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General information, recreation, infrastructure

Vavuniya (well as Vavuniya, Vavuniya) , a provincial town in the North of Sri Lanka in 250 kilometers from Colombo and 230 km. from the airport (see the map of Vavuniya Sri Lanka). It is quite large by local standards, the city, with a population of more than 70 thousand people.

Vavuniya is not a resort or tourist destination, but for tourists it is an important transport hub, through which pass the routes of buses and trains from Colombo, Trincomalee, Anuradhapura and other cities of Sri Lanka in Jaffna. Also here have a stopover to get from Jaffna to Trincomalee, the'pura and other cities.

Вавуния, Шри-Ланка The clock tower in Vavuniya

But you don't necessarily have to make a stop here and the change of the transport, since almost all of these routes are non-stop transport. Make a stop in Vavuniya, you will have only if there are no direct flights or they don't like you on a schedule, or if you want to get acquainted with a typical provincial of Sri Lanka. By the way, the town is not replete with attractions, but very pleasant: the local people are incredibly friendly, happy to communicate and photographed.

To do and to see tourists in the city is nothing special. There is a large market and shops (of course, no modern shopping centers, as elsewhere in Sri Lanka); two bus stations and railway station; a few simple sites in form of temples and monuments, banks and currency exchange; a local cafe. The tourist infrastructure is not developed, but everything you need to find is not difficult.

Accommodation options in Vavuniya only a few hotels and guest houses with basic amenities.

Find and book accommodation in Vavuniya can on these sites or via the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

Weather in Vavuniya, when to go

The fundamental values of weather in Vavuniya has not, as it is only a staging post on the way to Jaffna. In turn, the Jaffna tourist seasons during the year pronounced. Besides Jaffna and the North in General is the hottest and driest region of Sri Lanka:

  • The dry season lasts from December to August, the driest months from January to April. That is from January to April the best time to travel to the North of the country.
  • The rainy season lasts from September to November, grabbing August and November. In these months the North you can visit, but there is a chance to get under protracted heavy rains and overcast sky.

The tourist seasons in the North of Sri Lanka by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Weather in Vavuniya and forecast

How to get to Vavuniya, transport

Vavuniya is an important transportation hub intercity public transportation is well developed here:

  • By bus

    Вавуния, Шри-Ланка

    Frequent bus service connects the city with at least Colombo, the Jaffna, Trincomalee, Kandy, Matale, Batticaloa. Buses arrive/depart from two bus stations:

    • State the CTB bus station in the city centre (bus station on the map). During our visit in 2019 buses was with her went very little, mostly for the next suburban areas.
    • Long-distance bus station on the outskirts of the city (bus station on the map). There is a long destination.

    Unfortunately, the online schedule does not exist, it they go quite often, especially to popular destinations in Jaffna, Trincomalee, and the'pura Colombo. You can simply arrive at the station and wait for the departure of the next bus, usually not more than 1 hour. Buses to the departure of the already waiting passengers with the doors open, and it is better to take a seat and not wait for the time of departure, otherwise there may not be enough seats. You pay the conductor issued the ticket.

  • By train

    Поезд до Джафны, Шри-Ланка

    In Vavuniya there is a railway station of line Colombo–Anuradhapura-Vavuniya-Jaffna (railway station on the map), all trains make a stop here. Daily runs 4 trains.

    The station has a ticket office selling tickets for the 2nd and 3rd class (per hour before departure) and the box office advance booking of tickets in the 1st class (better to buy at least a few days).

    The train timetable is available online here

Transportation in the city, than to move on

Urban transport no, you can only move on foot or by tuk-tuk. Car taxis are not. The tuk-tuk at a bargain price, usually ask for 150 rupees (approximately 62.76 RUB, refer to the currency of Sri Lanka) for a short ride around the city, 250 for a trip from railway station to bus station or Vice versa, but you have to bargain.

Attractions, what to see

In Vavuniya there are no iconic landmarks, which would be worth to visit the city. If you find yourself here, the whole town and its interesting sights you can see in a couple of hours during the walk. To stay longer is what is in the colourful main market open in the morning. The other places to look:

  • Clock Tower. Tower with the town clock. As in any city of Sri Lanka is marking the centre of the city (tower on the map).
  • Temple Kudiirrpu Pillayar Kovil. The largest Hindu temple of the city (the temple on the map). Considered ancient, but no information about the history there.
  • The Kandasamy Kovil Temple. The largest and most beautiful Hindu temple in the city, although not the most important (the temple on the map).
  • Church of the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost Church). A small very neat and beautiful Catholic Church, historical building (Church of the map).
  • Masjid In Jummah Grand Mosque. The city's principal mosque (the mosque on the map).
  • Lakes Vavuniya Kulam. A large lake, which offers a good view of the temple Kudiirrpu Pillayar Kovil (lake on the map).
  • Archaeological Museum. Small but with a good collection of rare artifacts Dating back to the birth of Buddhism in this region (railway station on the map). Entrance to the Museum is free, photo and video prohibited.
Вавуния, Шри-Ланка The Kandasamy Kovil Temple
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