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Unawatuna is located 150 kilometers from the main international airport of the country - Colombo airport, and 120 km from Colombo (Unawatuna on the map of Sri Lanka). The nearest major transport hub near the resort town of Galle, and if you plan to get here by public transport, you should aim to go in Galle, as specifically to the resort area, virtually nothing goes (only in passing). On arrival at the Gale directly to the resort Unawatuna beach is easily reached by local bus or tuk tuk.

The main international gateway into the country is an airport, Colombo Bandaranaike. The main international gateway into the country is an airport, Colombo Bandaranaike. This is where you will arrive, and hence will need to get to Unawatuna. In Bandaranaike are direct and indirect flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg and regions of Russia. Cheaper to fly with connecting flights, airlines, Turkish airlines, Air Arabia, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air. All these airlines quality, you can safely fly them.

Find and book tickets to the main Colombo airport in Sri Lanka, you can through the search form. Search is very flexible, and allows you to search for flights on different dates, with or without transfers, in both directions or one, etc.:

The price of flights from Moscow to Colombo:

TO FIND 44791 ₽ 1 transplant Лого авиакомпании 23.04.2020 01.08.2020
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Minimum prices on flights from Russia to Colombo:

Moscow ⇄ Colombo 1 TO FIND 29202 ₽
Saint Petersburg ⇄ Colombo 2 TO FIND 36886 ₽
Krasnodar ⇄ Colombo 1 TO FIND 36422 ₽
Kazan ⇄ Colombo 2 TO FIND 41077 ₽
Sochi (Adler) ⇄ Colombo 2 TO FIND 41141 ₽
Voronezh ⇄ Colombo 2 TO FIND 41853 ₽
Krasnoyarsk ⇄ Colombo 2 TO FIND 42047 ₽
Samara ⇄ Colombo 2 TO FIND 42146 ₽
Rostov-on-don ⇄ Colombo 2 TO FIND 42580 ₽
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Perm ⇄ Colombo 2 FIND FROM 44211 ₽

How to get the airport to Unawatuna

  • Taxi

    Бюджетное такси в аэропорту Коломбо, Шри-Ланка Budget taxi at Colombo airport

    The easiest way from airport Colombo, Bandaranaike to get to Unawatuna taxi. The journey takes 3 hours and costs 90 dollars, or 11,000 rupees (4211.08 RUB, refer to the currency of Sri Lanka and the current exchange rate). Payment for an official taxi is in rupees, therefore, you have to first change money at the airport. If you want to make the trip, you can avoid traffic jams in Colombo on the new highway, which will save almost an hour of time, but will require additional payment for the toll road about $ 10. Return transfer from airport to Unawatuna to find the place in any Agency or in a hotel can be cheaper - 8000 rupees.

    You can save if you order the machine on the Desk at the airport, and using Uber or PickMe. But it should be said that sometimes the drivers when ordering through the app is not agree to go to Unawatuna, as it is too far and not profitable. So completely on the application dependable. And yet, the cheapest car through the app – a miniature Indian-made car with no trunk. Climb with a large suitcase in them will not work.

    An alternative to taxis can be custom tourist Shuttle. It is more comfortable taxi meet the driver at the airport upon arrival with a sign. To order and pay for transfer service you can still the house online on the site or using the search form from Kiwitaxi:

    How does a transfer bookingDetails >
    Поиск трансфераFind the right route
    Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
    Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
  • Bus or train

    Автобус из аэропорта Коломбо Bus No. 187

    If taxi is too expensive, it can be reached by bus or train. If any of these options I have to change in Colombo, and then, perhaps, in Halle. To be done this way it is possible for 4-8 hours depending on the traffic on the roads.

    So, when you arrive at airport you must first drive to Colombo by bus №187. They go directly from the terminal gate frequently throughout the day, and every hour or a little less at night. About an hour to go, the cost of 100 rupees (38.28 RUB).

    Bus no. 187 is in the Pettah district, where the railway and main bus station in Colombo. Both stations are within walking distance from each other, and you can safely go to the end (rail station) or at the last stop (bus station). Next you need to get, as follows from Colombo by train or bus.

    Read more about how to get to Colombo from the airport here...

  • On the plane

    Well, another way to get here is by plane through the airport Koggala (Koggala Airport). This airport is located in the South in the town of Kogalla, and there are flights on light airplanes and helicopters from Bandaranaike airport company Cinnamon Air and Millennium Airlines (aka Simplifly), as well as from the airport to Colombo-Ratmalana companies FitsAir and again Millennium Airlines. The fare one way from $ 230.

From Colombo to Unawatuna

  • By bus

    Местный автобус в Шри-Ланке Bus in Sri Lanka

    By bus the easiest way from the bus station in the Pettah district (avalance on the map), but you can take any bus South to Galle on the main road Colombo Galle Road, which runs through the city along the coast, including through the beach area of mount Lavinia.

    To go by bus from Colombo a little over 3 hours and costs from 200 rupees (76.57 RUB), depending on the bus. Along the route there are many large public buses and small commercial air-conditioned buses. Go very often, so the schedule is not attached. You need any bus to Galle or Matara to the next. If you get on the bus to Halle, then at the bus station in Galle you need to take the next bus to Matara (walks past Unawatuna). But it is better to Colombo sits right on the bus to Matara, and then drive to the car Park. To find the correct bus, it is best to take the help of local or bus drivers.

    Specifically in Unawatuna buses do not drive and pass by on the highway Matara road A2. On the route there are three stops where you can go and walk to any place in Unawatuna walk 15 minutes or take a tuk-tuk.

