Mulkirigala, Sri Lanka

Мулкиригала Mulkirigala

Mulkirigala (Mulkirigala, Mulgirigala, Raja Maha Viharaya) – the ancient cave temple, located 21 kilometres North from the resort town of Tangalle in southern Sri Lanka (see the map of Mulkirigala, Sri Lanka).

Mulkirigala is a very beautiful and interesting attraction that attractiveness is quite competes with the Dambulla, and, according to many tourists, even surpasses it. But Mulkirigala relatively unknown and unpopular among tourists place, in part because Dambulla is a UNESCO recognized monument, and the cave temples Mulkirigala this fate and the accompanying popularity has not yet reached.

The cave temples located in the mountain height of 270 meters, which resembles the rock of Sigiriya. On its steep slopes in the seven caves are temples that date back to the 13th century. But according to some other churches were founded here in the 2nd century. To the caves is easy but steep stairs. Inside the temple is full of Buddha statues, small pagodas, and walls painted with beautiful frescoes. You can (and should) pursue the path up the stairs next to the top of the mountain, breaking the 533 steps. There is a Dagoba, a swimming pool and spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding forest.

The place is definitely worth visiting. On inspection of the temples and climbing to the top will take approximately 2 hours, and given the time on the road when you travel from the southern resorts of Sri Lanka it is necessary to allocate a full day.

Hours: daily from 6:00 to 18:00

Entrance fee / ticket Price: 200 rupees (refer to the currency of Sri Lanka, the exchange rate)

How to get there: to visit Mulkirigala for the resort town of Tangalle, but you can do it as a separate day trip or organized tour from any resort areas of southern Sri Lanka.

From Tangalle can be reached by local bus with a transfer in Beliatta or Wiraketiya. The cost of the trip by tuk-tuk from Tangalle will cost around 1000 rupees back and forth with anticipation.

At the same time keep in mind that the village Mulkirigala is a very different place than the temples, so don't confuse these places.

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