Tourist information about Unawatuna

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General information about Unawatuna

Вид на пляж Унаватуны View of the Unawatuna beach

Unawatuna (Unawatuna, Google map Unawatuna) is a small coastal town (rather village) on the South coast of Sri Lankaand a popular tourist destination for a beach holiday. Unawatuna is just a few kilometers from the larger town of Galle, capital of the homonymous County and is a suburb or district. From Colombo and the main international airport of the country separates Unawatuna, 120 kilometres (Unawatuna on the map of Sri Lanka). Earlier this place was a tiny fisherman village, but with the arrival of tourists the place has evolved, and today there is always even more than the locals.

Unawatuna is one of the most popular places for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka, especially among independent travelers. Popular on the island, she concedes, is that the only Hikkaduwa and Bentota. The main feature and advantage of the resort is that you can relax almost all year round. The main beach resort is conveniently located in the Bay but still protected from the waves by a coral reef, so even in strong wind, the sea here is much calmer than at other beaches. At that time, like staying in Hikkaduwa, Bentota and other popular resorts in some seasons becomes impossible due to wind and strong waves in Unawatuna the sea remains calm.

Вид на пляж Унаватуны The Unawatuna Beach

The main part of tourists here – independent tourists. This contributes, first and foremost, the lack of large hotels and complexes with a developed infrastructure and its territory suitable for package holidays. The properties that are in Unawatuna in the bulk are small hotels and guesthouses, and many of them formed directly in the homes of local residents (real homemade guesthouses). The rest of the tourist infrastructure is rather developed, there is everything for recreation and entertainment. In the main street area (street Wella Dewala Rd) is the set of travel agencies, shops, restaurants and cafes, a currency exchange, motorbike rental and Bicycle. Beach area here is also well developed: there are water sports, umbrellas and sunbeds, and all along the beach chain of cafes and bars.

Facilities here include water sports and entertainment, snorkeling, diving, Hiking in the nearby massif of the jungle, or go to the nearby southern beaches. For surfers, this place is not suitable, the waves are too weak. The attractions here are almost there, so if you like something interesting, you have to go on trips or take a car and drive around the island and the surrounding area. One of the most interesting places close by – the city of Halle, which, by the way, it is easy to visit independently by bus or taxi.

Night life in Unawatuna is not very developed, but it is. On Saturdays and Fridays in the bars right on the beach arranged a noisy progressive party, and on weekdays late night bars twist progressive house, chill-out, play live music. Youth is always a lot, and it is realistic to organize a party on the beach.

Вид на пляж Унаватуны Dinner on the beach Unawatuna

As for shopping, that is, except for shop and shops for tourists, a couple of fruit markets and a liquor store a couple of kilometers from Unawatuna centre, no shops and supermarkets here. There are a couple of modest supermarkets on the road Matara road. If you need to buy something big, electronics, find a pharmacy to go to Galle. Bank one in Unawatuna, located on the street Yaddehimulla rd.

Now, as for the beaches in Unawatuna and quality. There is only one main beach with a length on the strength of 1 kilometer. To say that this beach is perfect may be a stretch, but for some strange reason many well-known sources on the Internet and TV channels (in particular, the Discovery channel) hard to be included in the top ten beaches in the world. Actually, really suitable for recreation and swimming part of the beach width is only 500 metres away, and the rest part is occupied by restaurants and hotels, who built their structure on the dam, looking out to sea. So here even it is impossible to pass the entire beach from beginning to end, respectively, of long walks along the shore you can forget. Remaining suitable for recreation and swimming part of the beach is quite good, but to an ideal still falls short. Perhaps its main advantage is the absence of waves (to say that here waves is not at all impossible, but all the hedgehog they are small and harmless) almost in every season the shore is protected by a coral reef. Palm trees on the shore there. The sand is fine and clean, the beach is constantly cleaned. The slope of the bottom is normal, so even at low tide you can swim. However, in some places the bottom is very sharp, but shallow areas for swimming with the kids there. In addition to the main beach in walking distance there is a beautiful small beach, Jungle Beach, and if you go East, you can relax on the beaches of Dalawella, Koggalle etc. to the Tangalle.

Weather in Unawatuna, seasons, when to go

Пляж Унаватуны The waves in Unawatuna is almost always small

Unawatuna is a year – round season. Although there is also a low season due to the rainy season, it is much softer here than at other resorts. One reason for this is the protection of the beach from the waves, and in that time, as at other resorts to swim is simply impossible and dangerous, it is possible here.

High seasonand best time to visit (and also most expensive) is from December to April. Of course, the peak of the influx of tourists and rising prices is in January.

