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Trincomalee (also, Trinco, Trincomalee, Trincomalee) is a city in Sri Lanka's North East coast, one of the famous resorts (Trincomalee on the map of Sri Lanka). Trincomalee is located in a Bay that protects the city from winds. Therefore, in comparison with other resorts of Sri Lanka here more dry and warm climate.

The Bay of Trincomalee at the time, opened the English Admiral Nelson, and is considered the most deep in the world. Now Trincomalee, despite the distance from international airport (8-12 hours) has earned the love of many tourists. And may there not crowded and not much developed infrastructure, Trinko has his admirers and fans.

So what attracts tourists to Trincomalee? Why would they come here? Definitely not for entertainment. Party goers and nightlife lovers will be bored here. Want to have fun – you are at least on the West coast of Sri Lanka, and perhaps in another country. Trincomalee also attracts with its peaceful surroundings, pristine nature and, of course, long and wide beaches. According to some tourists, the beaches are the best in the whole of Sri Lanka.

By the way, in some places still visible impact of the tsunami, which occurred here in 2004. Since then, the locals even had a "rescue point", where you can escape from the destructive waves, once transmitted, the threat of an impending storm. This is a high mountain away from the coast, to climb, tourists and residents, Trinko to wait out the danger.

The best and most developed beaches of Trincomalee are considered to have Uppuveli (Uppuweli) and Trincomalee (Nilaveli). The first is located about 6 kilometres from the city centre. The second was near Uppuveli. Long, wide, with soft yellow sand and calm sea, where the waves do not interfere to accomplish races are the main criteria, than attract tourists these beaches.

Have uppuveli is a small village. Here, tourists are waiting for affordable housing, mainly bungalows, guesthouses, Inns. Deserted beaches, warm, clear sea. It is a retreat away from the hustle and bustle. There is no pathos, superior infrastructure and high-end restaurants. All simple but at the same time brings a local flavor, culture, allows you to experience life the local "natives."

Five kilometers from Uppuveli is the village of Nilaveli. In 2004, before the terrible tsunami, the beaches of Nilaveli was considered almost the best in Sri Lanka. The water element spoiled the appearance of the beaches, but now they are very attractive for visitors.

In addition to beach, relaxing holiday in Trincomalee may be something interesting to find, and lovers of history and excursions. This city combines several cultures and religions: Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhism. Accordingly, each of them has left its contribution and imprint in the history of the city. Walking around Trincomalee and studying its surroundings you can meet Muslim mosque, Buddhist temple, the ruins of an ancient Hindu settlement.

In addition to the architectural sights in Trinco there is a hot spring located 5 kilometres from Uppuveli. According to legend they were created by the Indian God Vishnu to fight with the demons. Therefore, the place where the springs are located, is considered sacred for Hindus and there are always a lot of people. Sources constitute the baths under the open sky, where in the seven square wells is warm water. Wells is small, so dip them in will not work. Locals and tourists are gaining thermal water in buckets and poured it.

To diversify leisure in Trincomalee is possible, scuba diving or snorkeling. For this it is best to go to coral Pigeon island, which is located near the shore. In the sea near the island has a beautiful underwater world, various fishes, scurrying in the water amongst the corals.

Impressive and natural and animal world, Trinco. A large part of its territory is buried in verdure. Tall palm trees, coconuts scattered on the sand. Lizards, impressively crossing the road, lemurs, watching the tourists sitting on the trees – all this cannot leave indifferent.

And let, as mentioned above there are no quality of infrastructure: housing is not luxurious, simple rooms, the usual beach cafes and mini restaurants. But it is easy at times and attracts the most tourists, who are tired of this flashy gloss at other resorts.

Weather in Trincomalee tourist seasons

Sunny weather is here all year round. The rains are scarce and not prolonged. But has high and low season.

High season (aka dry season) in Trincomalee lasts from March to August. At this time, the low rainfall, the winds are not strong, so the waves are not strong.

Low season (aka rainy season) lasts from September to February. And if in the beginning or at the end of the low season, rainfall can be neglected and arrive here on holiday, obviously not do that in November and December. This is the most unsuccessful months because heavy rains added more and monsoons, creating large waves.

