The Cape and the lighthouse Dondra

Дондра, Шри-Ланка Dondra

Dondra (Dondra Head, Dondra Lighthouse) is a headland near the town of Matara, which is the southernmost point of Sri Lanka. There is also a lighthouse built in 1889.

The Cape is popular with tourists as a place for a short stop in order to visit the southernmost point of the island and see the lighthouse. Further distance of 8 thousand kilometers of the Indian ocean stretches, and then begins Antarctica. South point, incidentally, is not at the lighthouse, and about 500 metres from him. To reach it on foot along the shore, or go to it on the main road.

The lighthouse will have to walk to a height of about 10 floors. At the top you can go on a circular observation deck, which offers stunning views. If you come here, definitely try to get up, it's worth it. To get to the lighthouse can pay remuneration to the lighthouse Keeper. He may request and RS 500 but you can bargain to 200. If the door to the lighthouse is closed, wait a bit and preen around, the overseer will appear after some time.

Hours: around the clock, but the lighthouse only allowed during the day

How to get there: Dondra is located about five kilometers East of Mataram (see Dondra on the map). Better get here in a rented transport are also imported some tourists sightseeing tours. If you wish you can reach here by bus from Matara main bus station. With other resorts in the South of Sri Lanka (Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Mirissa, etc.) can also be reached by bus but have to change bus in Matara.

Entrance fee: entrance to the lighthouse paid, price negotiable, to the superintendent. He asked for 500 rupees (refer to the Currency of Sri Lanka), but you have to bargain.

Photo Gondry