Photo Of Negombo (Sri Lanka)

Click on the link "View photos in 3D" under images and put on the special red-blue glasses (anaglyph) to see pictures of Negombo in 3D format.


🕒 October 16, 2018

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admin January 26, 2014
Before asking questions, read the collected information about Negombo on the website: General tourist information about Negombo, weather and seasons, useful information, Hotels in Negombo How to get to Negombo Negombo Attractions, what to see and do places of interest near to Negombo Photos, Negombo Negombo Card Maybe the answer to your question is already there. If not, ask here any questions on Negombo ...
Anatoly Sholokhov 31 January, 2014
Loved the journey, it was just incredible emotions. So many exotics in one place, I think something to go with the kids there. ...
Antonina 31 January, 2014
Left in awe of the journey, so many exotics in one place, emotions just going wild,hoping that something happen to get to this wonderful Paradise. ...
admin February 1, 2014
You subject is not confused by chance? This is the theme of Negombo. Where you there is a Paradise and the exotic found? I'm not kidding, just wondering. ...

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