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Tourist information about Negombo

Закат в Негомбо, Шри-Ланка The sunset in Negombo lagoon, Sri Lanka

Negombo (Negombo) is a major city in Sri Lanka, on the West coast, 30 kilometers from Colombo (see Negombo map of Sri Lanka). The city is the fourth largest in the country (with a population of 128 000). He is known as one of the largest centers for fishing in the country. Here, every day a large fresh fish market, which with interest visited including tourists as one of the attractions.

Negombo is a special city of Sri Lanka. Historically, it is home to a large number of Catholics. Around the city as attractions you can see Catholic churches, crosses, images of Jesus.

The proximity of Negombo to the main gate to the country, the international airport Bandaranaike, and the presence of beaches make it one of the most visited places in the country. Not many tourists spend here your whole vacation, but since this is the nearest tourist destination to the airport (much closer than Colombo) and here it is much easier to reach, the city is often used as a staging base for a short break to field a long flight before continuing on to Sri Lanka.

Пляж в Негомбо The beach in Negombo

The city has a quite developed tourist infrastructure, which is actively developing, which allows to hold here and proper rest. The beaches are of average quality (compared to the rest of Sri Lanka), and all you need for a relaxing holiday there. However...

Despite the fact that many travel sites selling tours in Negombo, hyping it on their pages as a popular resort with unspoilt beaches and lots of attractions should be wary of those views. Actually, the practice is somewhat at odds with the statements of travel agencies, and objectively Negombo is one of the most unfortunate beach resorts of Sri Lanka. Here is really a secondary quality of the beach, however, in the opinion of the most experienced tourists, beachgoers, compared to the beaches at other resorts Sri Lanka local beaches – this is almost a dump. The water in the ocean most of the time of the year is murky because of the waves and silt, which bring canals and rivers. Most of the urban beach outside of the tourist area is dirty and not cleaned. Of water sports, umbrellas and sun beds on the beaches are almost there, except for a few places near the expensive hotels. At the same time, there are good and peaceful tourist area along the coast, very different from the fussy and noisy city centre. There are many restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, and even some night life at the hotels (although in General, the entire tourist district after nine o'clock already asleep). But still to spend here the whole vacation lovers the perfect beach holiday is strictly not necessary.

Рыбный рынок в Негомбо, Шри-Ланка Fish market in Negombo, Sri Lanka

However, this is really a good and convenient place to start or end your journey in Sri Lanka, thanks to the proximity of the airport and the convenience to reach it, but not the main place to stay. Perhaps in some sense it can be a convenient base from which to visit other places of the island in a rented car or motorbike to hire a guide with own transport. Here you can purchase multi-day tours around the country.

There are other objective advantages in Negombo: here are some of the lowest prices for food and accommodation compared to other popular resorts of Sri Lanka. Tourist area in General, well packaged, cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops, there are a couple of alcohol shops (if you do not know, in Sri Lanka with alcohol on the whole issue, read about it here). And indeed, the very presence of the tourist area of Negombo provides many advantages. Also Negombo is known as a good place for diving thanks to the three reefs that are located about 20 kilometers from the coast. One of these reefs is considered the best in the country. And another plus, Negombo is practically a year-round resort, though conditionally allocated the rainy season.

Weather, tourist seasons in Negombo

Negombo is a year – round season. Throughout the year the temperature is kept at 29C, humidity is very high. But is the low season and high season.

High season. The best time to visit Negombo is the period from December to March. During this period, almost no rain (dry season), and observed the influx of tourists.

The low season. The low season lasts from April to November. At this time drops a large enough rainfall, however even during this period can have a good rest. The most rainy months: may, October (maximum rainfall) and November. From June to August the rainfall is not too large.

The tourist seasons in Negombo months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Weather in Negombo and forecast

Useful tips for Negombo

Коммерческий центр Негомбо, Улица Green st. The commercial center of Negombo, Street Green st.

Currency exchange in Negombo. You can exchange money in the tourist area, but the best rates can be found in the exchange offices in the commercial district of the city on the Main st. or Green st. It is true there will have to search and bargain for the best rate, because the difference between the exchange offices, are in one step from each other, can reach two rupees per dollar.

Shopping and shops in Negombo. In a tourist area you can find a lot of shops with Souvenirs and other tourist stuff, shops with products. But if you need to buy something more serious, you should get to the commercial area of the city. Almost all the streets of Main Street and Green Street crammed with shops, there is even a shopping centre.

Food in Negombo. In the heart of the tourist area is full of cafes and restaurants, but if you want to eat cheaply, find inexpensive places to local again, in a commercial area of the city. Eat there about two times cheaper than in the tourist area, however it will not be a tourist restaurant.

The tuk-tuks. Tuk-tuks – the most common local public transport. But be sure to bargain before each trip, as tourists are called the rates too high at times.

Mobile communications. Find points of sale of SIM cards and their top up easy in the tourist district. Read more about mobile communication and Internet in Sri Lanka here.

Negombo fish market. If you decide to visit the local fish market (and it should be done because this is one of the most striking sights of the city), you should do it early in the morning at least at 5 am.

The Beaches Of Negombo. Bathing beaches are located only along Lewis Place. All the coast to the South (in the direction of the fish market, along the streets of the Sea St. and Alles rd.) busy with fishing boats and tackle, littered with local residents whose homes are located directly on the beach. Swimming and walking there is not comfortable.

Кухня Шри-Ланки Inscriptions in Russian in Negombo

Where to find hotels or guesthouses in Negombo. If you arrive in the city without a pre-booked hotel, you should go directly to the street Lewis Place. This is the best and almost the only place in town where you can find a lot of placements. Cm. more hotels and areas in Negombo.

Russian language in Negombo. Here, as in almost all resorts of Sri Lanka, you can find signs and menus in Russian at almost every step. So even without knowledge of the English language will not be major problems.

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