Hotels and beaches of Negombo, where it is better to choose a hotel

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The beaches in Negombo

As already mentioned we have on the pages, the Negombo beaches are not as beautiful as write about this tourist websites selling tours here. To boast of pure and perfect beaches, the city does not want because of the many flowing here into the ocean of the rivers that bring silt and debris from the land, standing waves, and debris unceremoniously ejected by the locals right on the beach. The water here is almost never transparent, therefore no scuba diving and snorkeling off the coast here cannot go and speeches.

The cleanest stretch of beach is along the coast of the tourist area, especially along Porutota rd (beach on the map). The beach along the streets dirtier Lewis Place (the beach on the map). But if you walk a little North or South, you will find yourself on the dirty littered beach. Houses are located directly on the beach, and they are constantly dumped household garbage and fish waste directly into the sand. Further South, in the area of Negombo lagoon, you can find a decent black sand beaches, but sometimes they're also very messy.

Пляж в Негомбо The beach in Negombo
Пляж с черным песком в районе лагуны Негомбо The black sand beach in the heart of the Negombo lagoon

Tourist area in Negombo I generally liked it, if you compare it with other places I visited in Sri Lanka. The beaches are great I was not paying attention, because the beaches aren't my thing. For me, the beaches as the beaches, the water is only muddy. Much more important for me was that it is possible and take long walks along the shore.
But he tourist area is even nothing. First of all, I really liked the fact that it stretched along the wide streets. Then comparing it with the vaunted Unawatuna, where the narrow streets and then we were driven crazy tuk-tuks, here you can walk around and not afraid of crazy local drivers. Well, here is everything you need nearby, and it is not necessary to go somewhere. Everything is compact, you can walk to the centre. There are Wine shops right in the area. At the same time it is very quiet, the decor is almost rustic, though for some it's more negative. A fellow here has never met what to me again a plus.
Well, it is true, is to say that to be here more than two days, I couldn't. Though I don't need heaps of entertainment and discos (and there I have never met), to see and to do here, nothing special. To walk in the evenings, nowhere, everywhere dark and after nine all asleep.

Hotels in Negombo where to stay

Отель в Негомбо Hotel in Negombo

Hotels in Negombo are considered to be one of the cheapest among the resorts in Sri Lanka. Find budget accommodation in Negombo not be easy, especially in low season. Prices are quite decent and clean accommodation in local guesthouses start from 1,500 rupees (580.4 RUB, refer to the currency of Sri Lanka, the exchange rate) for two people without air conditioning, and a bed in the hostel from 800 rupees (309.55 RUB). But to get a low price, you must either book accommodation in advance, or to bargain on the spot. Depending on the season and appetites of the owners, the initial price when searching for the place can be called higher than the actual one and a half to two times. But in practice, to bring down prices is possible and necessary in almost any Guesthouse in any season.

If you want to get a good hotel with amenities, where you can not only sleep, but also relax, it makes sense to select and book in advance. If you plan to stay in Negombo your entire vacation, it is better to choose a hotel with a pool, as the local ocean water is not too suitable for swimming.

And another tip: if you arrive in Negombo late in the evening or at night, you should book accommodation in advance and to warn owners of the possibility that you will arrive late. The fact that some of the guesthouses and hotels are closed here for the night tightly and you just can't reach them, not even to check in.

Find and book a hotel in Negombo can on these sites or via the search form from Agoda:

Hotels Negombo on the map

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The Negombo

Negombo can be divided into two areas: the city centre, or as the locals call it – Negombo town; tourist area. To stay it is better to choose a hotel in the tourist area close to the street Porutota (Porutota rd), where is the cleanest beach of the city.

  • The Heart Of Negombo

    This is a commercial district of the city, but the hotels and beaches here. To the tourist area and nearest beach 2 kilometers away. hotels almost there, but it is the economic center of the city. It is formed by streets main street (Main street), green street (Green street) and the other adjacent to it (center the map). It is here located to shopping centers, shops, market, currency exchange offices with the best rate and a bus and train station. If you want to find a cheap non-tourist cafe, then you belong here too.

    To get to the center of the tourist area is 20-30 minutes on foot or by tuk-tuk for 250 to 500 rupees (after bargaining). Keep in mind that in the center of the city on the streets you can find signs "Hotel...something". But this does not mean that it is really a hotel. Sometimes under the names of Hotel in Sri Lanka, designated local restaurants.

    Центр Негомбо The Heart Of Negombo
  • Tourist area

    Stretches along the coast on the street of Lewis place (Lewis Place) and further down the road Poruthota (Porutota rd) (tourist area on the map). Here were located the majority of hotels and guesthouses, restaurants, cafes, travel agencies, some entertainment, car transport, diving office. Local residents and their homes in this area are limited and those that are by and large operate as a guest house. Here are more or less clean and cozy beaches. In General, the whole tourist life of the city is concentrated here, and it is here necessary to go, if you want to look for accommodation on the spot. Anyway, it makes sense to stay in Negombo where else, except in the area just yet.

    Most cheap guesthouses are located across the street from the beach and farther from the beach a little more expensive. Keep in mind that the street Sea street, which gradually turns into Lewis Place, accommodation is not at all. Hotels and guesthouses are beginning to fall only on Lewis Place and further North.

    If you are going to stay in this area to center of Negombo, where are all the city's infrastructure, railway and bus stations, you will either have far to walk, or go by tuk-tuk for 250 rupees. But it also has its own railway station Kattuwa, which stopped all trains coming from Colombo to Negombo and back.

    Центр Негомбо Tourist street Porutota rd

In addition to these areas to find accommodation in the South and the North from Negombo. If you move further North along the coast, then up to the town of Chilaw (which is about 30 kilometers away from Negombo) we can see the rare hotels on the beaches relating to Negombo. Much sense there to settle there, unless you're not caught in the path of the night or you don't want to be away from Negombo. However, it is to say that the beaches there are objectively cleaner.

On the South of the city (towards Colombo) is a lagoon of Negombo, on the banks of which there are several good hotels. This area is not a tourist (everywhere in homes of local residents, and even no place to eat outside of the hotel), but if you plan to rent a transport, you can stay there and drive into the tourist area at any time (10-15 minutes drive).

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