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General information about Koggala

Когале Kohala

Koggala (also Koggala, Koggala, Koggala, Koggale) and Habaraduwa (Habaraduwa) - small resort towns in the South of Sri Lanka, on the Indian ocean (Koggala on the map of Sri Lanka). 17 km away is the port city of Galle, 10 km Unawatuna. The actual capital of Sri Lanka Colombo is 130 km from Koggala. Few local population lives with income from tourism. In the area there are several factories. Also Wold famous thanks to being here airport of Koggala Airport, on the southern resorts can be reached from Colombo international airport.

To the West of Cagalli and Habaraduwa is the popular resort area of Unawatuna and Galle town, several small beaches. If you move to the East, the string of beaches continues with Midigama, Weligama, Mirassou etc. to the Tangalle.

The resort was seriously damaged during a severe tsunami in 2004. But today it was restored almost completely. The decline in tourist activity was replaced by a new lift. Today, the resort cannot be ranked among one of the most popular and developed, but all the main to stay here. It should be considered as an option if noisy Unawatuna does not suit you and would like to stay away from the tourist crowds. Although, frankly, in perfect silence, you might not be here, because through out the entire resort, just a few hundred meters from the shore, is a busy highway Matara Road.

Когале Kohala

Koggala is a beach vacation. It is believed that it is a resort with beaches, little affected by civilization. This is true, if we accept the integrity of a lack of infrastructure. The local beach is good, and people come here to escape from the bustle and enjoy a peaceful rest in a wide and gently sloping sandy beaches, surrounded by coconut palms and mangrove trees. The sandy coastline is very long, and Cagalli to Habaraduwa beach stretches for nearly three kilometers. Here there are conditions for surfing. From October to March there are diving centers. You can go scuba diving along coral reefs. Tourists ride on a water ski, travel on yachts. But all this is the ideal, and if you won't be looking for activities and lessons themselves, we will have to limit ourselves to just wallow on the beach. Even walk outside of the hotels, there's no – one only the beach and the main road.

The infrastructure is, as mentioned, is poorly developed. All life is concentrated along the road Matara road, where there are shops and a Bank with ATM. Currency exchange is possible only in a Bank, individual exchangers are not.

Attractions in Koggala a little. Popular tourist fascination — shore fishing. The fish will cook in any restaurant. Tourists visit the village ethnographic Museum. Martin Wickramasinghe (Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art Museum, entrance fee is 200 rupees), the famous writer of Sri Lanka, make excursions to the turtle farm and cinnamon plantations. Visit the city of Galle and the Fort. Five kilometers from the resort village is the ancient Buddhist temple of Kataluwa Purwarama Temple, which is famous for its unique frescoes. Located in the vicinity of the Koggala lake. It is the largest in Sri Lanka. Lakeside rocky island populated by exotic birds, Hiking is very popular on the lake in boats. In Habaraduwa is one of the best turtle farms in the South.

Weather in Koggala, tourist seasons

Koggala is a year – round resort. If you want to rest here in almost perfect weather conditions, it is better to avoid visiting the resort during the low season.

The high season lasts from November to may. And the best time is from January to April. Rainfall during this period is almost there, the sky is always clear.

The low season lasts from June to October. At this time there may be rain, the sky is often overcast. To relax even during this time, you can comfort, but in General, the likelihood of bad weather is much higher.

Tourist seasons in Kohala months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Koggala and forecast

Hotels in Koggala

Along the ocean shore lined hotels of different levels, but they are very few. There are a couple of budget guesthouses (there across from the airport). When hotels operate in the open, swimming pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, Golf courses, bars and restaurants (expensive). It offers, as a rule, free Wi-Fi and cable TV.

Find and book accommodation in Unawatuna/Kogalla can on these sites or via the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

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How to get to Koggala

From Colombo airport to Kogalym or Habaraduwa most convenient to take a taxi. Trip cost – from $ 90, at the time little more than 3 hours. To order a car in advance using the search box or on the Desk at the airport.

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

A much more economical option is to take a bus or train. However, you will have to spend half a day time and make several changes.

To start, you need from the airport bus №187 to the bus station Colombo (to continue further by bus) or to the railway station, Colombo Fort. More information about this stage of the route is written here.