By the way, if you want to see how local people celebrate their new year, then come here in the middle of April. However the exact dates, it is influenced by solar cycle and the date of celebration is determined by the astrologers.

Seasons in Trincomalee by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

How to get to Trincomalee

Trincomalee is located approximately 260 kilometers from Colombo airport.

  • On the plane

    In Trinko has a small local airport (Airport Trincomalee , China Bay Airport also), which runs several flights a week from ratmalana airport (Ratmalana), which is located in the South of Colombo. From Bandaranaike airport (Colombo international airport) to reach it by taxi for $ 30. Flight to Trinco you can make small propeller plane or helicopter. If you have enough money, you can order a Charter flight.

    The airport has the following airlines:

    You can also take a Charter flight directly from Bandaranaike international airport companies:

  • By taxi

    From Colombo airport to Trincomalee on the taxi ride for $ 120, in the way a little more than 5 hours.

    How does a transfer bookingDetails >
    Поиск трансфераFind the right route
    Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
    Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
  • By bus

    This is the most cost-effective and time way to get to Trincomalee from Colombo airport or from other resorts in Sri Lanka. On the route from the airport will take approximately 7 hours and you will spend no more than 300 rupees (see the currency of Sri Lanka, the exchange rate) at best. It may come expensive due to the more comfortable buses, but overall the price is very democratic.

    To get here by bus from almost any city in Sri Lanka, but not always directly. Sometimes you have to go instead. Direct bus service is, at least in Colombo, Anuradhapura, Kandy, the Dambulla, Negombo, Kurunegala (Kurunegala).

    There is even a bus from the city of tangalla (Tangalle) in the South, which goes through nearly the entire country, mostly on the West coast. Buses run frequently, are inexpensive.

    In the city, they come to the bus station right in the city centre.

    Read more about buses in Sri Lanka.

    In Trincomalee by bus from Colombo airport

    To get from the airport to Trinco, you will need at least 7 hours. So if you arrived after lunch, it's worth thinking about how to spend the night somewhere near the airport, for example, in Negombo (see how to get to Negombo) of Colombo, or (see how to get to Colombo), and then in the morning have to go on.

    Direct buses from the airport to Trincomalee is no need to get with transfers. There are several options of routes.

    First of all, immediately after leaving the airport you will need to get to the bus station Avariata (Aweriwatta). It is fashionable to do in 20 minutes on foot, or by tuk-tuk for 50-100 rupees. Then to Trincomalee can be reached from Colombo (the longest distance option, but the buses run most frequently); Negombo (buses rarely go, but you can go to Anuradhapura, and there change the bus to Trinco); Kurunegala; via Kandy.

    The best option will be a trip to stop for the day in one of the tourist towns along the way. For example, on the way there you can stop for a day to see the attractions of Anuradhapura and on the way back to the airport to stop for a while in Kandy. You can plan on the way arrival in Sigiriya, Dambulla or Polonnaruwa.

  • By train

    A railway line connects Trincomalee to Colombo. On it goes the only daily train : departure 21:00, arrival at 05:10. The cost of 370 and 680 rupees in the second and first class respectively. Since the schedule may change, you can update it on official website of railway Sri Lanka Buying tickets in advance is not necessary, in this area almost always there is space. An exception may be only the period of the new year.

    This is a great option if you are flying to Sri Lanka in the late afternoon, and don't want to waste time in Colombo or Negombo for the night. To take the train from the airport you need by bus or taxi in Colombo to the final bus station. There to the railway station, Colombo Fort you can walk or take a tuk-tuk.

    From other popular tourist towns of Sri Lanka trains in Trincomalee do not go, need to transplant.


For getting around the city transport is not needed, the city is very small. To get to the beaches or Uppuveli Niavely, you can take a tuk-tuk or bus. The local bus to the beaches leaves from the city bus terminal, the cost of 20 and 30 rupees.

In Trincomalee you can rent a motorbike or car with driver, but not as widespread as in other more popular resorts, but the prices are a bit higher.