Low season and prices drop falls on the summer months. The rainiest months are may, October and November. But inside this time, you can highlight another season - July and August. Weather in these months slightly improved, and the protection of the Bay of Unawatuna, even in the midst of the monsoon season where you can swim.

The tourist seasons in Unawatuna months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Unawatuna and forecast

Useful tips for Unawatuna

    Обмен валюты в Унаватуне Currency exchange in the main street of Unawatuna
  • Main street car Park. Basic life in Unawatuna is centered around the narrow streets Welle Dewalaya, not along the main road Matara road. The entire infrastructure is concentrated along it.
  • Entertainment in Unawatuna. Noisy parties in Unawatuna are only on Fridays and Saturdays in Happy Banana, Kingfisher and Riddeem. The rest of the time it's quiet but you can always find a bar with proper music.
  • Liquor store in Unawatuna. Alcohol is freely available (not in restaurants and bars) in most Unvote not for sale. The nearest shop is about a 20 minute walk at Matara rd towards Matara (look for the liquor store on our interactive map Unawatuna)
  • Currency exchange in Unawatuna. Currency exchange in Unawatuna there are at least two places: in the Bank Sanasa street Yaddehimulla, and in the exchange office on the street Welle Dewalaya in the area of Hotel the dunes.
  • ATM in Unawatuna. The ATM in the resort area of Unawatuna there. The nearest ATM is located on Matara road, two kilometers in the direction of Galle (see map)
  • Travel to Galle. If you plan to stay in Unawatuna more than a week, you will have to master the ways on how to get to Galle. The fact that there is only the most necessary, but for something even more or less serious have to go to Galle. Even the money exchange or ATMs are easier to find in Galle.
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Julia December 9, 2014
And another question, I can without a guide to walk on the trekking route, or if already entered, you definitely need to take it? ...
Natalichka 22, 2015
I do not agree that in Unawatuna there is a liquor store. It is, if you go from the resort to the main road, walk 5 - 7 minutes towards the South (in the direction of Mirissa) if you look carefully, you'll see a small stall, full of concrete, the Windows and doors are thick lattice, there, in certain hours and sell alcohol. In the evening, always! Local rum - a miracle! Stumbled upon this stall quite by accident, we love to walk around the neighborhood, and that dogulyalis that is already beginning to get dark, turned back and saw the notice about this larocca. Men happy, having bought a bottle of Araki, immediately deal with it, drank. Went and we bought a few bottles of rum (with a margin). Pushes the coin into the narrow window and give you the desired alcohol.:))) Well, I found this stall in the first days of our holiday:)) when I came a year, once in the stall ;)). Rested in December 2012 and 2013. And yet, nearby, there are tea plantations that will take you any Tucker on his tuk - tuk. In addition to informative tour about the production of tea, you will buy there gorgeous Ceylon tea at a nice price, however, then you're welcome not to believe the hype that the tea that is sold in a supermarket in Russia "produced and Packed in Sri Lanka"!:))).Although, of course, the best in Unawatuna, this is the OCEAN with its incredible energy. All wonderful holidays!!! ...
admin 22 July, 2015

You are right, the liquor store is there, just not in the village, but close. He we even marked on the map here in the form of an icon. Only liquor shops in Sri Lanka are not working during the holidays, so if you want to celebrate Christmas or new year, buy in advance. About tea plantations near Unawatuna is a divorce. These tea plantations are located only in mountainous areas. ...
MikkyMouse 2 September, 2015
very interesting! now you can safely go for a vacation :) ...
mkv-dk 21 February, 2019
you can exchange money also in the shops of the dealers of stones, and the ATM was a day not issued more than$ 200 and a Commission of 5%, but when paying by card at the supermarket were horse discounts - 30%, the same discount was when booking hotels in Colombo.ANO it was really - 2014-2015. ...
Екатерина1921 1 March 2019
Hello! Can anyone me recommend and give the coordinates of the school/instructor surfing for beginners near Hikkaduwa? ...
admin 2 March, 2019

I specifically coordinate prompt, but I will say that you will find everything on place. Stroll along the beach and see plenty of billboards, and just boys will offer. ...
Екатерина1921 2 March, 2019
Thanks for the info! ...
, Alisa 8 November, 2019
Cynic plantations near the coast there! It's a little further Cagalli turn to the left and farther inland - not very far. Else you can go to the island in lake Koggala on the bridge, accidentally discovered, went, interesting, but no one will tell you about that route! And it is necessary to pass between the units and the airfield, the landmark - cafe-plane, that's about the opposite, see the map, you'll understand. ...
admin November 8, 2019

Oh I beg you... It's just for tourists vegetable gardens, and plantation. The plantation hidden in the mountains, in the plain tea on SHL not grow. ...