At the bus station you will need to find a bus to Matara or Tangalle, and he will drop you just in Koggala, making stops along the way. You can still drive to Galle, and there again to take the bus to Matara or Tangalle. To find the right bus at the bus stations, just ask for help or to local drivers, calling them the destination, they will direct you or take you to the right bus. The conductor or the driver to tell me what you want in Kohala, and there you will plant.

If you decide to take a train, then by bus №187 need to get to the railway station in Colombo (this is the next stop after the bus station), and there you can buy a ticket for the next train. In Koggala/habaraduwa the two station Habaraduwa and Koggala Raiway Raiway, and stops there only three or four trains daily. More often trains run to Galle (Galle), but once you arrive there, you will have to change train to bus to Matara or Tangalle. Bus station in Galle is a few minutes walk from the railway station. Train timetables can be found here -

Well, another way to get here is by plane through the airport Koggala (Koggala Airport). Here are the flights on light airplanes and helicopters from Colombo airport company Cinnamon Air and Millennium Airlines (aka Simplifly), from the airport to Colombo-Ratmalana companies FitsAir and again Millennium Airlines. The fare one way from $ 230.

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Thanks for the info big, I couldn't find proper information about Weligama and Mirissa. Undecided that Mirissa obviously suits us more. ...
admin November 29, 2014

To health ;) . Soon about Tangalle and Kogalla still be added. ...
rose 3 Dec, 2014
How to get to cinnamon plantations in Koggala?
And about the spice gardens tell, please, - except in Matale, because they are still in there somewhere? Maybe there's a smaller garden, not as expensive, but with all the same trees? ...
admin 3rd Dec, 2014

You, apparently, about cinnamon island? If so, there carry on a boat during a Safari on the lake. But not encouraging on this score. Though I did not swim myself but had read enough reviews what is Scam and what sort of high prices. Not worth to buy anything there, as in the garden of spices there. All write that the prices are very high, and the same can be bought on markets or in supermarkets much cheaper. I personally was convinced when I visited the spice garden somewhere in the vicinity of Kandy.
By the way, not only in the gardens trying to breed our brother. Once on the market in Galle some"random good passer" was trying to lure to the trays with a frantic prices on spices. All very nicely laid out there, spices extols and 100 meters in the same market it is sold almost half. So that stands out, especially when you want to apply "well-wishers". ...
Dimitry Lymar 7 September, 2015
I fly to Sri Lanka for the first time in mid-September.Now how can we reach Tangalle to Nuwara Ella, want to climb Adams Peak. ...
admin September 7, 2015

If you're talking about the buses, as far as I know, directly any way. You either need to go via Matara or Colombo. I would go through Colombo, as I am sure that there are buses run more frequently than in Matara, but can themselves be checked. Ie, take the bus from Tangalle to Matara, there at the bus station and go looking for the bus to Nuwara Eliya, if such in the near future, take the bus on to Colombo, where she will quickly switch to N. Uh. At the time it will take half a day. ...
Sergey.Givaykin 8 September, 2015

It is not clear where you plan to get to the Peak of Adam, or To Nuwara Eliya. From Ovary the Peak is also need to go and go
If you want to climb Adam's Peak, then you need to go to Nuwara Eliya and Hatton and from there again or bus or tuk-tuk. And the bus to Hatton is from Colombo, are often. On the way from Tangalle is guaranteed to spend the whole day.
Via Matara to-Peak common way longer, and well, considering the road... But if you still need to get to Novara, then in Matara, there will be, at best, towards evening. ...
admin 9 September, 2015

You're right, Adam's Peak the best of Hatton, just there doing nothing at all because, in principle, N.Uh. a good place to crash to just walk around there a day and then to the peak. But it is the author of the question to solve, of course.
About to reach in half a day I really got excited. So if you estimate one hour to go to Matara, then 5 hours to Colombo, and plenty to N.Uh. If early Wake up (5 hours), we can before dark and drive. Still advise to go to Colombo on a small private buses-Express (such seats 20) but not in the usual large. They go nonstop and very quickly all places sedentary. Not sure there are such from Matara, Galle but on this 3 hours before Colombo was reached. If anything, from Tangalle to Galle there are direct buses (as well as to Colombo), but as I recall is slow. ...

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