Find car rental in Sri Lanka

Hotels Trincomalee

Hotels in Trincomalee while that is still a little, and the prices are somewhat higher than the other hyped resorts in the country. Very recommended to book the hotels in advance.

In the city to settle is not worth it, there is nothing to do. It is best to stay at one of the beaches: Uppuveli or Nilaveli.

Have uppuveli (Uppuveli) is closer to the city, just 6 kilometers ('ve Uppuveli on the map). This is a more developed area, there are more hotels, and guesthouses. If you have not booked hotel in advance, it is best to look for it here. But the beach here is not as beautiful and the water is not as clean as in Nilaveli.

Trincomalee (Nilaveli) is located further to the North for Uppuveli (Nilaveli on the map). Here is a lot quieter and quieter, the hotels are situated at a great distance from each other. The beach here is almost a sample of ideal. But here do almost nothing. In the center of the beach is a military base, but it does not interfere with the rest.

Find and book a hotel in Trincomalee for the best search engine for hotels in Asia can through the search form. Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support is present:

Ожидайте, карта загружается

Attractions Trincomalee

Attractions here is not much. All of them can be explore in one day. But relatively close to popular tourist places of Sri Lanka: Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Polonnaruwa. You can visit tours or hire a transport. Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa require to visit one day.

  • Pigeon island (pigeon island, Pigeon Island)

    This tiny island located two kilometers from the coast of Nilaveli beach, part-time is part of the National Park. The length of the island only 500 meters, but it even has its own beach and it is one of the most beautiful places in Trincomalee.

    Go here to walk around the island, relax on the beach, but most importantly there are excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling.

    To get to the island is by boat only. Access to the island because it is a national Park pay: $ 10 adult / $ 5 children. Tickets are sold at the box office, which is located on the beach directly opposite the island. There you can hire a boat.

    Pigeon island on the map

  • Hot springs of Kanniya Hot Water Wells

    These hot springs a few kilometers from the town are hot springs in the traditional sense of the majority of tourists. They represent a platform on which there are seven square wells with natural hot water. But swimming is a whole in them it is impossible: it is necessary to scoop water with buckets and pour it over yourself. The water is very hot, and local attributed her miraculous healing properties.

    For locals this is a sacred place and almost like a temple. Therefore, it is always full of local people, and if you want to avoid the crush should come here almost before dark. And yet, the women here shouldn't be in open bathing suits. It is best to wrap over a bathing suit a towel and a large towel, and so pour.

    All this fun is paid, the entrance for foreigners RS 50 (for local only 10).

    Hot springs on the map

  • Fort Fredrick (Fort Frederick), the Koneswaram temple (Temple Koneswarm) and lover's Leap (Lover's Leap)

    In the city centre on a small Peninsula is the old Fort built by the British in 1623. It is still used by the armed forces of Sri Lanka, however, is open to everyone.

    The Fort is of little interest, except the main gate. But if you go further to the Peninsula to its tip, where you can see the temple Koneswarm, also known as the temple of the thousand columns. It is believed that this is one of the oldest temples, his age more than 2500 years. Of course, during this time the temple was destroyed and in its place built another temple. But later the temple was rebuilt from the ruins, hidden in the ground.

    If you walk a little further, you will be taken to a cliff called Lover's Leap, which can be translated as lover's leap. This place got this name because in this cliff have committed suicide because of unrequited love, the daughter of a Dutch officer.

    Fort on the map

  • Seya Stupa Girihadu

    About 45 kilometers North is the ancient stupa Girihadu Seya. It is believed that this is the first stupa (Dagoba) built in Sri Lanka. They say that it was built at a time when he was lived he the Buddha, Prince Siddhartha Gautama.

    Girihadu Seya stupa on the map

  • Velgam Vihara

    Interesting ruins of an ancient Buddhist temple from the 2nd century. Located approximately 12 miles from Trincomalee.

    Girihadu Seya stupa on the map

  • Temples and mosques Trincomalee

    As we mentioned, Trincomalee is a multi – confessional city. While walking through its streets one can see and visit many temples, mosques, churches. They all coexist peacefully next to each other.

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