The hotels and the beaches of Unawatuna

Hotels in Unawatuna

Храм в Унаватуне View of the Unawatuna beach

Hotels in Unawatuna abound, but the bulk of the posting here - found with minimum facilities. For this reason, Unawatuna is one of the most popular places in Sri Lanka for independent travelers and young people. Dear star hotels too, but not much.

Cost of budget accommodation in Unawatuna starts from 1000 rupees (see money Sri Lanka, the exchange rate), which is even less than $ 10. But it should be understood that for this money you get a shabby room with fan, cold water, insects, and perhaps even a shared toilet on the street. Local people organize in their homes many hotels of this type, and they sell them on the cheap. To find such affordable accommodation is possible only on site through the reservation system of the housing is not giving up. The price tag for placement with private facilities (air conditioning, no insects and hot water) starts from $ 25.

Now, as for the choice of location for a hotel in Unawatuna. As usual, the most expensive location near the beach, cheaper a little further away from him. Most of the hotels and guest houses concentrated along the road to Welle Dewalaya Road, and if you want to be near the beach and in the center, it is best to stay here. There's also lodging along Matara Road and in the adjacent forest Rumassala, where you can find something cheaper. Read more about the communities and the beaches below.

To book in advance or not in Unawatuna, depends on how you pretentious to the quality of the rooms. The fact that a good budget accommodation with high user ratings for reviews in the search engines is booked for several months ahead even in low season, and, of course, better to book in advance. If you are willing to suffer some inconvenience, or looking for really cheap accommodation, then you can come and search for anything on the spot.

Find and book a hotel in Unawatuna on the best search engine hotels in Asia can through the search form. Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support is present:

Hotels and beaches of Unawatuna on the map

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Beaches and areas in Unawatuna

In Unawatuna there is one main beach and within walking distance through the forest is another small, picturesque beach Jungle beach. To the East of the area for dozens of kilometers along the coast to reach other self-Dalawella beach resorts, Kogalla, Weligama etc. to the Tangale, but to reach them you need to transport.

  • The main beach and the center

    Главный пляж Унаватуны The main Unawatuna beach

    The main beach has a length on the strength of 1 kilometer. Many well-known Internet sources and TV channels, such as discovery, include this beach in top ten beaches on the planet. But this assessment does not agree. Our assessment of this beach – convenient, but mediocre. Really suitable for recreation and bathing the Western part of the beach has a length of only 500 metres away, and the rest of the Eastern half is occupied by restaurants and hotels, almost abutting its foundations in the water. Swim in the Eastern part though, but unpleasant. About long, romantic walks along the shore here can forget. On our interactive map we noted the suitable and unsuitable for recreation part of the green and red plots, respectively.

    The main advantage of the Unawatuna beach are small waves in any season, as the Bay in which it is located, protected by a coral reef. Palm trees on the shore there, only cafes, hotels and a fortified dam. The sand is fine and clean, constantly cleaned. The slope of the bottom is normal, so even at low tide you can swim. However, in some places the bottom is very sharp, but shallow areas for swimming with the kids there.

    The center of Unawatuna was formed along the main beach road Welle Dewalaya Rd. It is here that the majority of hotels and guesthouses. In principle, almost the entire life of the district is concentrated along this road: shops, travel agencies, restaurants and cafés along it. The street is pedestrian, and it is very narrow and without sidewalks, navigate around it uncomfortable. But if you want to be in the heart of the fun, it is better to settle here.

    The main Unawatuna beach on the map

  • Beach Jungle Beach (Jungle Beach)

    Пляж Джангл Бич в Унаватуне Beach Jungle Beach

    A small secluded beach Jungle Beach is a 20-minute walk through the jungle from the city center on the other side of the Cape, which is located in Unawatuna. The beach is very tiny, and consists of two beaches with a length of 50 and 100 meters, separated by a rocky area. This place is much more beautiful than the main beach but the peace and solitude here, too, can be forgotten. When the Jungle Beach was little known and almost secret place, but today the campers had rushed here in the thread, there was a cafe, sunbeds. Fortunately, there is also a café there's nothing from no infrastructure, and yet still retained its naturalness. And big beach is still without chairs and much more deserted. The stones around the edges you can dive with a mask.

    To get here from the centre are clearly signposted along a picturesque trail through the jungle. Wooden signs for the beach in the centre start at the fork Welle Dewalaya - Yaddehimulla road. Go 20 minutes of simple and fun trail. You can reach here by motorbike or car passing by Marata Road and Rumassala road. To the beach is steep, and the vehicles will have to Park at the top. Also you can get here by boat from the main beach.

    Beach jungle beach on the map

  • District Matara Road

    Религиозное шествие по Matata road в Унаватуне Religious procession along the Matata road

    Along the main road Matara Road there are several good hotels with very competitive rates. But you should know that settling in one of them you will find yourself far away from the beach. Even if you stay in a place where Matara Road close passes by the Eastern part of the beach (close to Unawatuna Diving Centre), to a normal beach you still have to Wade through an obstacle course along the coast, because the Eastern part of the relaxation.

    District Matara Road on the map