How to get to Negombo (Sri Lanka). Transport

From Colombo airport

Negombo is the closest resort to the main international airport Katunayake (Colombo airport). From the airport you can get here by taxi (1300-1500 rupees, 30 minutes), local bus no. 240 (50 rupees) or tuk-tuk (600-800 rupees). Can transfer via the search form, then our driver will be waiting for you with a sign at the airport:

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

Local bus 240 is sent to Negombo, not directly from the airport and bus station Avariata (Aweriwatta), also called Katunayake, which is located about a kilometer from the exit of the terminal (see station Avariata on the map). You can get to it on free callbase (according to the latest information no longer goes), tuk-tuk for 100-150 rupees or on foot. Arriving at the station just ask the first passer-by or bus driver "Negombo?", and you point to the bus. The buses run very frequently, but only in the daytime.

In Negombo bus arrives at the main bus station of the city (bus station on the map), where the resort area can be reached by tuk-tuk for 150-250 rupees (refer to the currency of Sri Lanka).

Find and book tickets to the main Colombo airport in Sri Lanka, you can through the search form. Search is very flexible, and allows you to search for flights on different dates, with or without transfers, in both directions or one, etc.:

The cheapest flights from Russia to Colombo:

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From Colombo

Автобусная станция в Негомбо, Шри-Ланка Bus station in Negombo

From the main bus station in Colombo (Pettah district) to Negombo bus No. 240, the fare of 70 rupees to go 1.5-2 hours. Departs at least every 30 minutes. More large high-speed Express bus costs 195 rupees.

Very convenient to reach from Colombo by train. Every day here from Colombo from Colombo Fort station is sent to at least 20 trains (passing) value of from 40 to 140 rupees, in the way 1-1. 5 hours. Tickets are bought at the station, buying in advance is not necessary. The timetables and the cost can find on sites:,,

In Colombo trains arrive from several railway stations, so you can choose where to go. Is the main railway station, Negombo (on the map), Kattuwa (on the map) and Kochchikade (on the map). Closest to the tourist area of Negombo Railway which can take you to the tourist area for 150-250 rupees by tuk-tuk. Not all trains make stops at all these stations.

From other cities

The bus to Negombo can be reached from many other cities of Sri Lanka. There are flights to/from Kandy, Anuradhapura, Trincomalee, Polonnaruwa, North to Kalpitiya; to Kurunegala, from where you can bus in all the cities of Central Sri Lanka. To the southern cities and beaches in the country better to go through Colombo. From virtually anywhere in the country to reach Negombo by bus during daylight hours, even if the route will pass with transfers.

Urban transport, how to travel around Negombo


The town is small and if you will not take the time to navigate it completely on foot.

Outside of the tourist district (street Lewis place) on the main roads buses run, but use them to move around the city makes no sense. Besides buses, public transport in the city is missing, and at long distances it can be navigated by tuk-tuk at a bargain price. One ride from the tourist area to the city centre or bus/train station is 150-250 RS.

In Negombo you can rent a motorbike to explore the area, or even around the island. Rent a motorcycle from 600 to 1200 rupees per day depending on capacity and condition of the motorcycle. If you take a long time, don't forget to ask for a discount, and generally should be traded.

Read more about motorcycle rental in Sri Lanka here...

Bicycle rental is between 120 and 150 rupees a day.

Find car rental in Sri Lanka

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