Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

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General information about Trincomalee

Trincomalee (also Trinco, Trincomalee, Trincomalee) is a city in Sri Lanka, on the northeast coast 240 km from Colombo airport, the most popular resort in the East (Trincomalee on the map of Sri Lanka). Located in a Bay that protects the city from winds, and in comparison with other resorts of Sri Lanka the climate is more dry and hot, and when at other resorts the off-season, here the weather is excellent.

The Bay of Trincomalee at the time, opened the English Admiral Nelson, and is considered the most deep in the world. Now Trincomalee, despite the distance from international airport (8-12 hours) has earned the love of many tourists. And may there not crowded and not much developed infrastructure, Trinko has his admirers and fans.

So what attracts tourists to Trincomalee? Why would they come here? Definitely not for entertainment. Party goers and nightlife lovers will be bored here. Want to have fun – then you at least on the West coast of Sri Lanka, and perhaps in another country. Trincomalee also attracts with its peaceful surroundings, pristine nature and, of course, long and wide beaches. According to some tourists, the beaches are the best in the whole of Sri Lanka.

Уппувели бич, Тринкомали

The best and most developed beaches of Trincomalee are considered Uppuveli (Uppuweli) and Trincomalee (Nilaveli). The first is located about 6 kilometres from the city centre, the second further 15 kilometers. Long, wide, with soft yellow sand and calm ocean where waves do not interfere to accomplish races are the main criteria, than attract tourists to these areas. Another area where you can stay downtown, but he is not very suitable for a beach holiday. Read more about districts of Trincomalee, and where better to stay, see here...

Infrastructure in Trincomalee is not well developed, do not expect even here the level of the resorts on the West coast of Sri Lanka, to say nothing about the comparison with Thailand, for example. Nevertheless, Trincomalee by local standards – city, where everything is almost all that is needed. In the center you will find banks, currency exchange, shops, markets. Unfortunately, large supermarkets and shopping malls are absent here, but the Essentials can be purchased. Pharmacies, but better going here to take a first aid kit. No international hospitals, professional medical help will have to go to Colombo.

In the resort areas of Uppuveli and Nilaveli banks and shops there, but to find currency exchange, rent a motorbike, hire a tuk-tuk can. There are also restaurants and cafes for tourists, including late night bars on the beach. Travel agencies with excursions there, but their functions are performed by private vendors, tuktuk drivers, diviving centers. Also order a few options of tours or tuk-tuk on the reception of hotels or at the owners of guest houses.

What is lacking in the tourist areas most of the vacationers, so it's alcohol shops. Alcohol in Sri Lanka is sold only in specialty alcohol stores, the nearest of which is located in Trincomalee quite far from Uppuveli and Nilaveli from quite far away. So will have to travel to these store for a cold beer, or buy with a large margin in restaurants and cafes.

Weather in Trincomalee tourist seasons

Sunny weather is here all year round. The rains are scarce and not prolonged. But has high and low season.

High season (aka dry season) in Trincomalee lasts from March to August. At this time, the low rainfall, the winds are not strong, so the waves are not strong.

Low season (aka rainy season) lasts from September to February. And if in the beginning or at the end of the low season, rainfall can be neglected and arrive here on holiday, obviously not do that in November and December. This is the most unsuccessful months because heavy rains added more and monsoons, creating large waves.

By the way, if you want to see how local people celebrate their new year, then come here in the middle of April. Though the exact date is never, it is influenced by solar cycle and the date of celebration is determined by the astrologers.

Seasons in Trincomalee by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Trincomalee and forecast

  • 09 Mar
    RH. 97%
  • 09 Mar
    RH. 43%
  • 09 Mar
    RH. 96%
  • 10 Mar
    RH. 66%
  • 10 Mar
    RH. 70%
  • 10 Mar
    RH. 97%
  • 11 Mar
    RH. 46%
  • 11 Mar
    RH. 85%
  • 12 Mar
    RH. 98%
  • 12 Mar
    RH. 40%
  • 12 Mar
    RH. 96%
  • 13 Mar
    RH. 63%

* forecast is based on the local time. Data received If you see outdated of date, refresh the page with F5+Ctrl.

How to get to Trincomalee

Местный автобус, Тринкомали The bus to Trincomalee

Trincomalee is located about 270 kilometres from Colombo and 240 from the international airport, Colombo Bandaranaike. The city is well connected by public transport to other resorts and the major cities of the country, but sometimes to get somewhere, will have to do a transplant. For one whole month in Trincomalee can be reached from almost anywhere in the country, the key is to go early and to plan the route. Here is a brief about the ways to get from different parts of the country:

  • From Colombo airport. To go directly by taxi or with a transfer to bus or train via Colombo.
  • From Colombo. Can be reached by a direct bus or night train, on the road 8-10 hours. Buses depart every 30-60 minutes day and several times a night. Also on the daily train to Batticaloa, and there take the bus.
  • From Negombo. Several times a day buses, 7-9 hours. On the train with only a stopover in Colombo.
  • With resorts of the South and southwest (Hikkaduwa, Bentota, Galle, Mirissa, Unawatuna, Tangalle, etc.). There is a direct bus No. 49 from Tangalle via Colombo, which goes through all the resorts on the coast, departs twice a day early in the morning. Or to go to Colombo with transfer on the train or bus.
  • From Kandy. At least 7 times a day direct buses No. 45, in the path of 5-7 hours.
  • From Anuradhapura. Very frequent bus service, transit 2-3 hours.
  • From Badulla. No direct bus 218.
  • From Jaffna. There are direct buses or you can drive with a transfer by train+bus or bus+bus via Vavuniya or Anuradhapura.
  • From Ella. A direct bus once a day at 17:50, or by bus or train to Kandy, and from there catch the bus.
  • From Nuwara Eliya, Haputale and other cities in the center. By bus or train to Badulla or Kandy, and from there catch the bus. Also you can take a bus to Batticaloa, there to change bus.
  • Arugam Bay. With a transfer on the bus in Batticaloa or Kalmunai, go often and quickly.
  • Dambulla, Sigiriya. Twice a day there is a passing bus from Kurunegala.
  • Polonnaruwa. There is no direct transport to travel by bus with a transfer in Anuradhapura, or drive to Habarana where you sit on a passing bus from Kurunegala.

Read more about all the different ways to reach Trincomalee in here...

Transport, than to move on

Мотобайк в прокат, Тринкомали Motorbike in Trincomalee

To move around Trincomalee transport is not needed, the city is not very big. But since the main resort area is on the beaches of Uppuveli and Niavely, transport is still needed.

Car taxis in Trincomalee no, it is replaced with tuk-tuks. Trip tuk-tuk ride within the city should not be worth more than 100 rupees, from the center to Uppuveli 400, Nilaveli from 1000. But with the tuk-tuk drivers need to bargain, and tourists are called high prices.

Much cheaper between the beaches you can navigate the local bus Trincomalee-Pulmodai. He goes from 04:30 to 19:30 hours with a frequency of 30-60 minutes on the main road, on the beaches themselves not to call. The fare is 20 rupees, depending on distance. You pay the conductor in the salon, to be called the destination.

In Trincomalee you can rent a small motorcycle (motorbike). Places rent a lot, but not in the city and on the beaches of Nilaveli and Uppuveli. The standard price is 1500 rupees per day, but if you haggle or look for, it can be found for 1200. As collateral usually ask for nothing, the agreement is not signed, all on parole.

Read more about transport in Trincomalee here...

Hotels Trincomalee

In Trincomalee on the adjacent beaches of Nilaveli and Uppuveli quite a lot of accommodation options in different categories, ranging from single ending of hostels and five-star hotels with their territory. There are also private guest houses offering rooms for rent.

Many sites offer included a simple Breakfast of eggs or pancakes with a choice of tea or coffee. If you stay in areas Nilaveli or Uppuveli, it is best to choose accommodation with Breakfast, as to find where to eat in these areas is inexpensive is not always possible.

It is also very important for your comfort that the room had air conditioning, as sleeping in this heat is simply impossible. The cheapest accommodation options offer a fan and a mosquito net, but it almost does not protect from heat.

The price range is approximately like this:

  • Accommodation in the hostel – from 1200 rupees (approximately 451.96 RUB, refer to the currency of Sri Lanka)
  • Budget double room with fan, from 1,800 rupees (approximately 677.95 RUB)
  • Budget double room with air conditioning – from 3,000 rupees (approximately 1129.91 RUB)
  • Nice hotel room with air conditioning, swimming pool – 6,000 rupees (approximately 2259.82 RUB)

Pay in guest houses and hostels only accept cash in local currency, only a few expensive hotels accept cards. Some accommodation options are ready to accept dollars, but the exchange rate is not favorable.

Find and book accommodation in Trincomalee can on these sites or via the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

☞ to display the map

Dostoprimechatelnosti and entertainment in the city, what to see

In addition to beach, relaxing holiday in Trincomalee may be something interesting to find, and lovers of history and excursions. This city combines several cultures and religions: Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhism. Accordingly, each of them has left its contribution and imprint in the history of the city. Walking around Trincomalee and studying its surroundings, you can find a Muslim mosque, a Buddhist temple, the ruins of an ancient Hindu settlement, the current Catholic Church. Here there are two museums (the history of seafaring and the military), old Fort Frederick, and very important, the Koneswaram temple in its territory. And 45 kilometers away is the archaeological Park Girihandu Seya Rajamaha Viharaya, where, it is said, is the world's first built Buddhist stupa and the oldest in Sri Lanka temple.

In addition to the architectural sights in the vicinity of Trincomalee are the hot springs of Kanniya Hot Water Wells. According to legend, they were created by the Indian God Vishnu to fight with the demons. Therefore, the place where the springs are located, is considered sacred for Hindus and there are always a lot of people. Sources constitute the baths under the open sky, where in the seven square wells is warm water. Entirely to swim in them will not work, you need to get thermal water in buckets and poured it.

Relatively close to popular tourist places of Sri Lanka: Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Polonnaruwa. You can visit tours or hire a transport. Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa require to visit at least two days.

To diversify leisure in Trincomalee is possible, scuba diving or snorkeling. For this it is best to go to coral Pigeon island (pigeon island). In the sea near the island has a beautiful underwater world, various fishes, scurrying in the water amongst the corals. Another top entertainment - boat trips to the open ocean for Dolphin watching.

In the evening in the tourist areas of Uppuveli and Nilaveli, you can sit in a café or restaurant, or join the beach party taking place every evening at the beach bars. No more entertainment in Trincomalee no.

Read more about the attractions and entertainment Trincomalee here...

Форт Фредерик и храм Конесварам, Тринкомали Koneswaram Temple
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