Tours to Sri Lanka

Туры в Шри-Ланку Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka) is an island country in South Asia in the Indian ocean. Official name – Democratic socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, and previously the state had called Ceylon. Its new name it received in 1972, but is still occasionally referred to as the island of Ceylon.

Sri Lanka for the Russians – not a massive area. We can say that it is still exotic and rare even compared to other Asian countries. So there is something here to aspire to. Besides, this small country has something to offer tourists.

First of all, tourists come to Sri Lanka for the exotic. This is one of the oldest States, and there remained a very rare monuments of culture and history, most of which are somehow connected with Buddhism. The many attractions of the island is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Usually tourists arriving here have no idea how many interesting things is fraught with the island, believing that in addition to Ceylon tea and the beaches of the there's nothing. However, having become acquainted with the country closer, you realize how interesting the world is on the former island of Ceylon.

In addition to historical and cultural attractions Sri Lanka offers the perfect beach vacation. The beaches around the perimeter of the island hundreds of kilometers. On the beaches built many modern resorts with great hotels. There are also hotel complexes located away from the tourist places in the vicinity of the villages of local people. In these hotels, no one and nothing will disturb your secluded getaway. On the island there is the mountain resort of Nuwara Eliya, situated at an altitude of about 2 thousand meters above sea level.

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