form it is better to buy. The whole fruit is very expensive (it is generally very expensive fruit), besides the whole you don't overpower and butcher can't.

    The cost is a small serving of Durian tray – 150 baht (316.59 RUB).

    Дуриан в Таиланде Durian in Thailand
  • Fruit shakes

    This is a great soft drink, something like a cocktail party, but in its composition a lot of ice. Fruit shakes can be found even at our home, but here they are prepared with such fresh fruit that we just rest. Served in almost all cafes and restaurants, and on street stalls.

    The cost of a glass of fruit shake from 20 baht (42.21 RUB).

    Фруктовый шейк в Таиланде Fruit shake in Thailand
  • Beer

    Thai beer is very tasty, especially in this heat. Therefore, it has become one of the most popular drinks among tourists, although locals use it in large quantities. Even if you're not a fan of this drink, be sure to order yourself a glass of cold beer at the end of dinner in a restaurant or buy a bottle at the store. Sold and beer is served everywhere. Here are the most popular and best brands of beer produced in Thailand: Singha, Tiger, Chang, Leo.

    The cost of a bottle 0,6 l – 60 baht (126.64 RUB)

    Пиво Тайланда Beer in Thailand
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