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Thailand does not apply to those countries that strictly prohibit alcohol on ethical or religious beliefs. To purchase alcoholic beverages of various brands and types is totally free in any store, as we do at home.

The local population is also happy to drink alcohol, and sometimes even more than tourists. Say that Thais are much more susceptible to alcoholism than Europeans. True or not, we don't know, but whatever it was, to see tottering from side to side Thai with wild eyes – not so rare.

In this regard, be careful. It is better not to drink alcohol together with Thais, not engage in disputes and conflicts with drunken locals. There are many stories where drunken Thais have become so inadequate that it ended in a stabbing and shooting.

Therefore, the Thai government took "dealcoholization" population, from-for what there are some limitations on the sale of alcohol. About all the alcohol issues in Thailand read more:

A variety of local whiskey

Prohibitions and restrictions on the sale of alcohol in Thailand

  • To sell alcoholic beverages at retail in Thailand is possible only from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 24:00. Of course, the law is strictly enforced only in stores with automatic cash desks, and in small shops you can buy it at any time, however, it turns out that it is potentially illegal. Also in cafes, restaurants and bars serve without limits
  • Entertainment places (bars, clubs, etc.) have the right to sell alcohol only from 21:00 to 24:00.
  • In 2015 introduced additional restrictions on the sale of alcohol in any form at a distance less than 300 meters from educational institutions.
  • Sometimes introduced a complete ban on the sale of alcohol throughout the country in connection with particularly important events, usually elections, and religious holidays. On the commencement of such "bans" on the sale of alcohol, the authorities shall notify in advance, so that you can pre buy spirits in the shops.

Where can you buy alcohol in Thailand

To buy alcoholic beverages it is most advantageous in large chain supermarkets like Big-C, Tesco Lotus, Makro, Tops. In smaller shops the prices are higher, but not much. Already significantly more expensive alcohol is the hawkers on the beaches, but the range they mostly just cold beer.

In cafes and restaurants, the mark-up on alcoholic beverages is not so strong as when compared with Russia. In our experience, the markup on beer in a cafe is rarely more than half of the cost of the supermarket. But in Nightclubs and bars prices more the store several times.

Read more about the price of individual drinks, read on.

What kind of alcohol can you buy in Thailand. Prices

The range of alcoholic drinks in Thailand is huge. In any shop you can find imported drinks: whisky, Italian wine, Russian vodka, French liqueurs, in General, everything your heart desires. There is also a wide selection of local alcoholic beverages at very low prices (the following prices in the supermarkets):

  • Thai beer

    This is the most popular drink, and has rightfully earned the love of Russian tourists. Thai beer is even being exported. Sold in bottles primarily by 0,64 l, sometimes in banks 0.33. In pet bottles 1.5 L. not for sale.

    The most popular brand - Singha, Tiger, Chang, Leo. Cost 60 baht for a bottle of 0.64 liters (approximately 121.34 RUB, see Thai currency and the exchange rate), and 40 baht for a 0.33 l can Sometimes be found on sale in large supermarkets very cheap promotional beer at a price of 50 baht per 0,64 L.

    Tai without beer - money down the drain
  • Thai wine

    Thai wine, with rare exceptions, not tasty. The best wines of Thailand are considered to be produced from grapes grown in the surrounding area of Hua hin. This brand Monsoon Valley. More should pay attention to the special wine – rice Siam Sato. Prices are ridiculous – from 35 baht (70.78 RUB) for a bottle of 0.7 l., which is about 1 US dollar. Another interesting drink – fruity wine Fresco from 170 baht for 0.7 l., which is about 343.78 rubles.

    Monsoon Valley from Hua hin
  • Thai rum

    In Thailand produces excellent rum, and even export it. The most popular and high-quality brand - Sang Som. Stands in supermarkets from 270 baht for 0.7 l., which is about $ 8.

  • Thai whiskey

    Whiskey in Thailand is of good quality and is at times cheaper than imported ones. However it should be noted that "good" means a good quality of the alcohol in the drink. As for taste and aroma, Thai whisky, there is no reason traditional oak aroma and flavor, and some types of whiskey, such as Red Cock and Black Cock at all transparent colors. Here's a popular brand:

    • Blend – from 250 baht for 0.7 l. (505.56 RUB).
    • Hong Thong – from 240 baht for 0.7 l. (485.34 RUB).
    • Mekong – from 50 baht for a 0.33 l (101.11 RUB). This legendary whisky on the herbs but the taste of it is disgusting, and headache.
    • Red Cock and the Black Cock - from 120 baht for a bottle of 0.7 l (242.67 RUB). These are two types of transparent Scotch. The taste and smell reminds brew with a light aroma and sweet taste. In General, a good alcoholic drink, but true whiskey and does not smell.
    • Lao Khao – from 48 baht per 0.33 l. (97.07 RUB). This is the cheapest alcohol rice whiskey. Tastes nasty and very painful in the morning, "swill."

    It is the cheapest Scotch that is better not to drink
  • Thai brandy

    Brandy is also good quality, but the price is on the level. The most popular brand – Regency from 220 baht for 0,35 l, is 6 and a half dollars.

  • Exotic drinks

    Rarely in Thailand you can meet exotic infusions on different roots, herbs, insects and reptiles. Usually it is the infusion of the cheapest varieties of the purchase of alcohol, and local is not used, but intended for sale to tourists. To drink such drinks (tested), but in small quantities. When nadoplatu a bit, you could add in a bottle of whiskey or brandy.

    And it is already decide to try or not

Total alcohol prices in Thailand:

Beerfrom 50 baht for 0,64 l / 35 baht per 0.33 liters.
Winefrom 170 baht for 0.7 l.
Rumfrom 270 baht for 0.7 l.
Whiskeyfrom 240 baht for 0.7 l.
Brandy from 220 baht in 0.35 L.

Can I drink alcohol on the streets of Thailand

To drink alcoholic beverages in Thailand on the street. Strict ban on use in public places, like Russia, not here. However, under Thai law it is forbidden to use in some places: gas stations, churches, hospitals, pharmacies, educational institutions, public recreation parks. Moreover, even of these limitations, there are many exceptions. So you can safely drink alcohol in any reasonable place in Thailand, and no one will harm you, and as a maximum to make a comment. If in doubt, you can read the full text of the relevant law from the 2008 English - Alcoholic_Beverage_Control_Act,_BE_2551_(2008).

How much can you bring alcohol in Thailand

Customs regulations of Thailand set the limit in 1 liter of alcohol per person. This includes including beer and wine. All excess is removed. In practice this happens very rarely, and most tourists quietly pass through the green customs corridor without examination, and are carrying a larger amount of alcohol.

How much can you take alcohol from Thailand

The customs rules do not set restrictions on the export of alcohol. But in Russia can bring no more than 3 liters of alcohol (including beer or wine) per person without paying duty. All that is over 3 liters, paid duty at the rate of 10 Euros per 1 liter, but not more than 5 liters. Anything more than 5 liters per person, will be seized and "destroyed" by customs officials.

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