  • By train

    Поезд до Унаватуны Train to Unawatuna

    Trains southbound depart from the railway station in Colombo Fort district, Pettah. But you can catch these trains at other stations within Colombo, including in the area of Mount Lavinia.

    Can be reached by passing train Colombo-Matara directly to the railway station car Park (located a couple of kilometres from the resort centre, the railway station on the map) or to the railway station in Galle. At the same time on railway station Unawatuna railway station is only three trains a day, while of them goes to Halle about ten. The schedule can be found here

    The fare is ridiculous, starts from RS 100 for third class. But a trip to a Sri Lankan trains in the third grade is not a pleasant experience posolku usually the cars Packed to the eyeballs, will have to go standing. In the path of three hours. Tickets can be purchased directly before departure.

    If you go to Galle, upon arrival at railway station you need to walk few minutes to the bus station where to catch the bus directly to Unawatuna.

And here is the schedule of trains and other transport in Galle/Unawatuna available for online booking:

From Galle to Unawatuna

Unawatuna is a suburb of Galle (Galle), separated by only five kilometers. Tuk-tuk can be reached in 300 to 500 rupees (114.85 RUB).

It is much cheaper to travel by bus. They depart at least every 30 minutes from bus station Galle, costs 21 rupees, a 10-minute ride. All these buses pass, to Matara or Tangalle and drop passengers at one of three stops along Matara road near Unawatuna. With any of the stops easy to reach the centre in 15 minutes on foot. In the centre of the resort no bus stop and bus station there.

With other resorts and cities in Sri Lanka in Unawatuna

From almost any city in the country, you can reach Unawatuna in one day by bus or bus+train, but almost all the routes here passing through Colombo. The only exceptions are the resorts of Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Matara, Tangalle and some other small resorts in the South and southwest. They can be reached by bus or train directly. From the East or from the resorts centre can be reached also through Tangalle and Matara, but the time goes much the same as in Colombo.

However, in 2014 there were a quick way to get to Unawatuna resorts with Central mountain part of Sri Lanka, avoiding traffic jams in Colombo. It's a little more expensive but you will save almost an hour of time. To do this, from the cities of the mountainous part of Sri Lanka (Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Adam's Peak, Kandy, etc.) need to take a bus to Colombo, but to leave early at the bus station in the city Kaduwela (Kaduwela). Out during the day, every 20-30 minutes a bus to Galle on the highway for 460 rupees (176.1 RUB). Within 30-40 minutes you will be in Galle, and will only have to take a tuk-tuk or local bus to Matara or Tangalle.

Transport Unawatuna, than to move on

Аренда мотоцикла в Унаватуне

Unawatuna how small, that there is no transport to move around it is not needed. The farthest distances that you may have to cover on foot, Hiking in the stall with alcohol on Matara road (approximately 1 kilometre from the centre) or walk through the jungle to the beach, Jungle Beach (approximately 1.5 kilometer).

If you need to Galle or the southern beaches, it is easy to use the buses that continually ply the Matara road in both directions. You can hire a tuk tuk for a short trip at the Beach, or for longer trips. A trip to Galle by tuk-tuk, for example, will cost 400 rupees. You can hire them both on a trip to a certain place and time that will be worth 1800 RS/day.

In Unawatuna easy to rent a motorbike (a small motorcycle). Rental offices are located in the main in the main street Wele Dewalaya road , Yaddehimulla rd. Find rentals by signs and signboards, or just for some of the exposed equipment. The rental price starts from 1000 rupees (with trading), but it is usually per day, not per night. Daily rental is not very common, but finding is still possible. Filling in Unawatuna no, the nearest is three kilometers in the direction of Galle on the Matara Road.

In theory, to control the motorbike in Sri Lanka you need a driver's license in DMV Colombo on the basis of your international rights. But most of the tourists in control of the motorbike on international rights in category A, or even without rights, solving problems at the meeting with the police on the spot. Read more about rent motorbikes in Sri Lanka and what are the rights read here...

There is also no problem to hire a car or van for long trips to tourist attractions. Offers ready-made routes, or you can make your own. Such proposals can be found again on Wele Dewalaya rd and Yaddehimulla rd.

Find car rental in Sri Lanka

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I do not agree that in Unawatuna there is a liquor store. It is, if you go from the resort to the main road, walk 5 - 7 minutes towards the South (in the direction of Mirissa) if you look carefully, you'll see a small stall, full of concrete, the Windows and doors are thick lattice, there, in certain hours and sell alcohol. In the evening, always! Local rum - a miracle! Stumbled upon this stall quite by accident, we love to walk around the neighborhood, and that dogulyalis that is already beginning to get dark, turned back and saw the notice about this larocca. Men happy, having bought a bottle of Araki, immediately deal with it, drank. Went and we bought a few bottles of rum (with a margin). Pushes the coin into the narrow window and give you the desired alcohol.:))) Well, I found this stall in the first days of our holiday:)) when I came a year, once in the stall ;)). Rested in December 2012 and 2013. And yet, nearby, there are tea plantations that will take you any Tucker on his tuk - tuk. In addition to informative tour about the production of tea, you will buy there gorgeous Ceylon tea at a nice price, however, then you're welcome not to believe the hype that the tea that is sold in a supermarket in Russia "produced and Packed in Sri Lanka"!:))).Although, of course, the best in Unawatuna, this is the OCEAN with its incredible energy. All wonderful holidays!!! ...
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